Norma Goodwin Bray Journal - 1976
Norma Goodwin Bray Journal - 1976



Thursday 1 January 1976

Party at Lovell’s in Keighley.  Brian Crouch took us in his car.


Saturday 3 January 1976

9 00 amPreparation Meeting

Floss needs friendship

Lights out.


Sunday 4 January 1976

A wonderful testimony meeting.  The whole stake now has sister missionaries.  They brought a wonderful spirit today.


Monday 5 January 1976

Start diet and Yoga.

Family Home Evening.


Tuesday 6 January 1976

School starts.

I taught the lesson in Relief Society on Repentance.


Wednesday 7 January 1976

6 30 pmWard Correlation Meeting.

Baptizm of Danny Leonard and Martin Brown.  I spoke on Baptizm.


Thursday 8 January 1976

9 00 pmScout Meeting.


Friday 9 January 1976

Bring and Buy sale.

9 am – 1 pmParty for Dot, Jenny, and Brian.


Tuesday 13 January 1976

Presentation by the Keighley missionaries to a Gingerbread Group.   


Wednesday 15 January 1976

Stake Primary Leadership Meeting at Huddersfield.  


Saturday 17 January 1976

Alan McLean took Gary out.

Lynette came for tea and stayed the night.  


Sunday 18 January 1976

Interview for Temple recommend.  


Wednesday 21 January 1976

Visiting Teaching.


Thursday 22 January 1976

Scout Meeting for parents.


Friday 23 January 1976

Travel to Temple


Saturday 25 January 1976

Brian Whitehead drove without sleep.  There was a wonderful spirit in the car.


Wednesday  28 January 1976

Baptizm.  Brother Hughes at last saw the light.  He is glowing.


Tuesday 3 February 1976

Relief Society lesson on Forgiveness.


Wednesday 4 February 1976

Panto.  “Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

About 45 Latter-day Saints went.


Thursday 5 February 1976

Pam went back to Plymouth.

I sent Paul a Book of Mormon.

Cubs parents’ meeting.


Saturday 7 February 1976

Film for Cubs.


Wednesday 11 February 1976

Ward relief Society leadership Meeting.


Wednesday 18 February 1976

Baptism.  John – Gaynor’s husband.


Friday 5 March 1976

Pam went to art class. 

Arranged to go tracting with Sister Hughes tomorrow.

Michael Kelly’s birthday.


Saturday 6 March 1976

Dinner with the Elders Quorum. 

Alan McLean escorting me to a French restaurant in Shipley.


Sunday 7 March 1976

Paul ill.


Tuesday 9 March 1976

German lesson.

Pam went back to Plymouth.


Wednesday 10 March 1976

Primary Leadership Meeting.


Thursday 11 March 1976



Wednesday 17 March 1976

6 30 pmElder Mark E Peterson


Friday 19 March 1976

Gary got his second swimming certificate.


Saturday 20 March 1976

Five-a-side football.

Gary has gone to York with the Cubs.

Spring Fayre at Joanne’s school.

5 30 pm Relief Society Birthday party.


Sunday 21 March 1976

Meeting with relief Society after Sunday School.


Saturday 27 March 1976

Temple Visit.

Minding Mark.

Gary and Joanne going out with Dad [Norma's father, Norman Goodwin].


Sunday 28 March 1976

Mothers’ Day


Tuesday 30 March 1976

Bishop to speak at Relief Society.


Saturday 3 April 1976

Gold and Green Ball at Huddersfield.


Sunday 4 April 1976

General Conference Broadcast at Vesper Road


Tuesday 6 April 1976

Spiritual Living lesson.


Wednesday 7 April 1976

Annual general Meeting for Cubs and Scouts.


Thursday 8 April 1976

Swimming practice at Thornton Baths.


Saturday 10 April 1976

Special Interest group games night at Dewsbury.


Wednesday 14 April 1976

Leadership meeting for Relief Society


Saturday 17 April 1976

Primary Social.

Steven’s party.


Sunday 25  April 1976

Primary Sacrament Presentation

Gary marched with the Cubs at Valley Parade [Bradford football ground]


Friday 30 April 1976

7 45 pm Candlelight Dinner.  £1.30.


