JAN. 1st

Well, once again a New Year, and thoughts on how to improve myself.  I have regressed to some extent and I feel I want to make a new start and try again.  I feel the New Year is good for people.  It gives initiative to try again, have a fresh start. 

  • I must pray more, even when I am low. 
  • I must lose some weight. 
  • I must reach out to people more and be a friend.  I have been taking driving lessons this past year and have a test on the 14th, 2 weeks [from now].  I hope I can do it.  I really will be free as a bird then.  

I cleared some old plants out of the garden today.  It looks tidy.  Then I went to visit May Sowden and took her a little Christmas gift.  I invited her to Homemaking next Tuesday.  I hope she comes.

Christmas Day was nice this year.  Gary and Matthew came over Christmas Eve and slept over.  We had a lady called Shirley (Martin) and her granddaughter, Claire; also a lady called Ann Marie who is a fairly new member.  She is a patient at St. Luke’s at the moment, but comes out to church and is getting a flat of her own soon.  I hope I can help her.  Then there was Graham Bolden from Halifax.  

We had a really nice day, and after dinner we watched a film called “E.T.”.  I hope the others enjoyed it as much as I did.  Then we played a game --- “Masquerade.”  Matthew bought it for us for Christmas.  Gary bought me 2 books.  I am trying to read some classics.

Pam and Joanne rang on Christmas Day.  It was lovely to talk to them.  We spoke to Kyle [Burton], who is Joanne’s young man over there.  He is going on a mission this month and Joanne plans to come home, go on a mission, then go back and marry him.  It all sounds wonderful.  Pam is happy at the thoughts of having some family living close by.





MON. FEB. 18th

Abigail’s birthday today.  How time passes.  

I tried to get 3 weeks off work for the end of March and the beginning of April today, but was refused as it is Easter and a busy time.  I could have got a ticket for Seattle for £299, which would have been great.  I am disappointed but dare not complain after all my recent blessings.

Ronnie gave me a special blessing on the 29th January that I would be calm for my driving test on 30th January.  I was calm and I passed.   

The next day Ronnie’s mum rang and said I could have the car her husband used to drive.  It is a Robin Reliant, and it is just the job for me.  I took her a bunch of flowers to say thank you on Friday.  

The weather has been too bad to travel for this last week.  Joanne is home and down at Karen’s, job-hunting.  She is hoping to go on a mission in May.


TUES. 19th FEB.

Taught a lesson on time management at Relief Society today.  I like teaching in Relief Society.  The sisters are so nice and help with their experiences.  

Bishop Sheard came and taught us about electricity and how to put a plug on.  It was very interesting.  I like being in a learning position.

There was a lot of horror on the news tonight about the soldiers in Kuwait and what they were doing to the people.  I couldn’t listen.  It was so bad, I can’t stand it.  If I could go to war myself to help these people, I would do so.  I pray this war will soon end.



Last Saturday I invited a friend at work (Janet Quarmby) home for lunch.  I gave her a Book of Mormon and told her about the church.  She said she would read the book.  I invited her to Relief Society on Tuesday, but she was working.  I shall keep trying.


SUN 21st APRIL 91

Joanne is back and waiting for her mission call. 

She went to her first Single Adult Convention last weekend and had a great time, best of all being the testimony meeting last Sunday before they left.  She came home “high” on the spirit, which is good.  

I got a ticket for Seattle at the end of May for £279.  It will be good for only 2 weeks, but I don’t care as long as I can go.  Ronnie will be doing his exams and he isn’t too well just now so traveling is out for him until he feels better.  He is going for an Angiogram to look at the arteries in his heart to see just how furred up they are with a view to a “Bypass” if necessary.  

Mike and Debbie Siswick in Ward 1 have lost their 4 month-old son in a cot death.  It brings back sad memories of Andrew, my baby.  One never forgets, but at least I know now all will be well in Zion one day when I get him back.  

This church is the only thing in this wicked world that makes any sense.  There is so much war and horror going on at the moment in the East and disease in South America, mainly caused by greed of tyrants and poverty.  Heavenly Father must look down and think, “After all this time, they never learn.” 

If love abounded in the world how wonderful it would be.  We have to start at home.  How I pray to be able to love my fellow man more.


WED. 1 MAY 91

Went to visit the Bishop tonight with Ronnie for a tithing settlement.  All is well there.  I stayed behind to talk to the Bishop about Primary, as I have such a lot of teachers short.  Primary is not running as well as it should.  Before I could start complaining, the Bishop (Dave Wain) told me that he was releasing all the Primary Presidency and Silva Scott would be called as he new Primary President. 

