Norma Goodwin Bray Journal for 1978
Norma Goodwin Bray Journal for 1978

Undated notation


  2. GARY Get up early and good tempered
  3. JOANNE No squawking
  4. MOTHER Try not to get angry





January 1978

I feel this is going to be a good year. 

Pamela was engaged on the 3rd January. 

Karen has her first baby, which will be born under the covenant next month. 

Joanne is 8 in May and will be baptized. 

Gary is 12 in July so will hold the priesthood,

and Pamela will be married in August to an elder in the church! 

What a wonderful year to look forward to.


 Saturday 21 January 1978

Eccleshill Museum.

Special Interest Dance at Huddersfield


Monday 23 January 1978

Lewis James Lee Brownlow arrived 8-15.  Weight 5 lb 14 oz.


Wednesday 25 January 1978

Went to see my Grandson and Karen in hospital in Sheffield.


Saturday 28 January 1978

Temple Trip


Sunday 29 January 1978

Missionary Fast


Friday 3 February 1978

Took Gary and Joanne to see Karen and Lewis Junior.


Sunday 5 February 1978

Fireside.  Film: Joseph Smith’s First Vision.


Monday 6 February 1978

I went to the Victoria Hall to see an archaeological film.


Tuesday 7 February 1978

Tracting with the missionaries.


Thursday 9 February 1978

Relief Society


Friday 10 February 1978

Elder Howard W Hunter at Vesper Road Chapel at 7 30 pm.


Saturday 11 February 1978

Stake Conference. 

I helped out in Primary from 9 30 am – 10 30.


Tuesday 14 February 1978

Missionaries for tea


Wednesday 15 February 1978

7 30 pmPrimary Leadership Meeting at Leeds First Ward.

Sister Hughes


Friday 30 February 1978

Daddy-Daughter Dinner

I have to make thirty bread rolls and take orange juice.


Saturday 18 February 1978

Open House.

Primary presentation in the foyer.

Social in the evening


Thursday 23 February 1978

Send wedding card to Sister McVea


Friday 24 February 1978

Temple visit. 

Teatime bus 6 00 pm at Leeds First ward.


Saturday 25 February 1978

Story time after Primary


Tuesday 28 February 1978

Go to Joanne’s school.

Missionaries for tea.


Thursday 2 March 1978

My grandson was born on 23rd Jan; his name is Lewis James Lee Brownlow, his weight 5 lb 14 oz.  He was nearly 4 weeks early. 

Karen was doing well and feeling confident because her husband, Lewis, had given her a blessing when she first started in labour. 

The baby was being born breech which was a blessing in disguise for the [umbilical] cord came first which meant the baby would have cut off it’s oxygen supply if his head had been born first. 

Karen was in good hands and was quickly taken to the theatre for a caesarean [section]. 

Both mother and child were well. 

Mary Brownlow looked after Karen while she was in hospital; she visited nearly every day, washed her nighties, and got her house ready to go home to. 

I thank the Lord my daughter has such lovely in-laws.

  Pamela rang today, she has a date set for her wedding, and it is The 18th of August [1978] at the Manti temple.  I can hardly believe it, she sounds excited when she talks about the Gospel, and she is learning to do needlepoint, she is making something with baby Lewis’s name on, it is nice when children are really interested in each others’ joys and sorrows. 

I hope we can be a good Latter-day Saint family and always close to one another. 

The Gospel is good for family unity.


On February 12th I was in Junior Sunday School at the [stake] conference when Howard [W] Hunter of the Council of the Twelve came in and he said we would be blessed for our sacrifice of missing conference to look after the little children.


Saturday 4 March 1978

Alan and Ros for tea?


 Sunday 5 March 1978



Wednesday 8 March 1978

2 30 pmMagistrate’s Court for review of [maintenance] money.

Ancient America Speaks [film] 

(On the 8 March, the missionaries showed a film, “Ancient America Speaks” at my home.  I invited 13 people; 6 came but it was a good evening and I felt some seeds had been sown.  At least they went away knowing more about God’s Church than when they came. 

One of them was a provost of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  He seemed interested and said he would read the Book of Mormon that he had at home.)


Saturday 11 March 1978

9 30 am – 10 30 am Primary



Sunday 12 March 1978

Karen and Lewis’s baby blessed today. 

Beautiful Fast and Testimony Meeting.


Saturday 18 March 1978

(Last Sat 18 March was) anniversary of Relief Society held at Vesper Rd, Leeds.  They did “This Is Your Life” with Lucy [Ripley] Bradbury.  It was funny and very moving in parts. 

Lucy was a big help to me when we first joined the church; she always seemed to teach about the things I needed to know about at that time; she must have been spiritually in tune.  She is a wonderful lady.


Tuesday 21 March 1978

I stop once again to look back at some sad things, some wonderful. 

I have had a lot of opportunity to visit the Temple this year. 

It is good to serve the Lord and renew the covenants made on my own behalf. 

Pamela is coming along nicely in the church. 

She fell off a skateboard at the end of Feb and broke her arm badly; the elbow is broken and the bone in her upper arm is split.  She suffered a lot of pain. 

It’s hard being away from your children when they are hurt.  Thank goodness she is active in the church and could have a blessing.


Gary, Joanne, Lewis, Karen, and myself are praying constantly that Pam’s arm might be healed, and Sis Ruth Jackson, our Relief Society president, asked for prayers for her. 

It is good with the Lord on your side.  

 A letter from Pam today says her arm is greatly improved.  Baby Lewis Brownlow was blessed on the 12 March at Sheffield.  We went down and stopped at Lewis’s parents’ home .  Lewis blessed him assisted by his father [Lewis Sr] & 2 brothers [Robert and Anthony], it was wonderful and I can never thank the Lord enough for his rich blessings to my daughter, Karen, she is a lovely mother.  I am very proud of her.