Saturday 1 May 1976

Ian Jackson’s wedding [to Ruth] in Liverpool at 10 30 am. 

Meet at 8 00 am at Vicar Lane car  park.


Wednesday 12 May 1976

Went to see the Valhalla dancers at St George’s Hall, Bradford.


Saturday 15 May 1976

Stake Conference.


Sunday 16 May 1976

Stake Conference – Elder Bernard P Brockbank.


Friday 21 May 1976

Pamela went to Aberdeen to work.


Saturday 22 May 1976

Karen came back from Jugoslavia.


Sunday 23 May 1976

Joanne’s birthday.  Six years old.


Wednesday 26 May 1976



Thursday 27 May 1976

Karen graduates from Seminary.

Bradford won the Seminary Challenge.


Friday 28 May 1976

Karen went to Sheffield.


Monday 31 May 1976

Went to Audrey’s.


Tuesday 1 June 1976

Farewell party for Sister Summer.


Friday 4 June 1976

Scott’s going to the Temple.  I am looking after their kids.

Lewis Brownlow coming up from Sheffield to see Karen.


Saturday 5 June 1976

Gary’s Cubs went to Shibden Hall in Halifax.


Tuesday 8 June 1976

Music practice.


Saturday 12 June 1976

Lisa’s birthday.

Lord Mayor’s Parade in Manningham Park.



Monday 14 June 1976

Cleol coming to play tennis


Tuesday 15 June 1976

Relief Society Closing Social


Wednesday 16 June 1976

Visiting Teaching


Thursday 17 June 1976

Went to Preston to see Spencer W Kimball open a new stake. 

President [Doug] Rawson took me.

I met Lewis’s’ Parents.


Friday 18 June 1976

Area General Conference Manchester.


Friday evening: Cultural programme.

Brother Arthur Illingworth to Canada.


Saturday 19 June 1976

Area General Conference Manchester 

Saturday morning – general session.

Saturday afternoon – Mother and Daughter session


Sunday 20 June 1976

Morning and afternoon – general sessions.

Pam rang.


Monday 21 June 1976

Went to Cleol’s for tea and tennis.

Pam’s birthday – 21.


Wednesday 23 June 1976

Pam came home for a few weeks.


Thursday 24 June 1976

9 00 pmScout Executive Meeting.


Friday 25 June 1976

Left for Temple at 2 00 pm. 

Scott’s having Gary and Joanne.


Saturday 26 June 1976

Temple – Wonderful trip.



Sunday 27 June 1976

[Picture - receipt for temple trip] Signed by Ward Clerk: John W Bradbury


Tuesday 29 June 1976

Cubs to go to Church for athletics badges.


Wednesday 30 June 1976

Arrange to go to Sister Hughes.


Thursday 1 July 1976

Rehearsal for wedding.


Friday 2 July 1976

Nadja coming


Saturday 3 July 1976

Sports day for Cubs.

Alan McLean and Rosalind get married.


Tuesday 6 July 1976

Sharon Kelley’s birthday.


Saturday 10 July 1976

Primary Field day


Saturday 17 July 1976

William and Irene Kirk’s Silver Wedding.

Sponsor Day


Sunday 18 July 1976

Pam came to Church.


Tuesday 27 July 1976

Andrew Freeke is 11.


Sunday 1 August 1976

Called as Relief Society President.

Sister Sylvia Freeke 1st Counsellor.

Sister Denise Knowles 2nd Counsellor.

Lewis Brownlow came for a week.  He is on a course at Leeds.


Monday 2 August 1976

Nadja went home. 

We went to Knaresborough with Barry and Mary first.


Wednesday 4 August 1976

Correlation Meeting.


Saturday 7 August 1976

Bridlington trip.  Scorching day.


Wednesday 11 August 1976

Go see Sister Lily Pritchard, the new Primary President.


Sunday 15 August 1976

Karen has gone to Sheffield for a week.

I was released from Primary President after five years and called to Relief Society President  


Monday 16 August 1976

Went to Ilkley with Gary and Joanne.


