1st JAN 1989

Well, here we go into another New Year.  What do I intend to do with it?  Well, I’ll tell you. 

First, I intend to carry on trying to be more Christlike, being more bright and looking for good in all people. 

Also, setting a good example around me, taking every opportunity to tell someone something about the church, giving away a Book of Mormon every month at least (that I feel is the spiritual side), not forgetting to try harder to do my callings with more love and enthusiasm.  Also, once again I will see  if I can get going with my genealogy.  I also intend to go to the temple for a week. 

Now for the physical --- I will diet and exercise until I fit neatly into the suit June gave me and I feel fit and well. 

I will also make time to look as good as I can, and be a credit to my husband and family. 

I will take time for myself without feeling guilty.

Now for mental --- I have, of course, my scripture study and also June’s gift of 'Readers’ Digest.'   I intend to read a lot more this year.  Maybe I could get some tapes and learn something whilst I am knitting.  That would be a way of improving, eh eh?

Christmas was pretty good.  We went to Karen’s in Telford and took Jian Jun with us.  He has never had a Christmas before.  Nathan was fascinated with him and Jian Jun, I think, liked Nathan’s attention.  The atmosphere was good and we enjoyed our visit. 

Ronnie had to travel back to Bradford for Matthew because he was working late.  He is a good man.

January 1989 Joanne has been going out with John Jenkinson for a few weeks now.  She likes him as a friend, but he is more deeply attached, I think.  At Christmas he sent her a beautiful red rose by Inter-Flower. 

Lewis dashed into the garden and picked a rose for Karen and put it in a vase for her.  He is a good man and so thoughtful.  I hope Joanne gets a husband as good.  Next Christmas, we are hoping to go to America.  That is something to aim for.

Ronnie is now High Priest Group Leader and he aims to make life more fun, and give more opportunities for service for them all to work and play together.  He feels it will draw them closer.  He plans to learn Koine Greek.  He is overweight, but does not appear to mind too much, so is making no effort to improve himself physically.  What the Lord will say when he is brought to accountability for looking after the gift of his body is anybody’s guess.  He will be happier when next September comes around and he can go to University.  Before then we have to get our house in order !!!


28 Jan

Went to Richard [Poole] and Judith Crowther’s wedding today.  She looked so beautiful and it was a lovely wedding service, with the Honley Male Voice Choir. 

Peter [Jason Bray-Duffield] came to live with us for a while.  He is so good when he is here.  I find it hard to believe he can be rude to his mother.  Maybe he will come to love and appreciate her more now he is away from her.  She really loves him.  I do, too.  

We bought 2 apple trees today.  I find this very exciting --- our own apples. 

As we walked through the nursery a man was saying to his wife, “Let’s separate,” meaning to look in different parts of the nursery.  Ronnie said, “Oh, get divorced and go the whole way.”  You can’t take him anywhere.


SUN 29 Jan 1989

I teach the Sunbeams and they really have a lot of character.  I can see the potential leadership in them.  

We had missionaries home for dinner.  They are very quiet and seem a bit low.  There was another fireside for High Priests and invited guests.  We are doing a series on Joseph Smith.   He is really becoming very special to me.


MON 30th

Got a cardigan sent back today.   It depresses me.  The knitting business is really quite a flop.  

Peter just had a blessing for a test at school tomorrow.  Then we had family prayer.  That was nice.





APRIL 2nd 1989

Last weekend was Easter.  The weather was good, the daffodils are in full bloom, and there was a beautiful feeling of hope in the air.  I felt so good.  

On Friday we went to Leeds again to hear the choir sing the “Messiah” at Leeds Town Hall.   I really enjoyed it.  Last year was good, but this year was even better.

On Saturday night, the Huddersfield Choir was on radio so we taped it for Sister [Evonne] Hush, who is ill and couldn’t go on Friday.  I do love Easter.  

This weekend we did a concert.  It was called, ”I Couldn’t Stop Laughing.”  The High Priest Group put it on and I did 2 skits.  It was a super show and more so because of the fellowship which developed.


The SPECIAL EVENT was Pam ringing last night to tell me she is pregnant again --- 7 weeks.   She is quite excited about it, so if we get over there for Christmas I will see 2 new grandchildren.  I haven’t yet seen Christian Niels. 

I spoke to Emily for a short time, but felt strange and didn’t know what to say.  I will write to her tomorrow.

Joanne has gone to live with Karen.  I rang Karen tonight and she tells me Joanne is happy and feeling better.  She was very run down.

