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"The Silly Things They Say About Mormons and Mormonism"


"The Silly Things They Say ... "

is a recording of a discourse written and presented by Ronnie Bray, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Mormon] for sixty years, and an ordained minister holding the office of High Priest.

Besides serving in local ministries, he has served three full-time missions, taught Priesthood, Sunday School, Gospel Doctrine, and in every other auxiliary organisation, including Relief Society, Seminary, and the Institute of Religion.

Ronnie is a graduate of Leeds University and was awarded an Honours Baccalaureate in Theology & Religious Studies, having read Hebrew, Biblical Studies, Judaism, Christology, Ecclesiastical History, Mediaeval Christianity, Church Architecture, Ancient Middle Eastern  Religions, Myths of Palestine and their impact on the YHWH cult, Hellenisation and its influence of Palestinian Judaism and Christianity, the life and work of Jesus, the writings of his apostles and other associates, apostolic and sub-apostolic fathers, the development of Christian doctrine from its Jesusian foundations through the Nicene and Chalcedonian, low and high mediaeval periods, and developments and changes made in exegetics, homilectics, attitudes to the Holy Bible, the authority of the Bible, sola scriptura, the closed canon theory, the death of divine revelation, the Reformers and the Protestant Reformation, the rise of Calvinism, growth of independent Christian movements as Methodism, Unitarianism, Baptist Wesleyanism, Pentecostalism, and all other movements that cut ties with Rome and Canterbury, the shifts and proliferations and widening separations that have afflicted  Protestant movements, and the inordinate generation of Protestant sectaries and cults since the Reformation, etc., and the evidence for a universal apostasy that demonstrates the need for Divine Restoration in the modern era.

Whether you are an active or less active Latter-day Saint, an inquirer into the history, teachings and practices of Mormons and their religion, or someone who has been disturbed by a venomous writer or preacher who has caused tyou to discover for yourself whether the things they say about Mormons and Mormonism are true or false, then this CD is an absolute 'MUST' to help you sort out the wheat from the chaff, the falsehoods from the truth, and true history versus one of the highliy imaginatyive but false made-up models of Mormon history that has led so many earnestb seekers after the truth down the wrong path and into errors as deep and dark as can be.  All we ask is that we receive a patient, open-minded, willing-to-listen ear and a careful heart to weigh our side of the story.  


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