Norma Goodwin Bray Journal - 1975
Norma Goodwin Bray Journal - 1975



Wednesday 8 January 1975

Primary Leadership Meeting


Sunday 12 January 1975

Stake Conference then dedication of Bradford Chapel by Vaughn J Featherstone.


Saturday 18 January 1975

Special interest group dinner.  £1


Saturday 27 January 1975

My first temple visit.  £3.50


Sunday 23 February 1975

Bradford Ward Conference


Saturday 1 March 1975

Preparation meeting


Saturday 15 March 1975

Five-a-side [football].

Relief Society Birthday party.  We gave a play, The Grove Family in A POUND OF FLESH”


Saturday 22 March 1975

Primary singing at Conference.


Saturday 5 April 1975

Gold And Green Ball


Sunday 6 April 1975


 Vesper Road broadcast


Saturday 12 April 1975

Square Dance at Bradford – 30 p.


Sunday 13 April 1975

Gary bore his testimony today that he believes the Gospel is true.


Wednesday 16 April 1975

Baptizm.  I have a talk on FAITH.


Sunday 20 April 1975

Fireside at Dewsbury for Special Interest group.


Saturday 27 April 1975

Temple visit.  The 2nd.  Wonderful!


Sunday 27 April 1975

Pam rang this afternoon.


Saturday 3 May 1975

Primary practice for Sacrament service.  Paul coming.


Friday 9 May 1975



Saturday 10 May 1975

Ward dinner.  

Primary practice for SM.


Sunday 11 May 1975

Presentation for Primary in sacrament Meeting.

Special Interests Group Meeting at Huddersfield.  Refreshments - Bradford Second Ward.

 Sister Layton called for Special Interest Group ages 40 up.


Saturday 17 May 1975

Supper Party


Saturday 24 May 1975

Last day to put names in for [Special Interest] Dinner at Liverpool.  Sister Layton – Leeds 672691.


Saturday 31 May 1975

Sports Day at Sheffield.

Chinese supper.


Saturday 7 June 1975  

Liverpool Dinner Dance [Special Interests].


Saturday 14 June 1975  

Lord Mayor’s Fete at Manningham Park.  I went with Sandra Peart.


Sunday 15 June 1975  

Fathers’ Day

Stake Conference


Saturday 21 June 1975  

Pam’s birthday.

Gary went on holiday with Brian and Denise Knowles.


Sunday 22 June 1975  

Fireside Special Interests Group at Vesper Road chapel, Leeds.


Saturday 28 June 1975  

Gary comes home.

See Albert [Wade] about wheat container for Ann Charter and egg powder.


Sunday 29 June 1975  

Fast Sunday – Choir


Saturday 12 July 1975  

Karen went on holiday to Switzerland

Special Interest Group Dinner


Sunday 20 July 1975  

Special Interest Fireside at Huddersfield


Saturday 26 July 1975  

Relief Society Closing Social

Karen comes home [from Switzerland].

Temple trip.  I am not going.  I will look after Brian’s kids.


Saturday 2 August 1975  

Holiday to St Annes.


Friday 8 August 1975  

Brother Arthur Illingworth  [Primary teacher] goes on holiday.


Saturday 16 August 1975  



Sunday 17 August 1975  

Special Interest Meeting at Huddersfield


Monday 25 August 1975  

Alan MacLean came home [from his mission to Switzerland]

I went on a trip to Bridlington with the Church

Alan stopped at Bishop’s a day or two.


Saturday 6 September 1975  

Relief Society Opening Social


Wednesday 10 September 1975  

Leadership Meeting for Primary


Saturday 13 September 1975  

Newsome and Gladys Kirk’s Silver Wedding Party.


Wednesday 17 September 1975  

Sister Ruth Holt and her brother-in-law baptized.


Saturday 20 September 1975  

Mediaeval Banquet at Huddersfield


Sunday 21 September 1975  

Nita gone to America.


Monday 22 September 1975  

Brother Arthur Illingworth back


Friday 26 September 1975  

Alan MacLean’s Welcome Home Part at LAST.


Tuesday 30 September 1975  

Relief Society Opening Social 


Saturday 4 October 1975  

Hoe Down.

Alan for a week.


Saturday 11 October 1975  

Relief Society Bazaar.

Primary head count 26


Sunday 12 October 1975  

Special Interest Group Fireside.


Wednesday 5 October 1975  



Sunday 19 October 1975  

Stake Conference.  Don’t forget story books.







 Monday 20 October 1975 

We, the Redmonds family, were brought into the Church  Oct 12 1969 by 2 missionaries who knocked on our door at 12 Tanner Hill Road Hollingwood Lane Great Horton Bradford.  Elder [Jerry] Bott and Elder [Van] Peery will always be very dear to our hearts for bringing such wonderful blessings to us. 


Many things have happened in the last 6 years.  I will try to remember some of them and record them.  [Below]


On Saturday 28th August 1971, there was a General  Conference at [Belle Vue] Manchester.  I was lucky enough to go with Pamela and the Watts family, who were members, living next door. 