Another SPECIAL EVENT was Abigail’s baptism in February.  Our car broke down on the way to the chapel from Karen’s, but with Lewis’ help we got it back on the road again to get home.  Robert [Brownlow] couldn’t help, so he stood and talked to Ronnie to keep him company in the garage. 



Today we went to the [London] temple to witness Mike and Millie’s sealing.  It really was wonderful.  Kath Crowther came with us and Neil and Wendy McEwen took Mike and Millie. 

It rained all the way down, but when we came out of the temple the sun was shining and we took some photos.  A very enjoyable day.

Last Saturday we went to Newcastle-under-Lyme to Karen’s Primary Activity Day.  She had the children traveling ‘round the world. 

Ronnie did Egypt.  He had a fez and burnouse and lots of posters --- no camel.  Chandra and I did Singapore.  I borrowed a Sari from Devinder next door.  It was beautiful. 

Karen was dressed as a Chinese lady.  She hired some real red [American] Indians who taught us much about their culture.  

On Sunday we went to Ludlow about 40 miles west to a little dependent branch with only a dozen saints there.  It was a great meeting with love galore.  I would enjoy being in a small branch where everyone felt they really belonged.  

Peter liked it, too.  He said he wouldn’t mind living down there. 

We went to see the lambs on the way home.  It was a lovely day.  

 Joanne is very settled.  She has a job to go to in the morning.  In fact, she has two jobs if she wants them. 

Ronnie is still not settled about University.  I hope he gets in.


APRIL 12 ’89

After work at 8 o’clock, Ronnie and I went to Bradford to visit Tina Brown, who had visitors, Elder and Sister Dick.   It was lovely to see them and we talked until almost 2 o’clock in the morning.  Tina’s husband, Graham, is a member without a testimony.  I wish you could give people them, but you can only offer and they have to get it for themselves.  I hope he tries.



Went to June and Fred’s for weekend.  Friday night, Saturday the 29th, was rainy and cold so didn’t do much until evening when we went to Cumberland Hotel for a meal.  It was very expensive, but June and Fred paid. 



Quiet day.  Went to Hyde Park Chapel.  Ronnie taught the lesson in priesthood.  They do enjoy him.  June and Fred left to go away for the week.



Mon We walked and walked.  It was a fine, warm day and lots of people [were out].  We looked at shops down Oxford Street, then went to see the parade [May Day].  It was rather small and disappointing. 

Then we went to Speakers’ Corner where we listened to people speak on all sorts of things, some political, some religious, some about human rights, and some just plain silly. 

Then we walked home and collapsed to watch videos.


Tues. 2nd May

Up early and off to the temple.  We did 4 sessions today.




WED 3rd

I was told on Tuesday that I would be able to do my mother’s baptism on Thursday, when they did the other baptisms.  When I inquired this morning about the time, they said there wouldn’t be any baptisms done on Thursday.  When I came down from the first session, there was a note for me saying, “Go to Family File urgently.”  When I got there they said, “Go find your husband and you can do the baptism for your mother.”  I was astonished.  It was a wonderful experience.  They filled the font just for my mother. 

Ronnie baptised me and we cried.  It was ------------- words fail me. 



This was our 4th Wedding Anniversary.  Happy Day ---Happy Marriage.



Today I did W/A at 8 o’clock, endowments at 10 o’clock and at 5 o’clock. 

Before we finished for the week I stood proxy for my mum, Ronnie for my dad, and we had them sealed for time and eternity. 

Then I was sealed to Mum and Dad with Ronnie as my dad and a Sister Ruth Cryer stood proxy for my mum. 

Then, I stood proxy for my mum while she was sealed to her mum and dad who were Ronnie and Sister [Ruth] Cryer. 

I couldn’t stop crying.  I felt so overjoyed.  I’m sure the work was accepted.  The spirit was so strong.  What blessings came from doing this work in feelings of joy alone.  

I sent cards with a picture of the temple on to Ronnie, Audrey, Janet, and Maurice telling them I had had Mum and Dad married for Time and Eternity.

Back to London and the world again.  I never really want to leave the temple, even though I find the work very tiring.


SAT. 6th May

June took us to Covent Gardens today.  We looked ‘round some lovely shops.  I bought some earrings and June bought me some.  We went to a body shop and June bought me some perfume. 

We watched street performers.  They were very good.  Then we got a taxi home.  It was a lovely day.


SUN 7th May

Church today --- then home.



Ronnie took his exam at Leeds University on Monday --- Matriculation --- he feels good about it.  


Tuesday we went shopping for the [Single Adult] Conference this weekend.  


Wednesday, I looked after Diane Brill’s 2 little girls whilst she did some name extraction.  