 Lewis Brownlow III


On the 8 March, the missionaries showed a film, “Ancient America Speaks” at my home.  I invited 13 people; 6 came but it was a good evening and I felt some seeds had been sown.  At least they went away knowing more about God’s Church than when they came.  One of them was a provost of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  He seemed interested and said he would read the Book of Mormon that he had at home.


Last Sat 18 March was anniversary of Relief Society held at Vesper Rd, Leeds.  They did “This Is Your Life” with Lucy [Ripley] Bradbury.  It was funny and very moving in parts.  Lucy was a big help to me when we first joined the church; she always seemed to teach about the things I needed to know about at that time; she must have been spiritually in tune.  She is a wonderful lady.

My friend Clare Haigh has gone inactive.  I am very upset about her.  I always felt she was so strong.  I pray I might not loose sight of the end reward and think worldly things are more important.


Thursday 23 March 1978

Visiting Teaching


Friday 24 March 1978



Saturday 25 March 1978

Jam making


Friday 31 March 1978

[Babysat]  Ryan and Ian for Brian and Margaret [Whitehead]


Saturday 1 April 1978

Deaf storage lesson [storage lesson for the Deaf Class].


Sunday 2 April 1978

General Conference broadcast.


Friday 7 April 1978

7 30 pm I went with the missionaries to the Library Theatre to watch ‘Science and Mormonism.


Saturday 8 April 1978

10 30 am – 11 30 am Primary


Wednesday 12 April 1978

Mary Wood and family baptized


Saturday 15 April 1978

Practice for …


Saturday 22 April 1978

Temple visit.


Sunday 23 April 1978

Sister [Pat] Beeley asked me to speak at Stake Conference next week about Primary.


Wednesday 26 April 1978

Fireside for new members

(On the Wednesday 26 April 1978, I had a cottage fireside for some new members and some old ones to help to fellowship, and for new members to learn a little faster.  It was quite a success. 

Bro [John] Quinn talked about when he was a [Roman] Catholic and he went to confessional.  He couldn’t think of anything he had done wrong when he was young, so he told the priest he swore at his dad.  

We talked about fasting and testimonies.  I think it was very enjoyable and I hope we can have some more.)


Thursday 27 April 1978

Parcel sent to Pamela


Friday 28 April 1978

Gold and Green Ball


Saturday 29 April 1978

Stake Conference


Sunday 30 April 1978

Stake Conference.  Primary sang.


Saturday 6 May 1978.

Primary practice


Sunday 7 May 1978

One of my callings in the church for a few months now is the Sunday School teacher for the Deaf Class.  They are such sweet people and are so pleased with any effort I put forward to help them.  They make me feel so humble, and yet proud to be able to help.  They have difficulty understanding the gospel sometimes and |I really need the spirit to help me.  They didn’t know much about food storage, so I arranged a lesson for them especially on Sat afternoon 1st April.  They were so grateful, and I hope they learned enough to see the importance of obeying the prophet to store food.  I found out today that none of them (there are 6) has had a patriarchal blessing.  I shall have to see the Bishop about it, they know so little really.  

 On the 23 April, I was asked to speak at the [Relief Society?] conference on the 30th.  When Sister Bealey rang me, I was shaken to say the least.  I always felt it was an awe-inspiring job to speak in front of all those people.  The Lord blessed me that it didn’t prey on my mind.  I was able to prepare a talk and forget about it.  

 President Roberts, the Mission President, was on the stand with us and the spirit was so strong I was not afraid to speak.  His wife is also called Norma, and they will be leaving soon to look after the New Zealand Temple.  


How I would love to be married to such a great man who loves the Lord and serves him so well.  He made us laugh when he said President Kimball rang him and said, “Would you please ask your wife if she would like to be Matron of the New Zealand Temple (we women in the church are so honoured).  

I spoke about Primary & my children.  It was good that was given this talk because I had come to believe my children were very naughty and [I] was overlooking their very good points.  I asked for a blessing to help me cope better as a mother.  My home teachers are Maurice Newsome who is deaf, and Kenneth Leonard .  

I discovered Brother Newsome had never helped in a blessing before.  He was very moved when I asked him.  With a little tuition, he was able to anoint, and Kenneth gave the blessing.


Lewis & Karen came up this weekend with my darling little grandson.  He is so cute; little fat legs and all.  He was frightened of all the noise at church, but I just had to show him off, he’s so beautiful.  


Gary went on the Early Bird Breakfast to Halifax on Friday teatime until Saturday tea.  He didn’t enjoy himself too much as they went swimming and he was banged in the eye and had to come out.  Then they went to a big house [Shibden Hall?] and park.  Unfortunately, the sandwiches were the only 2 things he won’t eat – cream cheese & peanut butter.  He didn’t have much money to spend, as he wasn’t told they would need any so he couldn’t go on the putting or golf course and boats, which made him, feel out of it.  I hope he had some enjoyment from being with the boys at least.


Saturday 13 May 1978

I have been busy today practising for Primary Presentation tomorrow.  The children seem to have a spirit I haven’t experienced before.  The feel of the whole program is good.  

I was thinking about Pamela and the things she keeps telling me about her progression.  It is wonderful.  She now has her Patriarchal Blessing and her Temple recommend from the Bishop; she has yet to be interviewed at stake level.  The words she uses don’t sound like Pamela.  I pray [that] she really feels the Spirit.  I won’t be satisfied until I have had a spiritual experience with her.  

