You Don't Have To Say You Love Me! Just Tell the Truth!
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me! Just Tell the Truth!

It is both tiring and amusing to have so many hostile Anti-Mormons say how much they 'LOVE' Mormons, and that their vituperation and hostility is all done out of LOVE for me and my brothers and sisters that exercise our Christianity in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints.   What is appalling is that as soon as they have expressed their LOVE for Latter-day Saints, they then immediately launch into the most bitter and destructive language possible to describe my sacred faith.  The extenmt of their creativity knows no bounds and is not restricted by truth, fact, or decency. 

We take a look at a few of the worst examples and show how much LOVE they have for Mormons and see if that LOVE is matched by their LOVE for TRUTH, HONESTY, and the CHRISTIANITY of the HOLY BIBLE.  You may be shocked by what you learn.


Case One 

Case Two               Lori MacGregor Ministries

Case Three:           From 'DG' :  Cynical, not "vaunted" love is as much as I've ever witnessed... But I'll try to contribute something. I am paraphrasing some evangelists I know:


Their [Mormon;s] missionary program is good for the personal development of young men. The benefits of a different culture and language is of benefit, in spite of the faulty doctrines the missionaries teach.    

They are a clean living family oriented people. They make good neighbors. BUT, they seem to worship families and Joseph Smith, which is a tragedy and blasphemous to worshipping the one true god (of which They worship the wrong one, not ours etc. etc.)

Their progression through Primary, priesthood and the temple, and the never ending obligations of their religion is remarkable and profoundly successful in retention, time, and monetary contributions.  [DG]


Remarkably, I have been a Latter-day Saint for 64 years and have never even come close to worshipping either my family [that I love!] or Joseph Smith [that I honour as God's prophet].  [Ronnie Bray who loves Jesus and Jesus' Father!]


Case Four       Jim Spencer Loves Mormons/Hates Mormonism


Case Five


Case Six


Case Seven


Case Eight


Case Nine


Case Ten