Academy Awards for Dishonest Anti-Mormons Displaying the Insanity Gene
Academy Awards for Dishonest Anti-Mormons Displaying the Insanity Gene
Awarded for Ignorance Plagiarism Insensitivity Bad Faith Hypocrisy and Pants on Fire!



 "The Jesus Christ taught in the Mormon church," say Ankerberg and Weldon,

"[bears] no resemblance to the biblical Christ ... not a single resemblance can be found between them"


(John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Mormonism, p. 445, p. 130).  


Why do they lie?  See: 'The Mormon Jesus'



Dee Jay Nelson claimed to have weighed King Tutankhamen's coffin using his "mathematical skill"


" ... I was confidant that its weight was 2,448 pounds and four ounces of solid gold ... [using] this Pythagorean calculation ... "


Nelson found this enormous weight in a book where King Tut's coffin weight was a misprint.  It ought to have been 110.4 kilos, but a typographical error, not caught by the proof reader, rendered it 1,110.4 kilos, a thousand times heavier than it is.  [Peter F Dorman, Curatorial Assistant, Egyptian Department, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, referring to, "TUTANKHAMEN' by Desroches-Noblecourt.  


Dr Robert Bianchi, Associate Curator of the Department of Egyptian and Classical Art, the Brooklyn Museum, states that the weight of Tutankhamen's coffin is 296 pounds troy [110 kilos].


Nelson lied bald facedly when he claimed that Egypt hasd engaged him to weight the coffin.  His fate was sealed when he told so many lies that even some anti-Mormons didn't believe him any more!