Doug Harris & Mike Thomas - Reach Out Trust (ROT)
Doug Harris & Mike Thomas - Reach Out Trust (ROT)
as slippery as eels - as terrible as a distorted agenda
as slippery as eels - as terrible as a distorted agenda
Truth is never a Matter of Opinion
Truth is always a Matter of Fact 


Anti-Mormon inductee Brian Rendell never imagined that his 'Testimony' in Reach Out Trust's 'Don't Close The Door,' by Doug Harris would fall under the eyes of an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  But it did.  The eyes that picked up on it were mine.


The year was 1992 and I was in my final year reading for a bachelor degree in theology and religious studies at the University of Leeds in Yorkshire, England.  Although I had by that time had many years dealings with anti-Mormon ministries and their distortions and lies, I had not intended to pursue the subject of Anti-Mormonism until a visiting lecturer, Rabbi Braun, an Holocaust survivor, laid out in chilling detail the machinery of dehumanisation and persecution used by the Nazi Propaganda machine to pursue the destruction of European Jews.

During the course of Rabbi Braun's lecture it occurred to me that the weaponry of persecution is finite, and that all persecutors draw on the same elements and methods to prosecute their open warfare against their mortal enemies.  

Having read Rendell's 'testimony' I knew that he was either under pressure to speak falsely against his former brethren, or else he had been induced to read into his experiences things that were never there in reality.  He was a plum ripe for picking and Doug Harris' team picked him and made the most of their opportunity and exploited his vulnerability to maximum effect for their own nefarious purposes.  

If Rendell's version of his Mormon experiences had not been seen by Mormons it is likely that his story would have become part of the classical literature of anti-Mormonism and imbued with the sorry kind of eternal life that wild lies achieve until Truth comes to confront it and tear it down amidst tears, remonstrances, petitions for clemency, and frank admissions that the lies were nothing but lies.  

Despite the lies that Rendell was coerced into making by his handlers and directors in ROT - a name that they now object to, but the woman that started this dishonest ministry actually called it Reach Out Trust and used the initials ROT to refer to it - he did something towards the end of his correspondence with me that virtually set the record straight. 

What a pity that ROT abandoned him and their pretended injured innocence when they failed to make their mendacity and perjury public as they promised.  So much for the promises of cynical liars.  Nothing is sacred to them, and nothing lies beyond their capacity to be smeared by their greed and their need to save their faces when they have been found out in lies.  Rendell, a man with a history of emotional disturbance, faced his deceit and confessed to me, "I am sorry that I have not been honest"


ROT never reached as high as Brian Rendell in wiping the slate clean and making a clean breast of their evil doings although its Principal Doug Harris promised me faithfully that if it became necessary he would do exactly that. 


Details of how the flamboyant charismatic cult leader, Doug Harris, failed miserably to stand up like a man to his promise, and how he failed in his Christian duty to stand up like a true follower of Jesus Christ and keep his word of honour can be read HERE.