I remember a family home evening a few years ago.  Karen was very rebellious at the time, but for some reason, she joined in a bit more than usual.  We sang some songs then sang “I Stand All Amazed.”  After we finished singing we all sat very quiet.  No one wanted to break the silence because we all felt the Spirit and knew [that] everyone felt the same.  I know the Gospel is true, and I know Karen knows.  I want to know that Pamela knows too.  I pray the Lord will bless us with an experience when we go over for the wedding, that my joy might be full.

I almost forgot to record about Gary’s walk.   He is only 11 years, yet he went to Keighley on the bus with Gary Crow and walked 20 MILES to the Bradford chapel and back again.  I am very proud of his efforts on behalf of Keighley Branch.  Later in the week, he received a congratulation card signed by all the members of the Keighley Branch.  He was so delighted.  If only people did more thoughtful things, what a happier world it would be.

The Bradford Ward 2 seemed spiritually sick, but last Fast and Testimony [meeting] people seemed to be rallying round again.  If only they would study and find out what great things could be theirs if only they will be obedient and serve the Lord.  I hope and pray that I will never go inactive.  When you see strong members leave go, it is heart breaking.  How our Heavenly Father must grieve.


Sunday 14 May 1978

The [Primary] Sacrament Presentation was lovely.  All the children were enthusiastic, and everyone enjoyed it.  Afterwards I was interviewed by the Bishop and told I would be being released from my calling in Primary; they are changing the president, so as I am 1st counsellor [I] would be released.  I am sad in a way, as I have been in Primary so long now that it is part of my life.  I am hoping the Lord will see fit to call me as a teacher in Primary; it is a job I have always wanted to do.


Tuesday 16 May 1978

Play School

Sister Hughes

Pam got her Temple Recommend signed by the Stake President.


Wednesday 17 May 1978  

6 45 pm Primary Leadership Meeting at Mike Dunn’s home.


Saturday 20 May 1978


I went to Wigan today with Special Interest .  It was lovely weather and we had a great time.  I wish there was more chances for these inter-stake conventions. (Good)


Sunday 21 May 1978  

Released from Primary [counsellor]


Tuesday 23 May 1978  

Joanne was 8 today.  She is my youngest and quite a nice little girl.  She is excited about her baptism on Friday. 

I received my air ticket to Seattle on Aug 8 today.  

I also got a letter from Elder [Van] Peery, who baptised me nearly 9 years ago.  He is married and has 3 lovely children now.  It is nice to hear he is doing so well.  I remember he was always so happy to be alive, and he bubbled with joy about his testimony.


Friday 26 May 1978  

Lewis & Karen came up from Sheffield so Lewis could baptize Joanne.

It’s nice when you can use the priesthood in your own family.  I fasted and prayed for blessings for Joanne.  When Lewis confirmed her he blessed her with the things I asked for.  Mainly that the Holy Ghost would be her friend throughout her life.  I had prayed that her friends might be a help to her to live a righteous life. 

What greater friend could she have than the Holy Ghost?  Lewis also blessed her with wisdom to understand the scriptures and seek for a Temple marriage. 

God is so good to me and my children.

Sister Hughes moving.


Saturday 27 May 1978  

Sister Winscombe coming.


Monday 29 May 1978  



Friday 2 June 1978  

We have had a lot to do with Peggy  this week.  


[Tuesday 30 May 1978]  


I got an opportunity to do something for her.  

Malham Cove


Wednesday 31 May 1978  



[Thursday 1 June 1978]  

Baking day.

On Thurs.  I papered her kitchen for her.  It was lovely to be able to do something, as she does such a lot for us.  

Today, Friday, Karen rang and spiritually uplifted me.  

I am delighted at the progress this child of mine is making.  She feels the Lord has blessed her so much that she asks for ways to serve him.  How pleased her Heavenly Father must be.  I thrill whenever I think about the things she said.  

Pamela too seems to be progressing.  In her letter this week she said she enjoyed Sunday School and learned a lot.  They have paid $40 for baby Lewis to fly over the [north] pole, which I think, is very funny.  I will tell him when he grows up.


Saturday 3 June 1978  

Gary was interviewed for obtaining the Aaronic Priesthood at Primary today.

We went to the lido at Ilkley.


Monday 5 June 1978  

Paul Freeke flies on his mission to Calgary Canada.


Wednesday 7 June 1978  

Cottage Meeting/Fireside


Saturday 10 June 1978  

9 30 am – 10 30 am Primary

How working together gives a good spirit!  We have worked hard at the Lord Mayor’s Show [in Bradford] today and felt good. 

Brother Mike Dunn feels I ought to record that the Lord Mayor bought his sandwiches from us.  I served his chauffeur.  I only wished it had been a Book of Mormon.  

The missionaries were at Ward 1  stall.  They gave out leaflets and got quite a lot of referrals.  I pray people will listen to what they have to say especially now with the revelation given out by our prophet that the Negro can hold the priesthood.  This is exciting, as it is a sign of the nearness of the Saviour’s return.  

Karen rang this morning to tell me Lewis blessed the baby last night as he was crying in pain for a long time.  He was immediately soothed and went to sleep.  Her faith in the priesthood is beautiful.  I am so happy.


Tuesday 13 June 1978  

Playschool starts


Thursday 15 June 1978  

Photographer at Playschool.


Tuesday 20 June 1978  



Wednesday 21 June 1978  

Pamela 23


Saturday 24 June 1978  

Temple Visit.  I saw a Negro boy in the Temple being sealed.


Sunday 25 June 1978  

Bradford Second Ward Conference.


Tuesday 27 June 1978  

Visiting Teaching.


Thursday 29 June 1978  

8 00 am – 9 30 am Swimming.  15p. and 10p. 


Friday 30 June 1978  

Bake bread for tomorrow?


