Norma Goodwin Bray Journal for 1980
Norma Goodwin Bray Journal for 1980

 JAN 27

Lewis & Karen moved on Friday.  They have been blessed with a lovely home at Nab Wood Drive.  Lewis works hard and deserves to get on.  They are both careful with money and plan with wisdom.  


We need new priesthood in Bradford.  The Bishop says he is making an effort to clean up the Ward that we might improve.  There has been a lot of immorality about.  Steven Leonard, oh, How it hurts! Has gone astray.  He has always tried so hard and been such a bright spot in the Church; always a smile on his face.  The devil has really got to him.  How I pray for this boy.    He doesn’t even look the same anymore, and I don’t know what to say to him.  I thought about my children today and how grateful and happy I am.  So far, all 4 children are active in the Church.  I pray that they will endure to the end; that the devil won’t get them.  


I am reading a book called “Spencer Kimball.”  It is about his life so far.  In one part he talks about [how] as a new apostle he had to help excommunicate on of the 12 apostles who was 72 and committed an immoral sin.  No one is safe from the devil: it is really frightening at times.


Well, this is a new year.  I have had some good years lately and I hope this will be as happy and fruitful.  Pamela moved to Seattle from Orem [Utah], just before Christmas.  I moved about the same time and Karen moved on 25 Jan, so we are all starting afresh this year.  I vowed to read scriptures every day, and so far I have done.  They worry me sometimes, when I read the violent stories in the Old Testament.  I want to establish family scripture reading too, but I find it difficult to get the children to sit and listen every day.  I must try again.  I want them to have a real knowledge of the scriptures and an understanding of them.  I vow to do some genealogy this year too.  It is ridiculous how little I’ve done in the 10 years I’ve been a member.  I have a few names but none sent in yet.  Gary has been to the Temple again to do baptisms last weekend.  If I had framed myself   I could have had him do my father and grandfather’s baptisms.


We got our Christmas parcel from Pamela & Richard on Friday [25th].  Pamela made Joanne a lovely dress & bolero.  I didn’t know she could sew so well.  She made me a suit which is really good.  It doesn’t fit me too well but it is beautifully made.  I shall alter it if I can.


I am loving Gary more now.  He still gets me in a terrible state sometimes, but the Lord is helping me to see the good in him.  I know he can become a great man in the Church, the Lord has told me so at his baptizm, nut I need to be more patient and more willing to get a stick to him at times.  His greatest failing is laziness.  It will be the making of him when he learns to love work.  I want a job now.  I must make more effort to get one or the Lord won’t help.  


I went to John Bradbury’s funeral last Monday.  It seems strange but it was a beautiful funeral.  I could almost see John sitting, watching, and approving.  The deaf class and I are buying a book for the library and dedicating it to John.  He would prefer that to flowers, and it will perpetuate his name.  He was the most faithful saint I have ever had the good fortune to know.  I love John and feel honoured to have been his friend.  His wife Lucy  helped me a great deal when I joined the Church.  She was my first teacher, and always seemed to now what I needed to know without me having to ask her.  She is close to God.  They both have done so much Genealogy, getting thousands of names for people.


We are trying to get the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme going.  We went to a Conference last Sunday; it was very inspiring.  It really helps youth to think for themselves and take an interest in life.  There is so much to be learned and to do.  I hope we can help them.


Talked to Auntie Nita today.  She seems to be slowly fading away.  I fear she won’t be with us very long.  She asked me to take her to the Temple, but I don’t think she could stand the journey.


FRIDAY FEB 7Tonight is the [stake] Primary Christmas party; a bit late, but better late than never.  Bradford 2 are to do the games, dancing, and entertainment.  We are doing the Andy Pandy skit.  I will be Looby Loo again.  Rex Wade will be teddy in a super teddy outfit, and Mike Dunn will be Andy Pandy.  I was going to take Gary but he has to go to ATC .  He was upset that he couldn’t go but he made his own decision.  Because of hurting his ankle and Temple visits he has missed quite a lot, so he has to go to ATC.  The snow has nearly gone.  Maybe he will be able to earn some money tomorrow on the golf course as a caddy.  That will please him.  