Wednesday 18 August 1976

Pam rang.  She’s waiting for a letter from Richard Beck.


Thursday 19 August 1976

Went to see Nana and Granddad [Norma's parents] and Dodo [Norma's Aunt Muriel, her mother's sister]. 

Took Richard.


Saturday 21 August 1976

I sent for two wedding certificates for grandma and grandpa’s parents on Mum’s side.  It’s exciting!


Tuesday 24 August 1976

Gary going to Knowsley Safari Park.


Wednesday 1 September 1976

David Lovell is 11.

Ward Correlation Meeting.


Thursday 2 September 1976

Brother Arthur Illingworth back from Canada.


Wednesday 8 September 1976

11 00 am hair.

Sister Hughes.


Saturday 11 September 1976

Make dinner for youth.  (Chicken).


Sunday 12 September 1976

Ward Conference.


Wednesday 15 September 1976



Sunday 19 September 1976

Stake Conference


Friday 24 September 1976

Temple Visit


Saturday 25 September 1976



Sunday 26 September 1976

3 00 pm Meet with Relief Society.


Tuesday 28 September  1976

Relief Society Opening Social.


Wednesday 29 September 1976


Baptizm – two Coyle’s children.


Friday 1 October 1976

Martin Kelly is eight years old.


Saturday 2 October 1976

Joanne got her CTR ring.

Institute lesson 8 30.


Sunday 3 October 1976

General Conference Broadcast.


Tuesday 5 October 1976

My first Relief Society meeting as President.


Wednesday 6 October 1976

Ward Correlation Meerting.

Sister Hughes.  



Thursday 7 October 1976

Gas man.

Scout meeting.


Saturday 9 October 1976

10 30 am Gary – Blazer Briefing.

Relief Society Bazaar.


Sunday 10 October 1976

Fast Sunday.


Wednesday 13 October 1976

Relief Society Leadership Meeting at Huddersfield.   

I did not go because my Dad [Norman Goodwin] was very ill.


Wednesday 20 October 1976

Mr Barry Kelly is 35.


Tuesday 2 November 1976

My Father died tonight at 11 30 pm..  I held his hand and felt comforted.


Friday 5 November 1976

My Father was cremated at Nab Wood Crematorium.  My Mother was very shocked and upset.


Saturday 13 November 1976

Richard Kelly is seven years old.

Lewis and Karen went through the Temple today.  Brian Whitehead  took us all down, bless him.  


Thursday 18 November 1976

Pam came down [from Aberdeen] for the wedding.  Children to come tomorrow.


Friday 19 November 1976

Alan and Rosalind McLean came.

Lewis’s two sisters came to sleep – Jacqueline and Helen.


Saturday 20 November 1976


To Lewis Stephen Brownlow – Sealed in the Temple.


Sunday 21 November 1976

Relief Society sisters are wonderful.  They all helped with the reception and worked without charge.


Monday 22 November 1976

Alan and Rosalind McLean, and Eric and Evelyn came.

Pam made chapattis and curry.  It was very good.

Eric and Alan played and sang for us.


Sunday 8 November 1976

Our Lewis was called as second counsellor in Sheffield bishopric.  Karen is only 18 yet.  How wonderful for her.


Tuesday 30 November 1976

Pamela came home.


Wednesday 1 December 1976

Sister Hughes.


Thursday 2 December 1976

I baked 100 bread rolls and 60 mince pies.


Saturday 4 December 1976

7 30 pm Special Interest [Singles] Dinner Dance.


Wednesday 8 December 1976

Relief Society Leadership Meeting at Vesper Road, Leeds.


Friday 11 December 1976

Priesthood Meeting – Hot dogs for sale.


Saturday 11 December 1976

Primary Christmas Party.  Puppet show with Pat Worrall.


Sunday 12 December 1976

Christmas Hamper due at Church.


Saturday 18 December 1976

Sunday School Christmas Party.


Sunday 26 December 1976

Andrew the Aussie came with Pam for tea.


Thursday 30 December 1976

Karen and Lewis came up.


Friday 31 December 1976

Went to Old Year’s Dance at Huddersfield.