Saturday 1 July 1978  

Nadja coming.  4 25 pm at Leeds


Sunday 2 July 1978  

I was interviewed today and called as YWMIA President.

Sister Gillian Robson for dinner.


Friday 7 July 1978  

Baptizm.  I spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost.


Saturday 8 July 1978  

Primary Centennial


Sunday 9 July 1978  

I spoke in Church today on Free Agency and the Family. 

President Doug Rawson spoke to me afterwards.


Saturday 15 July – Saturday 22 July 1978  

Went to Mablethorpe on holiday with Gillian Robson and children.  It was an enjoyable week.


Wednesday 26 July 1978  

Gary’s Birthday.  He is twelve.


Saturday 29 July 1978  

Relief Society Closing Social and fair.

Eunice Hopkinson and Frank Dean are to marry.


Tuesday 1 August 1978  

Nadja going home.  10 00 am Leeds.


Sunday 6 August 1978  

I have been called to some new positions these last few weeks.  Firstly, the Primary president was changed so I was released as 1st counsellor.  I was later called as a Targeteer teacher, which has always been a desire of mine.  Today I was called as YWMIA President.  Things have been so hectic lately; I haven’t put any names forward as counsellors yet. 

Next week at Conference I will be sustained as Special Interest leader for Leeds Stake.  I won’t be there as I fly to America on Tuesday [8 August 1978].  

Today I left Joanne at church with Sis [Gillian] Robson .  How I love that little girl: she is so eager to do her best and please me.  I know if she is taught the Lord’s commandments she will not stray.  I will miss her very much the next 3 weeks.  

Today was a special day for us as Gary received the priesthood.  I felt so very proud of him as he passed the sacrament.  How it gives me joy to see my children serve the Lord.  Gary said he felt a wonderful Spirit when he was being ordained by Brother Michael Dunn.  I too felt this Spirit.

I have felt very low about things these last few weeks.  I am not as good a mother to Gary as I could be.  He tries my patience to the limit, and many times I lose control and shout abuse at him.  If only he would understand I love him and want him to be obedient for his own good.  

But today, it was the Spirit that was foremost in my mind, and all the pain and worry were forgotten for a while.  A good husband and father would be the answer to my problems here.  I only hope the Lord will bless me soon.  

When I consider the blessings I do have I daren’t ask for more, but I know the Lord knows anyway.



[Picture] Norma’s Aeroplane Ticket to Seattle – 1978







Norma travelled to America for Pamela’s wedding.  Lewis, Karen, and little Lewis went with her.  Her account was written in a homemade note pad with a green cover.  It is reproduced below.



(from the Green Notebook)


Tuesday 8 August 1978

  Arrived in Seattle at 1.05 pm (we were one and a half hours late leaving London).  It was very hot at 92 degrees.  A lovely place.  It took us one hour to get through US Customs and I was tired.  (It was 9 o’clock pm back home).  I went to bed at 6 o’clock and woke at 3 o’clock in the morning.


Wednesday 9 August 1978  

Baby Lewis woke Bruce.   We went looking round a shopping centre and had a “Peach Julius” a lovely cold drink.  We had sandwiches on a lawn.  A squirrel up the tree we were under knocked a walnut down.  We went for a picnic on the beach and grilled some steak on a barbecue, and had salad, bread buns, and toasted marshmallows.  We saw fish jumping in the sea  as the sun went down.


Thursday 10 August 1978  

Seattle to Vancouver.  8 45 to --- 

Trees, Mountains, small horse ranch, honey farm fields of corn, wooden houses, all different.  Mostly fir trees, so thick you couldn’t walk through them.  Big trucks, four-lane freeway where cars weave in and out.  Skagit River, more mountains with heads in the clouds.  Lake Samish, winding through fir-covered hills.

Cloudy today.  (Chukanut Drive).  Motels, flower beds coming up to Canadian Customs said “Hang in there.”  Stopped and went to Immigration to be checked on.  

Warnings about forest fires.  It had been so hot and dry.  Flat for a few miles over the border.  Mountains in the far distance.  Vancouver.

Called to see Nadine and children.  Then to MacDonald’s for lunch of hamburgers and chips, ice cream and milkshake – delicious. 

Queen Elizabeth Park, Blaudell Conservatory, strange plants, and beautiful birds.  I bought place mats.

 Lovely park.  Mountains in clouds – not clear.  Japanese group there.  On to Stanley Park and the zoo and aquarium.  A killer whale and a dolphin did an act in a pool (Fantastic).  Three Beluga whales performed.  They whistled.


Lost Lagoon – Stanley Park


Saw a film of the Beluga white whale giving birth to a baby born last year.  It died after four and a half months. 


Went to drive-in for dinner of chicken pickings and chips.  Sat in the car and had a tray across the seats.  “Car Hops” come around the car park.  We looked around town and went across Lions’ Gate Bridge.  .  Beautiful view of mountain.  “Grouse Mountain” was lit up.  We stopped at the [Canadian/US] border.  Pam got stroppy  [with the Border Police] so we had to go and be inspected again.


We saw Seattle by night.  Like diamonds so bright.


(Notes)  Mailman: Deliveries by car.  Mail boxes at the gate, and he delivers and picks up through the car window. 


Friday 11 August 1978

Visiting teaching with Nelda [Richard Beck's mother].   Very friendly people, I felt good.  Beautiful houses. 

It is like living in a forest with roads through it.  So many trees.  People work so hard. 

Everyone is canning now, or pickling.

Visited Robert (‘Bob,’ Richard’s brother) this afternoon to get Richard’s hair cut.  Beautiful home in big grounds.


(Sent cards to Mum, Church, Sandra, Joanne, and Gary)


Chad Larsen went down to Utah.


