Why is this site necessary?  It is necessary because of the many incorrect notions that are abroad about what Mormons believe and think about Jesus Christ and to correct the distorted impressions formulated and published by those with mischief in mind that believe they serve God by making and  promulgating their errors, most of which are cynical and deliberately misleading lies.

      It is not hard to find the places where these errors lurk, especially with the ease by which misinformation is spread by means of the Internet. 

    It is necessary as antidote to many of the errors that have been cleverly fashioned to obscure the plain truths of Mormonism.

     Here we open the doors of Mormonism wide for those whose understanding of what Mormons believe has been formed from the Images of Hate fashioned by Ministers of Fear and their acolytes.


What Mormons DO Believe About Jesus

What Mormons DON'T Believe About Jesus

  • Mormons believe Jesus is the divine Son of God
  • Mormons believe that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary
  • Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God the Father
  • Mormons believe that by his voluntary death on the cross at Golgotha Jesus made an infinite atonement by virtue of which all that come unto him and acknowledge him will be saved.
  • Mormons do not believe that Jesus is not divine as many Anti-Mormons teach.  On the contrary they believe Jesus is the Divine Son of a Divine Father God.

  • Mormons DO NOT Believe Joseph Smith is more important that Jesus as some Anti-Mormons teach any more than Jews believe Moses is more important than Almighty God.