I wanted to cry, but I know he is a good man and in tune with the Lord and I’m sure it’s what the Lord wants.  I hope Silva wants me in Primary.  It’s a great place to be, but wherever the Lord calls me I will go.

Last weekend was the Single Adult Conference.  There was a wonderful spirit there.  It wasn’t as hard work for me as usual because Millie got me a lot of help, and we used paper plates as much as we could. 

Good old Brenda Bodsworth was there again, working non-stop all weekend, bless her.  

Yesterday, I bought some new clothes ready for my holidays.  I am quite excited now.  It’s only 4 ½ weeks before I fly.  

I haven’t seen Gary for a long time and I miss him.


4 May 1991

My 6th Wedding Anniversary today.  I worked until 1 o’clock.  Then, after a nice lunch prepared by Ronnie, we went to town to look for a tee shirt to go with my new “Shell Suit.”  I didn’t get one, but I did buy a nice blouse and some flowers for Ronnie’s mum, which we went to visit. 

I then had a nap, which lasted 2 hours with a lot of bad dreams.   

We went to Primary Talent Show for 6:30.  Then, as I thought, we took Brenda Bodsworth and her daughter home and we were going to go to the pictures.  Ronnie said as we were close to Mike and Millie’s house he wanted to call in and see Mike about something. When we got there I found that Millie and her friend Annette and her daughter had prepared a beautiful meal for us and gave me cards and a big bouquet of flowers.  I was surprised and very moved by such love and friendship.


FRI 10th MAY

My last Primary meeting tonight.  What a pity we only had 1 teacher attend, who was Eric Brill.  It was a good meeting with a nice spirit.   Brenda Bodsworth, my secretary, had guessed I was to be released and she was quite upset, but faithful and true and my strong right arm.  Silva tells me she will keep her as secretary, a very wise move, I feel.  I came home and cried, but only for a little while.  I really love those kids. 

I have been President since 3 September 1989 --- about a year and 8 months.


SUN 19 MAY 91

Today was Stake Conference.  I really enjoyed the spirit and fellowship there.  It makes me glad that I belong to the Lord’s Church and can get this spiritual uplift.  Saturday session was called, “Please come again,” and it was about fellowshipping.  

I closed with prayer.  Today’s theme was Love and Growth Spiritually.  I took a look at myself and see I have in some ways slipped back.  I tend to blame others for my lack of love, but President Jokl today read a prayer, which had been found by the site of a dead child in a concentration camp, after the last war.  It said when these people who had been so cruel and wicked came before the judgment bar, let the fruits of what they had done go towards their forgiveness.  The fruits were the courage and caring for one another and unselfishness that had grown in the people being persecuted, also the development of humility and closeness to God.  How I wish I could be as the person who wrote that.  I will try to remember.

When we got home we talked about fellowshipping Bishop [Jeff] Cogan, who is and has been inactive for a long time.   He recently came to live in Huddersfield and I met him in Asda a few weeks ago.  

Sometime in July I was called to be a counselor in Relief Society.  Netta Platt is president.  I was called first to Homemaking.  Then after a few weeks, I was moved to Education. 

I was also given a job to help Elaine Marsden through her pregnancy and adoption.  

I worked with our  social worker Shann Davis.  It was interesting and rewarding work. 

Ronnie and I still visit Elaine and help her all we can.


And then no entries until


THURS. 21 NOV 91

I have watched the news and the wars and hate that fill the world at this time fill me with fear.  Never was the gospel more needed.  If only I can fill my small corner with love, it would be something, but there are times when I can’t do that.  My prayers recently have been for the love of Christ to be in my heart at all times.

Christmas 1991 At Karen’s.  We took Gary and Matt down and the dog, Ella.  Gary complained because of the dog hair - and it’s his dog.  

After Christmas, Gary went to Belgium with a group of students to one of their homes.  The boy’s parents showed them the sights.  Helen went too - Helen Gadsby, not a church member, but a nice young lady.  I think Gary is in love.  I worry for his eternal future.  What can one do, but tell him, then pray.

Joanne’s young man, Nick [Davies], spoke to us on Christmas day about him and Joanne getting married.  He was very nervous.  We asked him to wait a bit longer before getting married to make sure they knew what they were doing was right.  

Two weeks later, Joanne bought her wedding dress.  I guess the decision has been made.  They plan to marry in April and go to the temple in Frankfurt, as the London Temple is closed for refurbishing.  It has been closed for about 2 years now and I miss it.