Saturday 12 August 1978  

Packed and off for 2 o’clock.  Headed towards mountains.  Sunny and comfortably warm.  Lots of houses with flags in their gardens.  Past the site of the new Seattle Temple.  A sign said, “Echo Glen next right (camping).”  


On the back of a car it said, “Have you hugged your kid today?”  


Snoqualmie Pass.  Mountains covered with pine trees all around.


Denny Creek – 3022 feet and going up.  Makes your ears go funny.  Ski resort, no snow at present.  


Mount Hyak – Kachess Lake – Stampede Pass – LDS ranch, 900 acres.  Countryside changes, flatter, grass more yellow, trees disappearing.  We ran along the [side of the] Yakima River.  Hills look naked without any trees on them.


Baby Lewis is a joy to be with.  


Stopped to photograph mountains now behind us, about 120 miles from Seattle.


Piles of logs with sprinklers on top spraying them with water.

Went through Union Gap.


Fields of mint that smelled delicious.  Lots of fruit to be sold; fields of corn still in Washington.  Largest hop farm in the world (motor bikes with trailers on) like big vines; peach and apple trees.  Not much cattle or horses to be seen.  No litter.  Sign says unlawful to litter, $10.00 fine.   And wheat fields as far as the eye can see.  


Columbia River and sagebrush; Umatilla Bridge over the river into Oregon.  Perfectly flat road – Dead Man’s Pass - cornfields, and miles and miles of road, but not much traffic.


We travelled through the night and stopped for petrol once or twice.  We had an ice cream at an ice cream parlour.  Richard had to finish mine.


Got into Salt Lake about 6 o’clock, just coming light.  Temple lit up – beautiful sight, I feel so good.  Had a happy trip down and laughed a lot.  Baby Lewis was so good, he slept a lot.  Pulled in to change at some toilets.  As we got out, a big policeman pulled in behind and booked Richard for speeding, ten minutes from Steve and Debbie’s.  Went to bed for a few hours.  


Sunday 13 August 1978  

Woke at lunch time, had breakfast, then went to see Elder Van Peery at his motel, and his lovely wife and three kids.  

Then we came back to Steve and Debbie’s for dinner and then to Church.  Lots and lots of children there.  Violins played beautifully.

Had soup and sandwiches.  Went up a canyon, saw Bridal Falls.  Read the story of Indian lovers.  Up to reservoir, longer than five miles.

It has rained heavily since we arrived.  Thunder storms during the night.  Slept in a caravanette.  It had a hot shower and ridge and a lovely cooker.


Monday 14 August 1978  

Snow on the mountains this morning.  Beautiful to see it all around us.  

Pancakes and maple syrup and fruit for breakfast.  

Pam and Richard are going to arrange things for their wedding today.  We went shopping at LDS bookstore.  I bought a book, “They Made Mormon History.  ´  Had a run round Indian Hills at the base of the mountains, looking at posh houses.  The Osmonds live up there.  There is an LDS chapel every few blocks.  

Lazed all afternoon.  Sister Wiscombe rang, and we arranged to go [to her home on] Wednesday.

Had corn on the cob and then went to see Pam’s new apartment and took her furniture there.  

Steve said it was the coldest day ever recorded in Provo in August today, and one day last week was the hottest.    

We planned good things for the next three days.


Tuesday 15 August 1978  

Coldest night ever recorded for August last night.  70 degrees this morning.  Sunbathed and soaked in the mountain beauty.


Pam and Richard went job hunting.


Had lunch at MacDonald’s, then went up to Mount Timpanogos Caves.  We paid 50c.  at the bottom and walked one and a half miles up the mountains.  It was a long climb and with a hot sun beating down.  Every so often, there were benched in the shade of a rock or a tree.  The scenery was breathtaking and I saw two chipmunks on the way up.  They were very tame.


The Caves were beautiful, but very narrow passages with low roofs between the three caves.


Baby Lewis cried, so Karen fed him whilst walking round.  Wee took a long ride back, looping round the mountains past Robert Redford’s house and ski lodge.


Babysat whilst they went horse riding, then out to dinner.  


Got sunburnt today.


Richard’s great grandfather, Alfred Joseph Juliner Beck gave money to Orson Hyde so he could go to Palestine to dedicate Jerusalem.


Wednesday 16 August 1978

Lewis forgot their Temple recommends.  


The mountains are just as beautiful this morning.  It is going to be a hot day again.  


There are lots of houses being built.  Every house stands on its own and no two are alike.


Passed Lehi on our way to Salt Lake.  We went round Temple Square, then for lunch at the restaurant.  I went through the Temple with Lewis, Karen, and Richard.  Beautiful Temple.


Took lots of pictures.  I was very impressed with the statue of Christ in the Visitors Centre.   Went on to see Sister Winscombe and family at Bountiful.  Cheryl’s father told me lots of interesting things about the gospel.  


Had melon and ice cream.



Thursday 17 August 1978  

Up at 5 o’clock and off to the Provo Temple for a session with Lewis, Debbie, Steve, and Brent.  Steve went to BYU for a test and we had a look around the campus while we waited for him.

Went to a spa.  Debbie, Pam, Karen and I, we left baby Lewis and Anna Lee in a nursery and went into an exercise room, then into the steam room, then for a swim.  Great fun.  Hairdresser’s.  We were going to the mountains for a picnic, but it rained so we had out picnic at home.   

Weather uncomfortably hot.


Friday 18 August 1978  

Pamela and Richard married in the Manti Temple.

Up at 5 o’clock, shower, and off to the Manti Temple.  I rode down with Richard, and Pam forgot to have her breakfast.  It is a beautiful Temple.  Karen and I stayed with Pamela all through the endowment.  The marriage session was the same as Karen’s  


Elder Van Peery and his wife and Sister Winscombe were there.  Elder Jerry Bott had car trouble and couldn’t make it.  He rang the Temple and left a message for us.  