Joanne is going to Karen’s till Sunday.  Karen is so good.  She came last night with Lewis and the babies.  We went to Relief Society; that was really great.  I taught a lesson about Jesus being the God of this world.  It was rather deep, but I think we all grasped the meaning in the end.  I felt so happy having Karen sat there.  We are growing closer, I feel sure.  I do love her special.  


My life is on the turn at the moment.  I have to go for an interview on Monday for a job as a clerk in an engineering office.  If I don’t get it I can start a TOPS  course on Bookkeeping, and Wages, and Costing.  It is exciting but nerve wracking.  I can’t concentrate on other things.  I pray my Church work won’t suffer, it is so important just now, and yet I must free myself from Social Security and keep myself and family.  The Lord has blessed me so much, I get butterflies when I think of the way doors are opening for me just now to prosper and find happiness.  Who knows, I might even find a good man yet!


SAT FEB 16Went to Daniel Wade’s baptizm last night.  I spoke on FRB.   He is a very clever little boy, so intelligent.  He played the organ for the hymns: at 8 that is good.  It was a lovely meeting.  There were lots of people there.  Violet [Chattaway] was there.  I told her what was going on in the second half.  She has become very attached to me, and I to her I suppose.  Last week she wrote me a lovely letter saying how much she loved and appreciated me.  I must write back.  With Karen here I think she is afraid of being pushed out.  I must be careful to show her she won’t be.

Violet addressed her letter to, “Norma (my ear).


I was called for another interview on Friday to Brownroyd Engineering Co.  The MD said he was looking for someone with character, and I was it.  He said my letter was honest and he liked that.  I think I will enjoy working there.  The people I met were really nice.  The Lord is good to me!  It has been a lovely experience going to college for a week.  I can always brag about the time I went to university but, joking apart, learning is hard but very enjoyable.  I wish I had enjoyed it so much when I was young.  Maybe I would know more now.  I was a fool to leave school at 15.


Mch 8Work is good.  I feel much better for being able to support myself.  Joanne is so good at home.  She dusts and Hoovers, washes up, and irons.  She enjoys it too, I think she will make a good wife.  Karen keeps buying me little presents, like a knife and fork holder for my drawer, and she has paid for ½ a perm.  Last Thursday she came and washed and cleaned for me, and she takes Joanne home when I want to go out at weekends.  Pam & Richard sent me $100 dollars this week.  I have some good children who love the Gospel too.  Karen bore her testimony at Relief Society on Thursday.  I was so thrilled, I almost wanted to laugh out loud.  She gave the new programme in Primary this morning about testimonies and bore her own.  I felt I was on a spring.  I had to get up and bear mine.  The Spirit was moving.  Pamela bore her testimony in a letter.  It was beautiful  I shall treasure that letter.  Sis Hughes is ill, she has to have an operation.  Bro. Hughes  had a heart attack and he is out of action for a while.  I feel so helpless, what with working and being so far away.  I can’t help like I would love to.  I taught a lesson about Brigham Young in Sunday School and he said, ”With me, it is the Kingdom of God or nothing.”  I wrote this on a card which I have on the shelf.  I hope to make this my family’s motto.  I was mean today over a few chocolate biscuits.  When I think of what others give to me I feel so ashamed.  Trying to do some genealogy – my dead relatives must get fed up with me always going to do.


MAY Pam came over for 3 weeks with her baby, Andrew.  He is so beautiful, I love him to pieces.  Richard was working on a new job, so he couldn’t come.  I wanted to show him off, he is so lovely.  I was made redundant from my job but I got a new one which I like better anyway.  I know I am blessed as work is so hard to find.  Bro. Brian Turner works there.  He asked if I could have an interview.


SUNDAY 28TH SEPT I have just prepared a lesson about Zion, and how each person is responsible for his or her part in the Kingdom.  I realize too what a great influence we can have on others around us.  I started work at Bradford Cylinders in June (I was made redundant at Brownroyd's).  I have watched people in our office change, and I feel I have to be an influence upon them.  I am not always a good influence in my home, I still have to overcome my quick temper.  I think, it is frustration when I seem to have no influence on my children, especially Gary.  He is to be ordained a teacher today.  I am proud of him in a lot of ways.  He loves the Church and goes to Seminary every morning for 6.30.  


