MON. 8th Jan. 1990

Today we go home [from Pam’s in America].  I felt happy saying goodbye to Pam and children at home.  Richard had made a cozy fire and we left early at 6:30 a.m.  When our plane left at 9:45 a.m. I then felt upset at going, but I shall return.

I loved the ferry rides and we were lucky to see dolphins playing alongside the boat. 

On Sunday [7th January] was Jan Peter Victor Beck’s blessing.  Ronnie assisted in the blessing and Richard’s father besides some friends from church.  Steve wasn’t there because some of his children were ill.  They sent us a lovely parcel full of popcorn, cake mixes, sweets, etc.  They are fun people.  Richard blessed Jan Peter with health and strength, the ability to understand people, wisdom, that he would become familiar with the scriptures, and marry a good woman in the temple.  

I have enjoyed this baby.  Christian has been fun, but he wouldn’t have much to do with me. 

Ronnie was going to teach Steve’s class for a day when he came back from Wyoming, but he was too tired, which I feel was a great shame.

We met 6 missionaries in Chicago airport going on a mission to Manchester.  2 were an older couple.  They were all quite excited about going.  I hope they enjoy it and bring many people into the church.

A shop on Vashon Island sold one of my sweaters and I got a cheque for $100.00.  I plan to buy a new coat.  I knit some dolls for the children and they seem very popular.  Pam and Richard tell me I could sell them, so I will get knitting when I get home.

TUES. 9th Jan.

It was hard leaving such a beautiful country, but it is comfortable being back home.  Talked with Karen and Joanne and Pam on the phone today. 

Poor Chandra has had no lights on upstairs since the day after we left.  He seems to have coped with the days OK which has been such a big help to us.


JAN. 30th

Went to Brian Crowther’s funeral today.  He fell off a ladder a week ago and fractured his skull.  Tanya and the children were wonderful.  They smiled and made everyone feel comfortable.  Brian was only 48.  It makes you think perhaps one ought to try harder to become perfect.

Last weekend we were in Telford.  It was Lewis’s ordination to Deacon.  We had a good time together. 

Gary came down with us and we said goodbye to Mark [Beharrell] (Joanne’s friend).  He goes on his mission on Thursday.

Our car finally gave up the ghost on Friday, so we had to rush ‘round getting another for Saturday to travel to Telford.  The one we got is a year younger, but is much better condition.  Would you believe it’s another yellow Lada?! 

Ronnie seems to think I am very clever with the money, but to be honest I don’t know where this £375.00 came from.  Maybe I’ll remember something I haven’t paid, or maybe the Lord carries on blessing us as he always has.


FEB. 19th

Spent a week at the temple with about 40 ward members.  Ronnie couldn’t go because of his University lectures.  I went down with John and Silva Scott and Kath Crowther.  We had a happy journey together.  I really love my friends in church.  The week was very special.  We gathered together on an evening and played games and chatted.  It was a week of serving the Lord and growing as a ward.


FEB. 24

Ronnie gave Wendy Bower [Garner] away today at her wedding to Keith Richards.  He really enjoyed it, as he never did get opportunity to give his daughters away.


MCH 6th 90

Karen Oxenberry, a social worker, came today to talk to us about fostering a young man called Francis. He is a church member and needs a fair lot of love and understanding.  I hope we can give it to him.


Mch 30th

Took Tanya Crowther to Cleckheaton Town Hall to see Ronnie Hilton, and a few more oldies. It was rather good fun, even if we did have bad seats [looking sideways]. 

Tanya bought us fish and chips on the way home.  We really enjoyed it.


SAT. 7 April

We had a service project for Primary today.  They made choc-crispie buns and cards and we visited some of the older members of our ward.  I had 2 Merrie Miss girls with me and it was a pleasure to hear them singing to the old folks.  I must admit I wasn’t over-enthused at first, but found it well worth the effort.  Service really does bring joy.


EasterLest we forget !!


Fri. 20th April

Start of our Single Adult Multi-Regional Conference.  There were 238 people from England, Scotland, Wales, and Paul from Ireland.  What a lot of hard (and I mean hard!) work, but how those people enjoyed the weekend making it all worth while. 

Next year I’ll get more help for the kitchen, and be more patient with vegetarians. 

Chandra made recordings of all the talks, workshops, and testimony meeting.  

We can bask in the spirit even now at home with these tapes.


Sun 29 April 90

Today I took the Merrie Miss Class and, with the girls, promised to keep up with my journal every day.  We had a pleasant time together, and talked about loving those who we find a bit annoying to us. 

I, with the girls, will be setting 4 goals this week to improve ourselves.  I sometimes forget.  It is such a positive way of moving forward.  I shall pray for guidance.  The Lord knows where I need to improve.  How shall I remember to write?  I will put my book on my pillow, so I cannot lie down without seeing it !!