Letter from Jerry Bott


We missed out lunch in the Temple because we were late taking photos, so we went into Manti for hamburger and pineapple milkshake with Calvin and Nelda.


Karen, Lewis, and Sister Winscombe came on to Beaver (6,000 feet), met family and had a big picnic in the Park, and played volleyball.


Pam and Richard went off on honeymoon and we went back to grandma’s house and each family did a party turn.  Lewis told a Yorkshire poem then sang “On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at” with me.  Karen was feeding the baby (crafty).  Had a fun night.  Slept well.


Saturday 19 August 1978  

Lovely morning.  Going to canyons soon.  Had a big breakfast.  Someone thought I was Pam’s sister – Whoopee!  


Packed picnic lunch and set off for Bryce Canyon, changed our minds and went down to St George and had a look at the Temple there.  Bought monster ice cream.  Went on to Zion National Park.  Had picnic near the river in the canyon and then drove to Cedar Breaks where we saw deer and their young.


We stopped to look over the edge of a hill that was 1,000 feet high.  Bryce is a big canyon with red rock all in spires.  I could see for 75 miles into Nevada, row upon row of mountains.  


Got home about 6 30 pm.  Had a visit to a dairy farm, watched cows being milked, caught a horse in a field and took her back to the house.


After dinner (we ate squash), had a ride on the horse.  It wanted to go back to pasture.  


Richard and Pam had been back to ride horses that morning while we were away.  We sat on the front steps chatting until stars sparkled in the beautiful navy blue sky.  It gets chilly when the sun goes down.  It was a full moon.


Wherever we go there are water fountains, cool and refreshing.  Beaver is so peaceful.  The land is dry and yellow, but where the towns are you can see the green of lawns and pasture in the distance where people water.  We saw peaches and palm trees growing in St George.  


We passed through a place called Orderville, where Brigham Young organised the people from 1876 to 1884 to live the Law of Consecration.  It worked out for a while but the new generation growing up wouldn’t live it, so it was abandoned.


Brent and Calvin and Larry went with us today in a truck with front and back seats


Richard and Pam came back to Beaver whilst we were away, to ride horses.



 Sunday 20 August 1978

Went to Sunday School [in Beaver].  Nelda’s brother Frank took the lesson.  It was the last lesson of the Book of Mormon.


Had lunch then set off for Steve’s in Orem, passing through Levan, which is Navel, spelled backwards.  Brigham Young wanted this town to be the centre of a large State called Deseret.


Saw a pelican on a big pond.  Had a monster ice cream.  Went past Nephi, saw some log cabins.  Passed Payson where Elder Van Peery’s family lived when he was on his mission.  It is a beautiful place.


Picked Steve and Debbie up, met Debbie’s mother .  Beautiful home and garden.  We had a tour of the garden play area for children with a tree house and sand pit.  Steve grows squash, tomatoes, grapes, peaches, apples, corn, beetroot, etc.  We went for a pizza before going back to Steve’s and bed.


Monday 21 August 1978

Got up at 6 o’clock again.  A lovely cloudy sky.  Stopped for pecan pie and chocolate milk for breakfast.  Went through Cedar Fork where Johnson’s Army was held up during winter [in the Utah War].  We smelled a skunk.


Sunflowers are growing abundantly along the side of the road, all following the sun.


Arrived at Joe Beck’s in Tooele.  He is 82 and still barbering for old friends.  Went on a tour of his fascinating garden.  He is a brilliant man for grafting.  He grew pears on a hawthorn bush, almonds on a peach tree, and plums, peaches, and apricots all on one tree.  He also had corn, grapes, tomatoes, melons, etc, and kept honey bees.  He is an expert on walnut trees.


Went swimming in Salt Lake.  Had a shower on the beach.  They were making some kind of movie on the beach.


Passed Sea-Tac airport.  We came upon a lady whose car had broken down.  Calvin stopped to help her and took her into Salt Lake City.  I saw the Temple again.  It looks small with great buildings around it.


We went on to Bountiful to Nelda’s sister.  They are a lovely family who have an adopted four year-old Lamanite girl.  Their son had just got home from his mission the day before.  They had heard about baby Lewis laughing.


On to Blackfoot in Idaho.  Grandon and Jane Arbon live there with their two sons.  One son is on a mission in New York searching out all the Taiwanese people living there.  They also have a girl at university.


Grandon is a salesman for an irrigation equipment company.  He also rides in rodeos as a pick-up man, and Jane teaches school.  


After taking a shower, we had dinner of chicken, sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumber, and beans, then apple pie and ice cream.  


Went to farm four miles away and rode horses.  I rode a racehorse, it was a beautiful creature.  Karen came on a treat.  Back to bed.  Pam and Richard rang to say they are coming tomorrow.  



Tuesday 22 August 1978 

(Calvin, Nelda, Karen, Lewis, and baby set off after lunch).  Went up to Idaho Falls to see the Temple and the falls.  This is a very pretty Temple.

Richard and Pamela arrived about 12 noon.  We lazed about all afternoon, then set off at 7 o’clock for Seattle.  Stopped three times for Richard to nap.  Once in a forest.  I was afraid, it was spooky.  Arrived home about 11 o’clock Wednesday morning, then went to bed for an hour or two.


Wednesday 23 August 1978  

Went shopping till 9 30 pm.  Nelda left our light on.


Thursday 24 August 1978  

Had a trip through Seattle Centre.  Went up the Space Needle.  The World’s Fair had been there and there are still some things left.  


