Below are listed some of the most frequently misunderstood and distorted areas of Mormon Doctrine in the minds of those that undertake to publish their disparate exposés of Mormonism in which they promise to tell all, reveal all, shine light in dark corners, expose secrets,  and generally raise the temperature!


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  1. Mormonism or Christianity – is it a stark choice between two opposites?
  2. Are Mormons Christians?
  3. Was there a universal apostasy?
  4. Is it the destiny of mankind to be exalted?
  5. Salvation for the Dead - is it Biblical?
  6. Ezekiel’s ‘Sticks’ – are they just bits of wood?
  7. Is the 'Mormon' Jesus a 'Different' Jesus?
  8. Does the Bible contain all that God wants us to know?
  9. Why is ‘Continuous Divine Revelation’ seen as Heretical?
  10. Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?
  11. 30,000 Changes in the Book of Mormon since the First Edition – True or False?
  12. The Book of Abraham – What is Wrong with the Case Against it?
  13. Where in the Holy Bible is the Holy Trinity?
  14. What Place do Works have in the Plan of Salvation?
  15. Is Joseph Smith’s Character Evil or Good?
  16. Do Latter-day Saints Believe that All Christians are Corrupt?


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