Attempts at Conversation with an Anti-Mormon - RA
Attempts at Conversation with an Anti-Mormon - RA

Invitation to the Dance

I was both surprised and delighted when I got an invitation to engage in a discussion about what Christianity really is. The invitation came from someone I didn't know, who was not of my denomination, but it was couched in such eirenic terms that I eagerly responded and accepted his kind suggestion to mutual enlightenment.


I will identify him only by his initaisls, RA. His terms were that he would tell me his definition of what Christianity was, and then I would share with him what I believed Christianity to be. I accepted his invitation with enthusiasm, having previously been subjected to some very hostile correspondents in the past, I imagined it would be a welcome change.


However, his invitation to a 'respectful and gentle' discussion soon turned sour and I found myself the target for all manner of hostility from this 'respectful' young man, who announced that he attended a religious seminary.


The following are the extent of our 'respectful' conversations so far, and these pages will be updated regularly to follow the course of our inter-action until its conclusion.


On being told that the sources of his information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were corrupt, RA abruptly dropped the converaation and has not been heard of since!


One has to admire the sincerity and the profound hostility that such self-described 'Christians' can reach, especially when they find themselves unable to dupe a Mormon with a mind to the same degree that some Anti-Mormon has duped the would-be duper but who, onfinding themselves disarmed by inlelligence and knowledge runs away like a whipped cur.
 bless them for trying, but God make them smarter
before they find themselves engaged in a battle of wits that they have initiated but for which they discover that they are unarmed.


RA's Charges 

1.   The Mormon Church teaches that it is alright to lie if it helps the Mormon Church.


This is a direct and outright lie!


2.   The Mormon Church teaches that members committing adultery were subjected to official church murder called blood atonement and that this sentence was frequently carried out by Church ministers.


This is a direct and outright lie!


3.   The Mormon Church blasphemously teaches that not every sin is covered by the Atoning Blood of Jesus Christ.


This is a direct and outright lie, unless RA is referring to the sin that, according to Jesus, shall not be forgiven in this world or the next, namely, blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.


[Matthew 12:31]


It is evident that RA's 'discussions' are restricted to misinformation and direct lies that, when deconstructed, are seen for the lies they are and even Satan is ashamed of such obvious prevarications and pulls his dark warriors away before they wre trounced by the Truth.


Brother RA got on his bicycle and pedalled of as though the Devil was after him instead of with him. How sad that RA did not stay around long enough to be taught the truth about Mormons and Mormonism.
 if you should ever read this, please know that my door is always open to you to continue our discussions in a Christian spirit and to get all the false meat that some badly intentioned abuser has stuck to the solid bones of Mormonism proper.
 come back and let's continue, eh?