Friday 25 August 1978  

Went down to Church to set up for the Reception.  (A boy fell).  The 1930 Rolls Royce came at 6.30 pm.  We stood in line as people came in.  We had punch and cake.  Met Peggy Millar, who made their wedding cake, and her family.  The {Powell family came.  They invited us to go and see the exhibition of King Tutankamun early tomorrow.  

I was very tired.  I met Mr Sitety  and his family.  They are good people with a new baby girl who are members of the Church from Egypt.


[Picture] Calvin, Nelda, Norma, Pamela, Richard, Bob, Karen, Lewis, Debbie, and Steve


Saturday 26 August 1978

Up at 6 15 am.  Blake and Carol Powell picked us up at 7 to go to Seattle Centre, formerly the World’s fair Ground (1964) to see King Tutankamun.  We were back home at 10 30 am. 


Later, went with Steve and Debbie to the locks.  I watched salmon jumping up the salmon ladders on their way upstream to their breeding grounds.  Saw them also through glass windows set in the sides of the ladders.  


We went to the Olde Curiosity Shoppe.  Had a caramel milk shake.  Went round a big import store that had things from everywhere.  Walked along the waterfront, then went back home with fish and chips and clam chowder.  


Went to Sylvia Miskin’s reception and saw the Powell family again, then home to baby sit baby Lewis and watch TV with Nelda.



Sunday 27 August 1978

Up, showered, and went to Sunday School.  At 9 30 am.  Reviewed Book of Mormon stories.  


Went to Brother and Sister Larson’s for BRUNCH.  I promised to take something for their son, Chad, on a mission in Chesterfield.


Back to Sacrament Service at 3 00 pm, then back to Brother and Sister Millar’s home for supper.


Then, home for 8 00 pm watched TV with the family.  Poldark  was on.



Monday 28 August 1978  

I spent most of the day packing and shopping with Karen and Lewis.  Richard and Pam picked us up for lunch at 7-11.  Back home where I lazed around for as couple of hours, and then off to the airport.  The plane left SeaTac Airport at 6 30 pm.


Tuesday 29 August 1978  

Home from America.

Arrived in London at 11 00 am after a flight of eight and a half hours.  I got home at about 6 30 pm after picking Joanne up from Gillian Robson’s.  

A German couple on the plane wouldn’t believe that I was a grandmother!  

The plane cruised about 31,000 feet.  I saw the mountains and valleys as we flew over Washington State, then it became cloudy.  Later, I saw the Northern Lights.



Wednesday 30 August – Saturday 2 September 1978


JET LAG!  ! ! ! 



Wednesday 6 September 1978  

Gary went Home Teaching with Brother Michael Dunn.


 Other notes in the Green Note Book

Orange Julius


16 ounces of diluted orange concentrate

1 cup of water

1 tray of ice cubes

2 eggs

½ a cup of sugar

4 tablespoons of milk


Blend in a blender.



Carrot Cake


1 ½ cups of plain flour)

1 cup of sugar}

1 teaspoon of baking powder} sift together

1 teaspoon of baking soda}

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon}

½ teaspoon of salt}


2/3 of a cup of cooking oil}

2 eggs}

1 cup of finely shredded carrot} mix together

½ a cup of crushed pineapple with syrup}

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence}

(American- in England use 3 or 4 drops only)


Bake in oven heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.




3 ounces of cream cheese}

1 tablespoon of butter} beat together until soft

1 teaspoon of vanilla (4 drops UK)}


Add 2 cups of icing sugar.  If necessary, soften with a little milk.




[Norma made the following notes in a single column.  They tell of her commitment and extensive range of callings she held about this time]


Targeteer Ring Betty about book

Relief Society Ring Ruth about lessons

YWMIA Pray for counsellors

Sunday School Vera’s for books

Special Interest? Names of all Special Interest in our ward, etc.

Cub Scouts Secretary Ask Brian for release




Pamela Redmonds

12421 1-0th Avenue South

Seattle WA USA 98168


Richard and Pamela Beck

927 South 450 east

Provo  Utah USA  84057Tel: (801) 225-3940


Grandon and Jane Arbon

Route 1  Box 38 A

Blackfoot  Idaho  USA  83221


Edith Harris

Box 389

Beaver  Utah  USA  84713


Steve and Debbie Beck

1609 North State #26

Orem  Utah  USA  84057



[End of the green notebook entries]




[Picture] Norma and Pamela at Calvin and Nelda’s for dinner – 1978






September 1978

I have been back from America for almost a week now, and I feel I am just becoming adjusted to normal living again.  I have felt so tierd and depressed,  but so many people have shown pleasure at my return, I feel I am really cared about and missed when I am away. 

I loved America.  I can see why the Lord calls it his “Land of Promise.”  It is a beautiful country.  The opportunity to see the Temples and go through three of them was a great experience.  


Karen, Lewis, and I went through Provo, Salt Lake, and Manti, and of course, Pamela went through the Manti Temple.  I was allowed to go with her as an escort, which was wonderful. 

When Matron was asking where I came from she was so interested because we were from England.  When I said Karen was here too she sent me to bring her into the brides’ room to escort Pamela as well. 

To sit through the Temple beside two of my girls was an experience I won’t forget.  


I felt so proud of them and so grateful to Heavenly Father for being there together.  I keep thinking, “Did it really happen?”  The family Pamela has married into is indeed a choice family with an exciting church history.  


When I read my Patriarchal Blessing a few moments ago I noticed it said my children were choice spirits: I think they are.  


The officiator at Pamela’s wedding said he had met many lovely young couples, but he felt Pamela and Richard were special.  I pray with all my heart that Pamela will stay true to her covenants; that she will come to understand them, and love to be in the House of the Lord.


