Am I An Anti-Mormon?
Am I An Anti-Mormon?

How Do I Know If I Am Anti-Mormon?


   It is easy to tell whether you are an Anti-Mormon or simply a Non-LDS Christian that holds theological and Christological views and beliefs that are different from those that comprise the the Theology and Christology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly called The Mormon Church, its members known as Mormons, and its teachings referred to as Mormonism.

Non-Mormon Christians occupy one of several positions regarding Mormonism and Mormons, such as:


      1.   Indifference

      2.   Live and let live

      3.   Neutral academic interest

      4.   Silent disapproval

      5.   Expressed respectful disapproval

      6.  Open Warfare against Mormons and Mormonism by all            available means


  Those comprising groups 1 to 5 are not considered Anti-Mormon.  Those in group 6 cannot escape the classification of being Anti-Mormon. 

      Mormons are frequently railed against for having persecution complexes and of being paranoiacs.  Paranoia is a psychotic delusional affliction to which certain schizophrenic patients are subject.  It is characterised by a strong delusional system with definite persecutory elements that have no foundation in reality. A diagnosis of  paranoia is not possible without clinical affirmation by a qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced psychiatrist. 

   When there is self-evident and open hostility against a person or persons, being aware of and responding to such hostility is not a symptom of paranoid schizophrenia, but an essential and sane part of the God-given capacity for self-preservation. 

   Have Mormons been persecuted, and are they still persecuted?  Had you attended April 2009 Annual Conference of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City, or the Mesa Arizona Temple’s Easter Pageant in 2009, you would be able to answer that question out of first-hand experience, for you will have seen abuse and profanities shouted at the area where thousands of men, women, and children were gathered to celebrate the Crucifixion, entombment, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in an open air pageant to which all are invited.  

   One placards announces, "Hate is a Bible principle."  No Christian would agree with these 'street preachers' and no decent person would act in public as they act, and no sensate civilised person would shout obscenities. 

   If they habitually resort to foul language and barbaric when in their homes, they are without excuse for forcing it down the ears of Christian people and children that do not.  

And yet their brutal behaviour is much less harmful to Mormons as the earlier persecutions, pillaging, tarring and feathering, beatings, murders, infanticides, rapings and ravishing of Mormon girls and women, having largely been transformed from direct physical assault, property damage, and theft into the publication of misinformation that is largely the product of earlier Anti-Mormons, rehashed, and served up again as if it were something the writers had discovered for themselves.  

   Unfortunately for those that love the Truth, Anti-Mormon writers have no regard for truth or justice, and rely on the artificial aura of authority and scholarship that many invent for themselves and then exaggerate, providing for the gullible the illusion that they are m,asters of their subject. 

   They must be regarded in the same light as the pagan Romans whose hostility to Christianity and Christians in the second Common Era,  claimed that the Christian love feast - the Agape - was celebrated with orgiastic licentiousness and cannibalism. 


This was classical of distortion of two basic Christian practices:


i.  The Agape, in which Christians 'shared the peace,' and

ii. The breaking of bread, reflecting the words of Jesus, 'This is my body ... '

The distortion worked extremely well and caused such a level of hostility towards the Christian community that it went underground to preserve the lives of its members.  


Evidence of the Reality of Anti-Mormonism

One Anti-Mormon appears on Facebook under the pseudonym "Mormon and LDS Truth" to attack the LDS Church and its members even as he avows he is not that that he loves Mormons.  He turns out to be Bob Betts of 'Concerned Christians,' a well known and well publicised Anti-Mormon ministry founded and led by proved liar and ex-Mormon Jim Robinson who claimed that he was once a Mormon Bishop.  He was not.


Bob Betts wrote that no Mormons have ever been physically harmed. I have posted proof to the contrary but he has not the grace to admit he was wrong nor to recognise that Anti-Mormon rhetoric can lead to serious harm to innocent Latter-day Saints that desire to worship God, serve Jesus Christ, and live their religion without having to look over their shoulders and be subjected to constant attacks on their faith and characters by so-called Christians.  



Anti-Mormon Protesters in Disguise