The weather has been glorious for 2 weeks almost.  


Thursday, some more shopping and cleaning and washing ready to be invaded this weekend.


Peter went home on Tuesday night.  I hope he’s good to his mum.  He really needs to learn self-discipline.  


Got a card from Joanne today.  It was lovely to hear from her.  I’m sure it’s not because it’s her birthday soon. 


Gary rang with some good news.   SPECIAL  He passed his driving test.  I am pleased when I hear from my children.  It shows they think about me. 



Just recovering from the Convention at the weekend.  It was hard work, but worth it for the number of people who were uplifted, and had such a happy time. 

We had a special surprise on Saturday morning whilst in the opening exercises.  An Apostle of the Lord, Dallin H. Oaks, arrived to interview someone and he came in and spoke to us all for about 15 minutes.  It was lovely to be in the presence of such a good man.


Yesterday [Wednesday 17th June], there was a Primary Stake Leadership Meeting.  I taught for an hour on how important Primary teachers are and why we should improve our teaching abilities.  I was very unsure of myself, but it turned out well, thanks to the Lord.  


On Tuesday [16th June] evening, the Young Men had a meeting at Stake level to encourage them to go on missions.  All the people in the Stake who had served missions filed up and said where and when they had served.  I felt proud to have a husband and a son up there, and many good friends.


THURS 22 JUNE 1989 

There is a tragedy in China.  Some students took over a square [Tieneman Square] a few weeks ago and demonstrated peacefully for a better government.  The government brought the army in and ran over them with tanks and shot them.  It was terrible.  Now they are executing these young men [that were arrested] and in each one I see my dear Jian Jun. 

We dare not write at the moment.  Who knows how it will affect his life if it is known he has friends in England.  I pray for these people so badly treated by their own.

Gary brought his new car to show me yesterday.  He took me for a run ‘round the block.  Joanne has been going out with a young man called Mark Beharrell since her birthday.  Things are beginning to look serious.  We are going down to meet him and talk to her tomorrow.  

The weather has been glorious for about 3 weeks now.  I have quite a good tan. 

Ronnie still hasn’t heard from Leeds whether or not he has got in.  I wish they would let him know one way or the other. 

Got a letter from Pam.  She appears to be well and happy.


MON. 27 JULY 1989

Today is Adam’s birthday.  I forgot to send him a card, so I am sending one now. 

The weather is still glorious.  I can’t believe we are getting all this sunshine.  I love it, although I must wear a sun hat or I get sunstroke.  

We are fasting today for little David Twigg, who has cancer and praying for a full recovery.  School holidays have just started.  

Chandra is working for the prosecution service, but he gets upset over some of the cases which isn’t good.  

We bought the tickets for Seattle at Christmas last week, so that is settled.  

Ronnie rang Leeds University and was told he could enroll in October.  They sent him some forms for a grant.  Life is pretty good for us at the moment.  

We did a fireside for Single Adults last night.  It was on the Holy Land.  They seemed to enjoy the slides and commenting.  It wasn’t a church produced set of slides.  June brought the set of slides back to us from Jerusalem.  We hope to go someday.

We visited Karen’s and met Joanne’s young man.  They seem to be very much in love.  Ronnie gave them a little talk and they accepted it very well.  Karen was worried about the responsibility.

Julie [Dunn] and Danny [Leonard] get married on the 14th October and Betty [Leonard, Danny’s mother], who I saw at church yesterday, says I have an invite to this wedding.

We invited Bishop Scott and Silva to our house on Friday night last.  They reversed the invite and we spent a lovely evening with them.  I am going to invite some one every week --- next week we have a fireside at our house.  I love them when lots of people come.  This fireside is about Martin Harris.


SAT. 12 AUG 1989

Today we went to Shipley to pick up Grandma [Annie] Redmonds.   She lives in some flats for elderly people up Leeds Road.  We took her down to Karen’s for the day.  She is quite a character and I think she enjoyed her day.  Karen put on a lovely meal.  Then we went into Telford to look ‘round the shops.  

Mark and Joanne are still in love, but Joanne was a bit upset because Mark’s bishop had asked her if she would support him if he called Mark on a mission.  Joanne said, “yes,” thinking Mark wouldn’t accept because he was a bit shy.  But I’m happy to say Mark said, “Yes.”  I am so pleased about it, but I can understand Joanne’s heartache at being parted for 2 years when you have just fallen in love. 

I shall fast and pray every Sunday while he goes to help them both find an inner peace and joy to help them.