Mary Walker came for tea.  Then we went to hear the Huddersfield Stake Choir sing the Easter songs.  I found it a bit depressing some of the time, but knowing of the hope of the resurrection I could look to happier more triumphant songs, which came. 

Gary was there.  He gave me my Mother’s Day  card.  Ho, ho.  A bit late, but it’s nice to know he cares. 

Gary is getting active in the Conservative Party in Bradford and he’s been ‘round and about’ with Jeffrey Archer.


Mon 30 APRIL

A beautiful hot sunny day today.  I am trying to clear out unwanted rubbish.  Found some lovely letters from old friends.  

John Scott (Counsellor in Stake Presidency) and our home teacher came to spend a couple of hours digging round our cherry tree roots.  I want to plant a lawn down that side.  What a good man he is.  

Prayed for Barry Isles today.  He fell off a tanker and broke a few bones.  Read my scriptures and enjoyed them!!


TUES. 1st MAY 1990

It was the hottest 1st of May ever recorded today.  Karen Oxenberry (social worker) brought Francis to meet us  He is a 16 year old young man from Castletford who may come to live with us.  We enjoyed our meeting and he did, too.  

Today didn’t start off too well as we had burglars last night.  They didn’t take anything, but it wasn’t very pleasant knowing intruders were in your home.  So much for Ella the dog.  Why did she not bark?!  We have asked her, but she’s not talking.  

Read my scriptures again.  Deut. 6 and 7 --- Moses explains how important it is to remember the spiritual experiences in your life and tell your children about them.  That’s why a journal is so important!!



Another very hot day.  Ronnie and I got a letter from a young woman who came to the [Single Adult] Conference.  She so badly needs someone to mother and father her.  It’s a pity she lives so far away, but we can write.  

Looked after Sarah Brill today while her mum did some name extraction.



And another very hot day.  Worked from 1 - 8 p.m.  It’s difficult to talk about the church at work.  There is little time for talking.   

Ronnie is having a hard time with his Hebrew.  I keep praying for him.  

I washed Ella today.  She was not happy!!  When I came out of work  the air smelled fragrant.  I have never smelled the air like that before.



My 5th Wedding Anniversary.  Ronnie brought me a big card and a brooch.  It’s like a wooden deer, really pretty.  

We went over to Ken and Caroline’s to see Gary, who bought a pizza and we watched the video of our wedding.  Only 5 years, yet how much younger we look. 

Then we, or rather they (Ronnie and Gary) talked politics.  There was the local elections yesterday, so there was much to talk about.  I listened with interest most of the time. To say Gary is a conservative, and Ronnie a labourite --- yet they got on very well.


SAT. 5th MAY

I was very tired today.  I wish I could sleep when I want.   Work seemed to go on forever today, but this afternoon was quiet and peaceful and I was refreshed for a lovely evening at Leeds Theatre.  

Ronnie took me to see Agatha Christie’s play called “The Spider’s Web.”  We had chocolates and drinks (cold lemonade) at the interval, of course.  Coming home we saw a lot of young people in clubs.  It made me feel so sad to see them there, and gave thanks to God that my children were not “of the world,” but tried hard to live the gospel.  I pray they will always stay on the right path that we can all be together in the eternities.  

Ruth Jackson rang to thank us for a “Happy Parcel” we sent the family.  I’m so glad she enjoyed it.



Weather - cooler today, but pleasant, and sunshine. 

The Merrie Miss Class shared their journals with us today.  We all learned a lot by talking about the things we need to record.   

The missionaries did a fireside demonstrating Laman and Lemuel’s attitudes compared with Nephites, and how we can be blessed if we do the Lord’s will willingly.  We were asked to personalize a Book of Mormon with a photo and our testimony to be given out by the missionaries.  

Joan and Harry Thorpe and Arthur Leonard came home for a meal with us.  We had an enjoyable evening talking about “old times.”   Arthur told us a lot about his mother.  She had 17 children and she was only 4’6” tall. 

We are all going to keep our journals again this week --- that is, the Merrie Miss Class, Sister Brenda Bodsworth and I!!!



Weather:  Showers and Sunshine - Colder. 

Today we picked Francis up from the railway station and went to church and we went on a car rally.  It was fun, but Ronnie would go too fast “again,” and we missed clues.  But it was fun, when we got back to church (because of bad weather). 

Francis is very chatty and I think he will be OK! 

I remembered to read my scriptures.



Put Francis on a train at 10:30 today. 

Went to Relief Society Homemaking. 

I spent most of the time talking to Donna Macmillan.  She is so unhappy just now.  I hope she feels better for talking to me.  We plan to go swimming next week.  

