Norma Goodwin Bray's Journals - 1974
Norma Goodwin Bray's Journals - 1974



No Journal entries and but one Diary entry for 1974 have been found, but in her records of other years Norma mentions the following events of 1974:


1.   We have seen and heard quite a few of the general authorities at our Stake Conferences.  Elder [Leslie O] Stone & Marvin J Ashton in September 1974.  He held a youth fireside and greatly impressed Karen.  Her testimony was strengthened by her feelings for this great man.


2.   Monday 31 December 1973 (in Norma’s Diary for 1974)


  • One child per person to get active this coming year.  Think about it and give a child’s name to Sister Wild.
  •  Be in time and encourage teachers to be on time.
  •  Go to Sister Lily Pritchard for help.
  •  In-service Leader pushing for lessons for teachers.
  •  Panto planned for 18 February 1984.  Co-op vouchers.
  •  Ring Brian if Angela can’t be Primary In-service Leader.
  • Ask Sylvia Freeke about Leadership and Laundry
  •  Primary Music Outline – 1973 – 1974.
  •  Banners x 4


3.   Gary was baptized in July 1974.  We moved into our new chapel on the 21st of July and Gary was baptized on the 31st.  

Brian Knowles baptized and confirmed him.  I fasted and prayed all day, and asked the Lord to bless him, and I prayed that he might be special unto the Lord.  

When Brian confirmed him, he gave him all the blessings I had asked for and then the Bishop told him in his remarks that he was special unto the Lord.  I know prayers are answered.


No further entries for 1974


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