We saw the Prophet of the church who was then Joseph Fielding Smith.  It was a great highlight of my life to be in the same room as the Prophet and feel the wonderful spirit that was there.         



[Picture] Pamela, Norma, Karen, and Joanne with Jerry Bott at Woodlands Street Chapel, Bradford 


Just before Christmas 1971, I was called to be Primary President of the Bradford Ward.  It was my first calling and I was just a little afraid, but soon came to love this calling. 


At the time of writing, I still hold this position as well as Spiritual Living teacher in Relief Society.  Last year I was Social Relations teacher. 


Karen has had callings in MIA over the years.  At the moment, she holds the position of Laurel Class President.  Twice in the last 6 years, she has won the Speech Festival award for her age group in the stake.  The first one was at Dewsbury in May 1972. 


We have seen and heard quite a few of the general authorities at our Stake Conferences.  Elder [Leslie O] Stone & Marvin J Ashton in September 1974.  He held a youth fireside and greatly impressed Karen.  Her testimony was strengthened by her feelings for this great man. 


In 1973, we dedicated our ground for the new chapel in Wheatlands Crescent.  I took a movie film of some of the members who attended.   We all worked so hard for the building fund and on the new chapel.  It was a time of wonderful brotherhood.  We even went to church on Boxing Day.  I wouldn’t have been anywhere else, it was great.   


Around this time, our friend Alan McLean went on his mission.  He was alone in the ward and so as a family we sort of adopted him whilst he was on his mission and wrote to him.  I have kept his letters in our remembrance box.  He returned from his mission 2 months ago.  Alan was sent to Switzerland as he spoke French & German fluently, and served an honourable mission.   


Our new chapel was dedicated on the 12th of January 1975 by Vaughn J Featherstone of the Presiding Bishopric.  It was a day to remember as we had a Stake Conference first, and all the ward fasted.  So the Spirit was strong and very joyous. 


A little about Joanne: She was born in May [23rd] 1970 and is a blessing to our family.  She has grown up in the gospel and talks to her Heavenly Father with such beauty; I know she knows him. 

She was blessed on July 5th [1970] by David Waite, and loves Sunday School & Primary. 

She is very pretty and has been a bridesmaid to 2 church members: Claire Crabtree in March 74 and Mandy Ryan, the Bishop’s daughter, in Oct 74.    


This year I went to the [London] Temple to take out my own endowments.  My first visit was 25 January 1975.  




[Picture] The London Temple – drawn by Herbert Savage 


I found it a little awe inspiring and very bewildering.  My next visit in April was quite a wonderful experience.  I go again this weekend.  Karen has been to do baptizms quite a few times over the past few years.                 


Friday 24 October 1975 

Temple visit.  Bus leaves Vesper Road Chapel, Leeds at 6 00 pm. 


Saturday 25 October 1975 



Wednesday 29 October 1975 

Visiting Teaching with Sister Ruth Holt. 


Friday 31 October 1975 

Fancy Dress 


Saturday 1 November 1975 

Blazer Programme [Primary] 


Friday 7 November 1975 

7 30 pmMeeting for Sisters at the Stake House. 


Wednesday 19 November 1975 


18 birthday cards 


Saturday 22 November 1975 

Talent Show 


Wednesday 26 November 1975 

Visiting Teaching to Mallinson’s. 

I bore my testimony to a neighbour. 


Friday 28 November 1975 

I made the [Missionary] Elders a Thanksgiving Dinner. 


Sunday 30 November 1975 

I had the Lady Missionaries to dinner. 


Tuesday 1 December 1975 

I taught the lesson in Relief Society. 


Wednesday 3 December 1975 

1 00 pm Sister Hughes 

7 30 pm Correlation Meeting 


Thursday 4 December 1975 

9 00 Scout Meeting 


Friday 5 December 1975 



Saturday 6 December 1975 

7 00 pm Newsome Kirk’s Party. 


3 – 7 pm Gary Cubs Party Rhodesway 


Sunday 7 December 1975 

Newsome Kirk’s for dinner. 

Smashing meal and company. 


Monday 8 December 1975 

Christmas shopping. 

Pamela Home. 


Tuesday 9 December 1975  

We iced Christmas cakes at relief Society. 


Wednesday 10 December 1975 

Relief Society Leadership Meeting. 

Alan MacLean babysat. 


Saturday 13 December 1975 

Karen returns. 

Five-a-side Football 

Primary Workers’ Party at Dewsbury Chapel 


Tuesday 16 December 1975 

Joanne’s Christmas Party (Jelly) 


Wednesday 17 December 1975 

9 00 am Joanne is an angel in the school nativity play. 


Thursday 18 December 1975 

Sister Hughes. 

Father Christmas at School 


Friday 19 December 1975 

School finishes for Christmas holidays. 


Saturday 20 December 1975 

Sunday School Christmas Party 

Karen’s Birthday 


Saturday 27 December 1975 

Primary Children’s Party 


Other writing in the 1975 diary.   

Primary Theme for 1975


D&C 64:33 

Be not weary in welldoing for ye are laying

the foundations of agreat work and out

of small things

proceedeth that whichis great.    


[Picture] Drawing in 1975 Diary by Joanne   




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