SAT. AUG. 19th

Homecoming party for Martin Beaumont today.  He looks so different.  They go off [on a mission] as young men and come back matured.  It [a mission] is such a good grounding for life.  This past week we have been negotiating for the house across the road.  We intend to put students in if we get it.  Chandra is already lining students up for us.  Things seem to be going too well.  It worries me.





Sept. 14/89

Karen rang today.  She wants to apply for School Governor and Ronnie helped her construct a letter.  She is great. 

Last week she was released from Stake Primary President, which she held for 5 years, and did a great job, having 2 babies along the way. 

1 hour later she was called as Ward Relief Society President.  She will do a fine job, I know. 

She told us that Mark (Joanne’s young man) has sold his car to go on a mission.  I think he is wonderful, and will write and tell him so.  I pray for this young man and Joanne every day.  

On the 3rd September I was called as Ward Primary President.  I am looking forward to this calling. 

Karen and Lewis came up for lunch with the kids.  It made it a special time.  It’s lovely when your family can share your joys.  

We had a day at the temple on Saturday the 9th September.  I do love to be there. 

Went on to June and Fred’s and came home on Monday.

Ronnie still off work.  I hope he can go back for a few weeks before he leaves, even if he has to work and rest a bit.  I decorated our bedroom and it looks nice, if I say so myself. 

Ronnie has been working on the study and it is coming along fine.  He always has time to help a neighbour, which I admire about him.  We live in a multi-racial area and all our neighbours love him.  I’m glad he’s mine.


SUN 22 OCT 1989

Today, Primary Presidency spoke in Sacrament Meeting.  It was the most spiritual meeting I have been to in a long time.  Carol Iverson and Helen Hughes, my counselors, were terrific.  I feel we are a very special team.  

There is no word from Pam yet.  I have been fasting for her today.  

Ronnie is at University now and enjoying every minute.  He is learning Hebrew. 

We have our tickets for America and I am looking forward to that. 

Poor Chandra hasn’t got his money for his schooling this year.  I do hope he can get it.  We have talked about selling our house to help him.   I would hate to see him have to go home now.

We watched the Road Shows last night.  The standard was really good and we thoroughly enjoyed them. 

What puzzles me is how do these perfectly good Latter-day Saints think they will get into the Celestial Kingdom when they throw so much litter down in the Lord’s house, or anywhere for that matter?  

Danny and Julie were married on the 14th which of course is Andrew’s birthday.  He would have been 29. 

Joanne was a bridesmaid and Gary an usher. 

Ronnie and I opened and closed with prayer.  It’s like family.  

We tried to buy a house across the road.  The bank lent us the money, but we couldn’t get the students [to rent there] so we had to back out.  So much for money making ideas.






I’m waiting for a message from Pam.  She should have had her baby before now, I’m sure.  If children only knew how their mothers worry, they would keep more in touch.   

Michaelene Grassli came from Salt Lake to talk to Primary workers --- A wonderful meeting.




MON NOV 27th

It is very cold this morning, but my heart is light.  We are getting excited now about going to America.  Three weeks today!   Things are hectic.  

I have a Jumble Sale on Friday to get money for Primary Party next week.  Lots of people have offered to help, which is nice.  

Our temple will be closing in May next year and the bishop is trying to organize a Ward Week down there in February.  I think it will be a wonderful experience to be together as a Ward, serving the Lord.  I am so pleased about it.

Ronnie and Gary are both enjoying University. 

Karen is working hard as usual as mother, wife, and Relief Society President.  

Things are moving in the world.  The Berlin wall is coming down and the people are demanding freedom and look like they will get it. 

I am only sad that China’s uprising didn’t work out and there was so much horror there.  I worry about Jian Jun.  I dare not write and he hasn’t written to me, so it looks like he doesn’t want to bring attention to himself.  I pray he and his family will be all right.


Received a letter and photo from Jian Jun.  He is fine and doing well at work.  We wrote back with much love and relief, sending a Christmas card, and gave thanks to God.

MON. Dec. 18th

Left home 6:30 a.m. for Manchester Airport.  Arrived Seattle Airport on the following morning about 1 o’clock.  It was so exciting to see Pam and Richard and their children.  As it was only 5 o’clock teatime here we went for a Big Mac and milkshake. 


Had a restful day getting to know the children and chatting to Pam.



Went to Costco, a big cash and carry warehouse, then a run ‘round Seattle to look at Christmas lights on houses.  They were beautiful --- trees in gardens, even the whole house trimmed up.  We saw Pam’s old house.  It brought back good memories.



Stayed home and ate the food we bought Wednesday, watched videos and laughed a lot.  We are all happy together.  It is a good feeling.



Took Emily for a shot for allergies, then on to Dockton Park where Christian got stuck in the mud on the beach.