Monday 11 September 1978  

Started work at school


Tuesday 12 September 1978  



Wednesday 13 September 1978  

Sister Hughes or Relief Society Leadership Meeting


Thursday 14 September 1978  

Relief Society


Saturday 16 September 1978  

Fashion Show


Tuesday 19 September 1978  

2 00 pm Visiting Teaching.


Wednesday 20 September 1978  

Primary Leadership Meeting at Vesper Road chapel Leeds.


Thursday 21 September 1978  

Relief Society Opening Social.

I baked 50 bread buns.


Friday 22 September 1978  

A baptism.


Sunday 24 September 1978  

Speaking on what is the foundation of family life.


Wednesday 27 September 1978  

7 30 pm Sunday School Meeting in the Bradford Chapel.


Friday 6 October 1978  

Ward social – square dance.


Saturday 7 October 1978  

Temple Visit.


Sunday 8 October 1978  

7 00 pm YWMIA Fireside at vesper Road, Leeds.  Brother John Maxwell spoke on Morality.


Wednesday 11 October 1978  

YWMIA Leadership Meeting

There has been so much to do since America.  When I first got home, I was depressed.  I wanted to stay over there, it was so beautiful, but there is so much work here in England.  The new calling as APYW  President is feeling good.  I love the girls; they are responsive to my leadership, and I know as I learn and improve so will they.  


There was a Temple visit this last weekend.  We set off on Sat morning at 8-0, started work in the Temple about 3-30, and finished at 5 past 10.  Then to Edenbrook to sleep.  It was a good visit.  I thought I might not go as I fell on Friday night at a “Country Dance” and hurt my back.  But, after a blessing, I was able to go in reasonable comfort to the Temple.


On Monday of this week we had a family home evening and set some goals.  One was to read scriptures every day.  This morning we read about Noah’s sons and how they split to make the nations.  When we read how one was cursed to be a servant of servants we talked about the Negro, and I said perhaps now our Prophet Spencer W Kimball had had a revelation that the Negroes could not hold the priesthood, that the curse might be lifted.  Gary brought to our notice how on the news the night before it told how the Negroes in South Africa could have the same legal rights as the white people.  How history is being made all around us if only we had eyes to see.


Wednesday 18 October 1978

Colour Party at Sister Olive’s.

Meeting with Missionaries.


Friday 20 October 1978  

Joanne to go to Karen’s for a week.


Saturday 21 October 1978  

Open House


Saturday 28 October 1978  

Stake Conference


Sunday 29 October 1978  

I have been reading back at the Goals we set.  How many times we have set goals and not done them!  I will bring it up again tomorrow at family home evening and see if we can’t try again.  Some Goals we do accomplish: we have family prayers every day and hold FHE, but daily scripture reading seems to elude us. 


I want the children to hear the scriptures every day to become familiar with God’s word.  I will try again; with God’s help and more effort on my part it can be done.


We had a good conference today.  Brother George Campbell and Brother Brian Turner were sustained to become Elders in Bradford 2.  


President [Doug] Rawson spoke on how the family needs to be strengthened; how we must teach that God’s laws bring happiness and Evil only disaster.  The whole world is going mad.  Marriage is becoming something not done these days.  “Why bother?” is the attitude.  Anyhow, divorce is so easy that it is a mockery to say now “’til death do us part.”  It seems to be a matter of “until I get fed up with my partner” or even if, “I don’t like being married!”  


I was married for 17 years, and there were times when I didn’t really try or care, but most of the time I did, and it was a big wrench to break up even though I had no feelings left for my husband.   I still feel guilty about it, and always feel ashamed if I have to say I’m divorced.  My life is happier and so are my children, but I always wonder, should I have gone on trying?


Brother [Mike] Dunn spoke at our Sacrament service.  He was quite overcome by the Spirit when he had finished.  It was so unlike him; he upset me and I too felt like crying.  I have a great deal of respect for Brother Dunn; he works so hard to live the Gospel at home and at work.  I think he is a very good man. 


He came into the church the same time as I did with the same missionaries.  He went inactive for a few years, but has made a great come back.  Another Brother admire is Brother [John] Quinn.  He and his lovely family haven’t been in very long – about 2 or 3 years.  They have 6 children.  Gary is rather fond of the family.  Brother Quinn takes him to Rugby matches sometimes, which is so good of him.  And of course, Gary has an eye for Brother Quinn’s second daughter, Debbie.  


Today I was asked to close the Sacrament meeting with prayer.  I felt rather proud, as this is a new thing in the church.  The First Presidency said they have to use the sisters more for these things.  We have a great part to play in the Lord’s church.  I am glad to serve in every way.


Tuesday 31 October 1978

Party at MIA


Wednesday 1 November 1978

Genealogy at Huddersfield


Saturday 4 November 1978  

Temple Visit.


Wednesday 8 November 1978  

Relief Society Leadership Meeting


Friday 24 November 1978  

Going to Mike and Kay Dunn’s to sleep.


Saturday 25 November 1978  

Street board in Bradford town centre.

7 00 pmWard Social.


Thursday 30 November 1978  

Sandra moving.  Make bread etc.


Friday 1 December 1978  

Colour Party.


Sunday 3 December 1978  

Fireside at Vesper Road Chapel, Leeds.


Tuesday 5 December 1978  

 I baked Cornish pasties for APA.


Saturday 9 December 1978  

Primary Children’s Christmas party.


Tuesday 12 December 1978  

Peggy’s school for Christmas carols.


Wednesday 13 December 1978  

APA Leadership Meeting.

Hazel – Carol


Friday 15 December 1978  

7 00 pm Primary Workers’ Christmas Pasty at Bradford.


Tuesday 19 December 1978  

MIA Christmas party.