A Tumult of Words and Opinions
A Tumult of Words and Opinions

  The traditional, historical Christian world had long held the opinion that because God did not speak to their holy men as he had spoken to holy men in the past, God had lost the power to speak to mortals.    They insisted, therefore, that God no longer 'reveal[ed] his will to his servants, the prophets' [Amos 3:7] as he had done in times past.  

This entrenched position is based on the presumption that 'the age of revelation and miracles ended' when Jesus' Apostles no longer stood at the head of The Church of Jesus Christ upon the earth.’   Roger Williams knew this and raised the point when arguing with Cotton:

   "But what commission from Christ Jesus had Henry VIII, Edward VI, or any, Josiah-like, to force the many hundred thousands of English men and women, without such immediate signs and miracles that Israel had, to enter into a holy and spiritual covenant with the invisible God, the Father of spirits, or upon pain of death, as in Josiah’s time, to stand to that which they never made, nor before evangelical repentance are possibly capable of?

   The New Apostolic Church believed the same, that the charismatic gifts of the Soirit were no longer present in any church on earth:

   In 1826, a small Bible study and prayer group began to pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit as exhibited in New Testament times. They were convinced of the immanent return of Jesus and prayed for an outpouring of the Spirit like that at Pentecost. They were also praying for revival in the Anglican church.


   The widespread and long-standing belief that the heavens closed permanently at the end of the New Testament period when John laid down his reed having completed his Gospel, because God had said all He needed to say, worked against Joseph whose personal experience confirmed that neither position was justifiable.   

   He was the target of much unwelcome attention, criticism, hostile acts, derision, and ridicule, just as prophets in earlier time had.  Lies multiplied to plague every aspect of Joseph and his family’s lives.  The deliberate culture of hostility produced by vicious Christians and hate inspired ministers became a tidal wave of persecution that did not suspend its demonic defilement for a moment even when Joseph and his brother Hyrum were brutally murdered at the hands of a malevolent horde hundreds strong that attacked the jail in which Smith had surrendered to face false charges sworn by false witnesses. 

   Some commentators reporting this event now remote from its time have taken unwarranted license with the facts of history to make it appear that Smith was responsible for his own murder and that of Hyrum.  It is noted at this juncture in order to connect this event with eye witness accounts and compare those with the base insinuations still raised by those whose passion for truth and accuracy are evident by the absence of both moral virtues.  It will also be of assistance when it becomes necessary to explain remarks made by Mormons that personally suffered and witnessed the depredations of their kith and kindred at the hands of evil men disposed to evil whilst claiming to be doing the will of God. 

   The purpose of the essays on this site is to correct false reports raised against Joseph Smith and the church he founded under divine direction, and to expose fictional and deliberately distorted versions of Mormon doctrine, teachings, culture and history.   

   The anti-Mormon sermons, rants, false reports, and execration texts in newspapers, magazines, books, tracts, pamphlets, fliers, audiotapes, videos, and DVDs that have been published these last two centuries fill a large library -  'Spiritual Warfare' is exceptionally verbose.  

   It must be noted that the term “Anti-Mormon” is not held, per se, to be anyone that is an honest critic of Mormonism.  Neither is it applied to those holding different understandings of the teachings found in the Holy Bible.    In this work “Anti-Mormon” refers exclusively to those actively and malevolently antagonistic to The Church of the Latter-day Saints, and its members.   

   Being Anti-Mormon is deliberate and emotional affair, since Anti-Mormons are driven by emotion without reason; zealous, without knowledge of their subject and their victims.  Anti-Mormon bigots elect Gossip and Slander rather than Truth; Ignorance rather than Informed Scholarship; and consistently fail to acknowledge cogent scholarly rebuttals. 

   Anti-Mormons decline to engage in the least degree of honest research; and require their readers to cast out simple honest faith with thorough gullibility whose countenance is remarkable to the same degree that it is objectionable.  Despite the tawdriness of their products, vast amounts of cash are gathered from these dishonest enterprises. 

   Yet their victims lose much more than the monies with which they feed the pockets of charlatans, because in addition to making them unwittingly part of their dishonest and cynical attacks, they deprive their primary victims of the opportunity to speak the Truth in Love; develop True Christian courage; reach the state of Godly strength; find Grace through Truth; and Salvation through sound Christian discipleship by following the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 

   In place of prescribed virtues and profound spiritual verities that will yield the full fruit of God’s sacred promises, they tread down God’s beautiful blossoms, and then cynically interpose alien life-choking weeds whose fruits are distorted religiosities that exalt Falsehood and Spiritual indifference at the expense of Truth and Eternal Life.   

   All About Mormonismconsiders a representative selection of the most common and damaging falsehoods, inviting you to reflect on them with an open mind in the spirit of honest enquiry.    It is our belief that regardless of what your current opinions about Mormons and Mormonism are, and whether or not you might some day be moved upon to "Come Unto Jesus" through Mormonism, the least you deserve is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.   

   Therefore, in the same spirit by which Jesus invited the guileless Nathaniel to witness for himself what Jesus did and taught, you are invited to "Come and see.”   

  Sincerely we hope you will.