Went to Belfair [Belair?] to LDS camping area (85 acres) that Calvin and Nelda look after.  It was a beautiful place in the forest with areas cleared for games and a big lake for boating and swimming.  All Calvin’s family except Bob were there and we were made very welcome.  It was nice to see Steve and Debbie again. 

They had a Mexican horse called a Piñata. The children were blindfolded and had to hit it with a stick.  Eventually it broke and sweets flew all over the floor, which were eagerly picked up. 

When we came back we went to the church Christmas Social.  We are made very welcome wherever we go.



It was good to go to church and feel the same spirit as at home.  I got to go in Relief  Society.  The lesson was how we should use music more to uplift and teach us. 

Got a hug from Christian tonight.  

We had a run ‘round Seattle and looked at the locks and salmon.  There were 2 seals in the locks, eating the salmon, which caused some problems.  The shops were all open and the decorations were beautiful.  

Tonight we sat and listened to Richard read the Christmas story from Luke, then we talked about it for a while.  I enjoyed that.  

Pam and Ronnie get on very well, and I am pleased about that.  She sees his good qualities, which is nice and their sense of humour is alike.


25 Dec. MON Christmas Day ! 

7 o’clock we opened presents.  A lovely time.  It was nice giving and nice receiving. 

Pam made us all pancakes, bacon and egg and toast for breakfast, and hot chocolate.  She works so hard. 

Presents were a nightie, perfume and earrings from Pam and Richard, earrings from Ronnie, brass plate from Andrew and Emily.  I also got chocolates and a wooden spoon from friends of Pam’s, and some little gifts at yesterday’s party.  

The Christmas dinner was really good --- a very large turkey, with carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, creamed potatoes, and a special stuffing that Richard made.  Also we had fresh from the oven bread rolls and a raspberry trifle.  The children were so happy with their toys and played all day.  

I bought Ronnie his temple garments  and he seemed delighted. 

Karen rang to wish us Happy Christmas.  It was a good day.



They don’t have Boxing Day in America, but Pam does. 

Jim and Brenda came for roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.  They have 3 lovely daughters.  They live next door but one from Pam’s old house. 

Later we watched a film called “The Last Emperor.” 

Oh!  I forgot to mention the pumpkin pie. Ooooh! 

Pam won’t let me do anything.  I just rest and play with the baby.



Today we went to Seattle to the aquarium.  The fish and seals and starfish were exquisite.  I love that place.  Then we went to visit Ye Olde Curiosity Shop and to see Sylvester.  Andrew and Emily went to the ballet to see “The Nutcracker Suite.”



Today Steve and Debbie came with their children, Anna and Daniel, Rachel, Leah, and one other [wasn’t named]. 

Steve told Ronnie he could teach a lesson in his class when he gets back from Wyoming, about English History.  Guess who’s excited?!  The two families are talking about buying a home either together or on the same land.  

I knit a tooth fairy and gave it to Debbie’s family.  Leah had a tooth loose, which her daddy got out for her, so the tooth fairy went straight to work. 

Started knitting a snowman for Christian Neils. 

It was Debbie’s birthday so I gave her one of the sweaters which were samples.  She gave us a bag of M & M with Christmas pictures on them.  They are a fun family.



Went to look at some book shops and other new shops in town, then put Ronnie on a bus for Wyoming.  He was very subdued.  I guess he was a bit nervous.  I hope the visit is a success.  Found an “I Love You” note on my box of pills.  

Talked late with Pam tonight.  She is so patient with those kids.  I can’t believe how anyone can be so patient.  She has a well-run home, both physically and socially and all contribute towards this.  Richard is a quiet backbone and such a hard worker.  I feel so comfortable here.  I would love to stay forever but I must return and get my husband through school.  

I knit a baby doll for Emily today.



Wonder where Ronnie is now.  I hope he rings today. 

He did.  All is well.


SUN 31st DEC. Richard gave a talk today in sacrament meeting about getting to know the Godhead.  It was very good.  

Went to Gail and Steve’s home for lunch of fruit, cheese, ham, scones, cream and jam.  They have some storage meals, but I like them. 

Gail has a school house in her husband’s workshop.  Andrew and Emily go there. 

The house has been extended and they have a small indoor swimming pool. 

The view from the big windows is of the water, and it’s lovely to sit and chat and watch the sailing boats go by.

This week was a lazy week.  We shopped and visited and watched films, one of which was “Don’t Cry Wolf.”  I really enjoyed that.  We ate a lot and drank a lot of hot chocolate.  Guess who’s putting on weight!




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