"If ye abide in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed: and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free"
"If ye abide in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed: and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free"

True, but if not 100% true, then Fair Statements







Mormons do not believe the Holy Trinity of traditional creeds

Mormons have a different idea of what 'salvation' is.

Mormons have high moral standards

Mormons, on the whole, are very nice people: they have impeccable manners, a moral code second to none, a welfare system that works, and some truth ... 

The Prophet ... met a violent and, it may be said, unjust death at the hands of an irate mob



Statements not Sufficiently Explained that could lead to False Conclusions





 Mormons believe in a 'different' Jesus

Mormons believe that Ezekiel 37:15-17 refers to the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon and take this as meaning the two scriptures have equal authority 

Joseph Smith died in a Wild West gun battle


OUT-and-OUT UNTRUTHFUL Statements 

In fact these are all LIES





Mormons deny the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ

Mormons do not believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God  

Mormons believe Adam is God

The Mormon concept of God is compeletely foreign to that given in the Bible

Mormonism denies the authority of the Bible

Mormonism flatly contradicts the Saviour  

The Bible clearly teaches that it is the sole authority for faith and morals

Mormonism denies the virgin birth of Jesus

Mormonism holds no brief for the Bible

Mormonism teaches that that all the Atonement achieved for man was resurrection

Mormons worship Joseph Smith

Mormons baptise in the name of Joseph Smith

'The Book of Mormon is copied from Cicero's Orations and parts of the bible copied UPWARDS!'

Mormons do not believe that one verse in the Bible is trustworthy

No Mormon knows what their Church teaches

Only ex-Mormons know what the LDS Church teaches

The Book of Mormon has displaced the Bible for Mormons

Mormon Temples have spires to crucify Christ when He returns to earth!

"The gist of the Temple Cermony is that you must not reveal anything that goes on in the temple"

"I was not just a 'run of the mill Mormon' - I became one of the top members in the south-west of England"

My credentials included an invitation to speak in Salt Lake City.

"I had been invited to Salt Lake City to speak at the Mormon Temple at their bi-annual convention"

I became an elder there was no position in the Mormon Church that I could not hold

We received a decree from Utah telling us that in future the Book of Mormon was to be the furst book of the Mormons and the Bible would only be a companion to it

[At] the death of the then 'prophet' Spencer W Kimball [...] the church had no head.  The three men of the First Presidency took over until the Twelve Apostles could elect a new prophet

The whole idea is the harder a Mormon works and the more he achieves, the higher his status after death

We are available to help and support you any way we can ...

Latter-day Saints expect and are expected to become perfect during mortality.

In a forty-five second period you are given thirty promises

Mormons undertake the act of baptism for the dead [and] proceed to accept them completely into the Mormon faith

Additional teachings [of Mormonism] were changing the truths in the Bible ...

Mormon teaching [is] making oneself worthy by doing many things

... salvation by grace, which the Mormon Church does not teach ...

  [Mormon spiritual; exercises - scripture study, prayer, etc are] so obviously a doctrine of works

Only those who had obeyed all the laws and ordinances of the gospel might be one day righteous enough to live in God's presence

Everyone watches everyone else, and you feel God is keeping a checklist on your actions

We cannot start by telling the cults how wrong they are and list [sic] all the bad things they do [they then proceed to do exactly that!]

All those who have been in the cults have been affected by the satanic realm

Two examples you quote are from a non-Mormon and a current Mormon. One can't know, and the other won't tell!

Mormons [are] polarized around Joseph Smith and Brigham Young

The words of [Joseph] Smith carry as much if not more authority than the revealed Word of God

Exopensive and elaborate temples are built as centres of recreation and culture ...

Joseph Smith was a psychic

The Mormon Church was founded on the basis of the Book of Mormon

Few Mormon leaders or scholars today [1990] believe in the teaching of the Book of Mormon

Mormons try hard to commend their book [the Book of Mormon] as an authentic and final revelation from God

Mormons teach that there was no need for Christ to satisfy the justice of God on our behalf and his death has no power to save us


That is to say, "Is it TRUE or is Someone telling LIES?  and, yes, it matters!