Up leaped a Florida Driving School owner, Joda Collins who claims to be a Doctor Philosophiae in support of his friend, the unsupportable "Bogus Doctor" Dick Fales, a richly self-decorated self claimant to educations, faculties, facilities, and expertise he does not possess. With his fists swinging Collins assays to defend Collins and buttress him over every one of his false claims. It is not a pretty sight to have an alleged clergyman support a known liar. In defence of his pal, Collins launches a puerile pamphlet that he glorifies by calling it a book. Closer inspection show it to be an hastily thrown together piece of nonsense that does not, supposing it has more pages that its front cover, contain sufficient to get a basic Koine scholar further than the first month into his course yet which boldly proclaims itself to be

"A Practical Guide to Handbook
For the Study of the Greek New Testament."   












































The shortcomings of this pretended "Handbook" are signalled by a series of revealing sentences on the cover.

      • Over 25 Photos and Illustrations!
      • 8 Essential Lessons
      • 8 Practical Applications
      • 39 Strong's Coded Hot Words
      • Dictionary of Over 70 of the Most Frequently Used Greek Words


Its cover also boasts that the pamphlet is:


"A Shortcut to the Exegetical Science of Translation and Interpretation"
This flimsy article is further exalted by its claim that it was written by:
"Richard M. Fales, Ph D,

Assisted By  Saeitz Ph D, 


Barrett Dilger M Th (Canc')"


Reverend Doctor Joda Collins' website greets us not with any Doctoral content nor with any Theological content but with:


My name is Joda Collins [Driving Instructor].   Welcome!  Thank you for taking a look at my web-site.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me [at my Driving School] (850 981-3355) or email JodaCollins@aol.com  



His support for Fales is not a scholarly recommendation based on what Fales has taught him but solely on his claim to "Know" Fales and vouch for him.


There is no linguist on the face of the earth that will even pretend that such insignificant factors as have been, it is claimed, loaded into a few short pages that can provide even a genius with the basic facility to Translate or Interpret the Greek New Testament into comprehensible English. No, not one!

The World Wide Web knows of no Barrett Dilger M Th.  And ques what the Web knows of Eric Saeitz Ph D? 

Nothing!   Are we surprised?


Lies in support of lies is Satan's way. Fales' way, Collins way, but not the Lord Jesus Christ's way.