Had a Primary Presidency meeting at Helen Hughes home.  She is my First Counsellor.  Linda Morris is my Second Counsellor, and Jean Ford, a very good secretary.


WED 9th

A terrific thunderstorm today.  I was a work at Asda Supermarket  on the tills, when there was a great big bang and the rain just pelted down.  With the store being below ground we had a few places flooded.  

This morning I babysat for Dianne Brill --- her little girl, Sarah, and Daniel [Ginty], a little boy she looks after (Mike and Millie’s [Wright] grandson.  Mike and I got the tug-of-war rope from the Young Men’s cupboard and made a swing for them with one of the little Primary chairs.  They really enjoyed that.  

Ronnie went on a picnic today with one of his tutors [Alastair Mason].   They had some food on Ilkley Moors, then went to Harrogate to meet his mother and have a warm drink.  I am happy for Ronnie.  He is having an enjoyable school life.


THURS. 10 MAY 90

Cooler – showers. 

Karen Oxenberry came to discuss Francis today.  It shouldn’t be too long before he comes.  At the moment he has his exams to do.  I really want to help this boy. 

I’m not feeling very well lately.  I must go back on the hormone tablets.  They help me feel better, but I didn’t want to have to depend on them.



The Primary meeting was badly attended, but a good spirit was there.



Francis came for the weekend.  Also Keith, Wendy, Jennifer and Christian [Richards].  I had a migraine, which stopped me enjoying their company as I would have liked.  

Ronnie was very good - he made tea and played host.



Had a good day at church.  I really feel I belong in Huddersfield.  The people there are good to me and I have a love for them, which has grown over the years.  

Francis came and he fitted in very well. --- a very sociable young man.  

During the night someone stole my moped (not that I was very worried.  It has stood in the garden for the last three years.) 

Ronnie found it in a garage not too far away.  I wonder if they will come back tonight?  

Karen rang.  She had just come back from an enjoyable Stake Conference. 

Joanne is in good spirits. 

Gary is with them this weekend.  I am glad they like to be together.  I hope they keep strong family ties, which is  sometimes difficult when they live far apart.  

When I think how happy I was to hear from my children, I realize how much they mean to me and how grateful I am that they live the Gospel.  (Thanks to God!!)


TUES. 15 MAY 1990

The sisters met at the chapel to make things for a bazaar we are to hold next month.  I could have stopped at home to do my knitting, but it was good to fellowship with the sisters.  I miss them a bit because of my calling as Primary President.  

In the evening Ronnie and I went to visit Jeff and Mary Coles in Bradford.  What wonderful music those people make.  We really enjoyed our visit, especially the walk round the garden and looking at the waterfall Jeff and Ronnie built at the bottom of the garden in the stream there.


Wed. 16 MAY

Brenda Bodsworth came for tea, then we went to a Primary Leadership Meeting.  Barrie Crossley gave a presentation which I really enjoyed about being prepared for a lesson.  (I must get back on to my hormone tablets.  I feel quite ill sometimes.)  

Saw lots of people from Bradford.  I love those people. 

Danny says he will take Joanne’s birthday present down at Bank Holiday.  (I wish Pam would write.)



Went to Mike Wright’s 60th surprise birthday party tonight held at John and Netta Platt’s.  There were about 30 people there and we had a good time, playing silly games and laughing a lot.  We brought the missionaries home.  They live near us at Fartown.



An eventful day today.  I received a long letter from Pam, and Francis came to stay.  He arrived with his mum and dad and we promised to look after him as our own.  We get on very well with him.  

Tonight was Seminary Graduation.  We attended with Francis.  I was disappointed that Peter wasn’t there.



[General] Conference session tonight.  I looked after Ruth Jackson’s baby most of the evening.   How that young woman copes I do not know.   She has 5 boys, the youngest is brain damaged and she I expecting her 6th baby in 2 months.  Daniel hardly sleeps and needs constant attention.  I wish I lived closer and could help. 

Saw Gary and some friends from Bradford.



Today Huddersfield 1st and 2nd Wards did the Primary, so I wasn’t able to go into Conference, but I enjoyed the little ones.  

This evening, Francis went home because of exams tomorrow. 

Chandra came with us to Sister Hughes for dinner.  Brenda Parker and Louise and Roger [Fearnley] were there.  We had a lovely meal and evening together. 

Ronnie sang a lot.



Quiet day. 

Wrote to Pam and posted card for Richard and one for Joanne with a knitted clown. 

Received a lovely photo of Pam’s children in a lovely frame.  It was a Mother’s Day gift.



Had a Primary meeting on Tuesday with Helen, Linda and Jean Ford, my secretary.  It was a good meeting.  We work well together.  

Wednesday I looked after Sarah Brill whilst her mum did some extraction work. 