Sis [Ella] Coates said how she likes to see him pass sacrament, because he does it so well and is serious about it.  We are trying to arrange for him to go to America for 6 months.  It would do him so much good.  Pam & Richard have bought some land.  They have 2 ½ sheep.  My family are really blessed.  Pam came over to visit in May for 3 weeks.  It was wonderful to have her here.  I was off work redundant at the time.  The baby is so sweet, I miss him as much as [I miss] Pam.  He is a year old this month.  Lewis & Adam are coming along nicely.  Lewis will only give me a kiss if I pretend he hasn’t got to kiss me.  Adam is so sweet, he is walking now.  He has a permanently surprised look on his face.  When he smiles he does it slowly – everyone smiles too.  He was 1 in July.  


Gary has been to the Temple 3 or 4 times this year: last time he did 105 baptisms.  Joanne went to London last week with Newsome Kirk, he is their Targeteer teacher.  They stopped overnight at Paul & Cathy Kirk’s house.  They visited Kew Gardens and the [British] Museum.  It was quite an exciting weekend for them.


We had a fabulous holiday in Switzerland this year. Anna [Kummer} sent us the air fare.  I bought a clock from Interlaaken.  We were certainly rewarded for having Nadja for 4 years for a month.  Alan McLean has comeback to church, it is really good news.  He has served the Lord so well before, it was a shame he should lose now.  


In July I went to Huddersfield to see some slides about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It really built my testimony.  The things on those scrolls were the same as the Temple ceremony [is] today.  Joseph Smith could not have known that. President [Gordon] Williams announced that he had been called to be a Regional Representative.  He is a wonderful man.  It wouldn’t surprise me if some day he was called to be an Apostle of the Lord.  


I made a dress in June and we had a fashion show at Leeds.  It was fun.  When I get time I am going to do more sewing.  We have started our new system of Church meetings.   We go at 1 o’clock on Sunday and have Young Women’s – Sunday School- Sacrament.  That is my programme.  I miss Relief Society, which I find hard.  Primary runs from 1-3 o’clock.  It would be a real challenge to be Primary President.  Carol Leonard seems to be doing a good job.  


Great news!  Karen is pregnant again.  I hope she can cope alright.  I know the Lord will bless her for bringing down his special spirits. Emily’s motto.  Richard was working on a new job, so he couldn’t come.  I know I am blessed as work is so hard to find.  


MON. OCT 20 [1980]Special Interest convention last Sat.  Gillian Robson and I go and enjoy these outings.  We had a couple of workshops in the morning.  I learned to do macramé, and I heard Bro. Peter Kite give a lecture on how the blood fights infection.. In the afternoon we went to York.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We went round the Minster and later on to look at the Viking diggings.  The dance was enjoyable.  The Testimony meeting as usual, was uplifting.. I was so glad I was there.  


Gary is the Y/M secretary.  He got all the books this week and he is very serious about the calling.


19 DecWent to the Temple.  I felt I hadn’t been for a long time.  It was good.


24 DEC  [1980]We went carol singing last night with the youth.  Gary & Joanne stopped at home to watch television.  I was so disappointed they didn’t want to share Christmas joy.  Those old ladies really enjoy us going. 

Pam rang whilst I was out to see if I had got my beautiful watch she sent for my birthday.  It is beautiful,  I feel quite proud wearing it. 

Rex & Joan [Wade] sent me a big bunch of flowers whilst I was out too.  They are so thoughtful & loving.  I know I have some of the best friends in the world.  Mary Jennings is one of them.  She gave me a beautiful calendar with a verse about friendship on the front.


Maurice gets married today.  I haven’t met his young woman [Linda] yet.  I will visit my Mum & Dodo today and hopefully meet her.  I do hope he is happy this time.  I wish I could bring them into the Church, all my family too.  I get quite a few chances to talk about the Church at work.


Christmas EvePamela rang tonight.  She asked the Bishop of her ward if there was any family she could help.  There was one, so she sewed a dress for the mother, one for the daughter, and jeans & tee shirt for the boy.  I am sorry to say I didn’t find anyone to help this Christmas.  I must do better.  Pamela believes she is rich.  I do too.  There are more ways to be rich than possessing material wealth.  


Karen rang.  She has worked so hard to have us all down for tomorrow.  She is about 7 months pregnant with her 3rd child & Lewis isn’t 3 yet.  She is on a beautiful mission.  Thank you Lord, for my daughters.