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 I am Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray, founder, owner, and and CEO of such sites and writings as: 

'All About Mormonism'  

'Yorkshire Folk Tales'

'Doggie Tails' 

'Images of Hate~Ministers of Fear'

'Faith Love & Inspiration'

'Luddite Spring'


'Reflections of a Mormon socialist'

'The Jesus Files'  '

Mormons And Moon Men'

'The Anti-Mormon Predicament'

'Cross-Eyed Stargazers'

'Adolph Hitler's Invasion of Huddersfield'

'Mormons and the Holy Bible'

'Inventing Cumorah'

'What's Wrong With Those Stupid Mormons'

'The Silly Things They Say About Mormonism'

'Anti-Mormons' Bogus Degrees'

'Alma 7:10 Settled!'

'2 Timothy 3:16-17 - the Meaning of Scripture' 

'Anachronisms in the Book of Mormon'

'And It Came To Pass'

'Salvation for the Dead'

'The Christian Biblical Doctrine of Deification'

'Reformed Aegyptian'

'Universal Apostasy Prophesied in the Holy Bible' 

'Professor Harold J Berry Splurges Nonsense'

'Corruption in the Apostate Church of the Essential Rite of Baptism by Immersion'

'Post-Apostasy Novelties Introduced' 

'Paul & Baptism for the Dead: who Are THEY?'

'Impossible [Bible] Texts'

'ROT Speaks With Forked Tongue' 

'Utah Missions Inc. Battles Itself'

'Reach Out Trust [ROT]  - The Poisoned Chalice'

'Paul & Geneaology'   

'The Devil Lies!'

'The Holy Bible - Inerrant? Infallible? Complete?'

'CARM Makes It Up!'

''Lori MacGregor Talks Twaddle'

'Bogus "Dr" Walter Martin'

'Concerned Christians Inc. Outright Lies'

'The Mormon Jesus'

'ROT's Sneaky Fanatics'

'Doug Harris [ROT] Betrayer and Promise Breaker'

'Was Jesus Married?'

'Works In Biblical Christianity'

'The Johannine Comma'  &c, &c, &c.


I am solely responsible for the contents of these sites and written works unless otherwise stated and do not act under the direction of, on behalf of, nor with approval of 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.'

  I create these pages as a free and completely independent agent who is a Latter-day Saint with more than sixty-eight years of direct experience with Anti-Mormon Ministries, their Ministers, and their publications relating to Mormons, Mormon History, and Mormonism.
 Whilst some individual Mormons have not always walked the path of perfection evidently required of Latter-day Saints by Anti-Mormons, Mormonism as a religious system has nothing to apologise for.
 Amid ridicule, harsh criticism, bitter persecution, and unspeakable depredations visited on them by Anti-Mormon Mobs often led by ecclesiastics and putative ministers of Christian faiths that have often left Latter-day Saints bewildered, brutalised, murdered, violated, ravished, raped, deprived, homeless, outlawed, and exposed to conditions that resulted in the deaths of many Latter-day Saints. 
  It is to the credit of Mormons as a religious community that despite the inhuman and devilish treatments to which professing Christians subjected them, the Saints did not waver in their burning faith in and their commitment to Almighty God, but remained tireless in their efforts to assist the sons and daughters of  'Our Father in Heaven,'to know Jesus Christ and to be sanctified and saved by him.  
  My purpose here is not to crush those that have set themselves up as 'Instruments of God's Wrath and Executioners of God's Divine Punishments,' but to hold Anti-Mormons, their methods, and their products up to the Light of God, to the Light of History, and to the Light of the corpus of Sacred Scripture known as the Holy Bible, and demonstrate thereby the differences between their claims and the reality that is Mormonism.
  It is a simple procedure that requires no great intellect, no special training, and no special equipment other than a heart that is basically honest and a mind that is capable of resting from reaching its verdict until the evidence has been presented.

In this there is only the simple purpose of testing whether particular Anti-Mormon claims are correct and true, or whether they belong under a different classification.

  I ask no more of you than that you pay careful attention to the examples I present herein.


  Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray (C) 2018 


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Matthew Hopkins Witch-Finder General responsible for the deaths of 300 innocent women hanged or burned as witches because of the lies of the religious and an inability to love their fellow creatures