Thursday Brenda Bodsworth came and we did some gardening.  She put some lettuce, carrots, onions, radishes and beetroots in.  Brenda doesn’t have a garden of her own, so we lent her some of ours. 

Karen rang to say she had passed her driving test on Wednesday and as it was Joanne’s birthday (20), they had a birthday breakfast so that Joanne’s friend, Richard, could be there, as he was leaving to go on a mini-mission.  

Back to today.  Francis came home late from an exam and a night at home --- an unsuccessful night at home. 

Ronnie dealt with him very well, and we feel Francis will settle down with us and be happy.  I hope so.


AUG. 4th 1990 SAT.

Last weekend we took the Primary children camping overnight to Crowden.  It was a lovely weekend, and we went swimming in a pool by a dam.  

Ronnie cooked tea while we were away.  I really appreciate the support I get from him.  He is always willing to run me places and help me in my calling as Primary President.  

Francis came too.  He has settled down and at the moment is at a work training place, hoping to go to Technical College to learn about computers next term.  

Joanne went to America a few weeks ago.  She wrote saying she is enjoying herself.  

The weather has been in the 90’s the last few days here in England.  I can’t remember such hot weather. 

I haven’t felt too well this week owing to a reaction to midge bites that I got on the Primary camp.  They came up in big red lumps [on my skin]. 

Ronnie got me some antihistamine tablets and cream, but it has been a week now and they are only just beginning to fade.  I had to have a week off work.  I hope they let me go in next week as I don’t get sick pay.



A few weeks to catch up again. 

We went on holiday to Great Yarmouth in August, Francis, Ronnie and I.  We wanted to take Matthew and Gary, but Matthew couldn’t go and Gary didn’t want to go without him, so he sent Francis £10 to spend and stayed home. 

The weather was good, lots of sunshine.  We swam a lot in the camp pool and had a few days out and about.  

One day we went on the Norfolk Broads in a motor boat.  That was really nice.  We also went to stock car racing [at Great Yarmouth].   

During our week there, Ronnie had one or two upsetting moments when he got a pain in his chest.  When we got home he visited the doctor, who eventually diagnosed “angina.”  Ronnie is now dieting and has lost over a stone and already looks much better, though he has to be careful not to do too much. 

Today, he went to University to register for the coming year and buy some books. 

Francis has started at the Technical College, doing some GSCE in English, and a computer course.  He seems to be enjoying it and works hard.  He finished last year’s Seminary and has started the new year with the Book of Mormon. 

I try to read a chapter every day.

Ruth Jackson had a baby girl [Tilly = Atilla the Hun!] and the whole family are delighted.  She does very well with them all, bless her.

I am learning to drive again.  I have been learning for about 2 months now, with Russell Morris.  He says I can on start looking at a date for my exam.  I have to study the highway code!!

Primary isn’t doing very well.  I need another nursery leader and a teacher and a music leader and a counsellor.!!  I really need the Lord’s help.  

Ronnie has fitted me a pale grey bedroom suite in.  It looks lovely.  Now I need to get rid of the old furniture. 

Chandra left us last weekend after 2 years.  We will miss him. 

We have a new student [Prabat Gupta].  He is Pakistani, but was born in England in Maidstone Kent.  He is only 20, but seems well brought up and easy to live with. 

I still miss Jian Jun.  

Last Saturday was Primary swim [at Dewbury Public Baths] and little Gary McMillan said he could swim, and he couldn’t.  I had to  jump in to rescue him.


FRI. 28 Sept.

Worked at Asda this morning and made my Christmas cake this afternoon.  I cleaned the loft up this evening.  There seems to be no end to the work.  The house is never clean and tidy and sometimes I get so weary.


SAT. 13 OCT.

It was Primary Talent Show tonight.  There was not a lot of response from the wards, but what was put on was very good.  Our ward sang “Grandfather’s Clock.”  Gary Macmillan was the grandfather and Carla [Macmillan] the grandmother, who kept picking granddad up when he keeled over each time the chorus was sang.  

Gary rang me this afternoon.  He was at Poly accommodation in Wolverhampton   He had just got back from the Conservative Party Conference.  He was so excited talking about the people he’d met and speeches he’d heard and the general thrill of being there at the dinners and balls.  I feel very happy for him and hope he can do some good in this world.

Last night we had a Single Adult Convention.  There were about 100 people came.  Tanya [Crowther] spoke and told us about herself and how she planned to rebuild her life after Brian’s death.  I feel sure everyone enjoyed her talk.  We had a chicken supper afterwards which Ronnie made (it wasn’t bad) if you know what I mean.

We went to see the Regional Representative today to ask permission to put on the Conference next May [1991].  He seemed very pleased with what we were doing.  Ronnie is such a good organizer.  I wish he would consult me a bit more sometimes, because I feel I have something to offer, too.