Today we had a party for Francis. He was 18 last Thursday.  All his family came except his father, who had to work.  It was an enjoyable time.  There was Arthur and his girl friend Nicki, Ruth and her baby, Sharron and Gordon, her husband, with Deborah, Angela, and Christopher, their children.  Then also John and David, his younger brother and his mother Rae. 

I worked at Asda from 8:30 to 1 o’clock, so it was a bit of a rush. 

I took Maureen [Lewis] some flowers and a card in next door [246 Alder Street] , as she has just come home from hospital.

Ronnie came home from Killingbeck yesterday.  He has been in over a week.  He went for tests and they found another closure in his arteries.  So they did an angioplasty, which is a tube inserted into the artery, and when it reaches the closure they blow a balloon up at the end and it opens the artery. --- ugg --- or urrg. 

He seems OK, but a bit tired.



Enjoyed church today, even though I was so tired.  I had a sleep when I came home, then we went to Halifax for a single adult meeting.  Malcolm Freeke talked to us about genealogy. 

Ronnie and I plan to go once a month at least to the Genealogy Library, and do some work.


SUN. FEB 2nd

Another good Sunday.  The spirit was strong and I felt uplifted.  In Relief Society we had a lesson on “The Chosen Woman,” and came to realize that we are all chosen especially as mothers.  I saw once again how I had been blessed to have had children who were receptive to the gospel.  

Sister Hughes told us of an experience she had after her son of 9 years had died.  She was ill for awhile then one day as she lay in bed reading about the Gods coming down to earth to create the things thereon.  She was struck with wonder about who these Gods were, when her son appeared to her and told her he was one of those.  He was fully grown and told her not to worry, but he had to go as he had such a lot of work to do.  Who knows what great spirits we have in our families.

Last Sunday was a spiritual one, too, and after church we went to Enid Castle’s for dinner.  She is going to sew me two skirts, as she is good at swing and I will knit her a jumper, because I am good at knitting. 

At the moment, I am knitting a jumper for Louise Fearnley (nee Scholes).  It is very complicated and makes my head ache, but when I look at the pieces I have finished, I feel proud of my achievement. 

I have a few more jobs to do for people, which I charge for.  The money goes into my “visit Pam” account.

After church today we went to dinner with Mike and Millie’s daughter, Michelle.  She doesn’t live very far away and I think one day she will accept the gospel.  I really love Mike and Millie.  They work so hard in their church callings.

We fasted with Francis today to help him make the right decision about stopping on at school.  He says he will stay in and do his best.  I think with the Lord’s help he will do well.  

We received a nice letter from Pam’s husband, Richard, last month and also one from Emily.  She tried to jump up quickly and her legs got stuck underneath her, so she fell over and broke her arm.  Poor Emily!

My aunt Emily died at the beginning of this year.  She was the last of my mother’s brothers and sisters, so the whole generation has gone now.  I went to the funeral driving down the Penistone Road, until I was nearly at Sheffield where I parked my car and went on to the funeral with my cousin, Irene, and her husband, Philip [Columba].  They were such a lovely couple and I promised I would keep in touch.  I gave them some genealogy, which they might be interested in and discovered before I left that one of the new Sheffield chapels was only a hundred yards away from their home.  I hope they will be moved by the spirit to do some more genealogy and maybe get interested in the church.

We read a Psalm in 2 Nephi today.  It is beautiful and the language so rich and meaningful.  My testimony that a young uneducated boy could not possibly have made it up was renewed. 

Ronnie doesn’t teach the class any more.  It’s Sister Mavis Crisp.  Ronnie is now the Valiant teacher in Primary and really, really loving it.


SUNDAY 15th MCH 92

Joanne and Nick have set their wedding date as 9th April.  We are all busy making plans for clothes, flowers, meals, etc., but most important --- our visit to the German Temple.  We have sent off for tickets to Frankfurt and made arrangements to stay overnight at Bro. [Harry] and Sis. [Joan} Thorpe’s home in [Blindley Heath, near the London Temple] Surrey on our way to Gatwick [Airport].  

Joanne and Nick came up last weekend.  We were going to go to Bradford to shop for some clothes for me, but Joanne had fallen down the stairs a few days before with Jacob and broken his leg so she was very upset and didn’t like to leave him.  He seems to be mending well now.

Gary rang a couple of weeks ago to tell us that he had been voted as Vice Chairman in the Student Union at Wolverhampton University.  He will work for a year for £8,000 and is in charge of communications, so one of his jobs is to put the student newspaper out.  He could be such a great influence for good !!

Ronnie has been called as “ALERT Specialist” for the stake.  If anyone has anti-Mormon problems, Ronnie has to be contacted and under the Stake President’s approval, he will deal with the problem.

We are as a church to go out more into the world and ‘do good’ and ‘make friends’ and ‘live the Gospel,’ so that the world will be a better place and we will learn to love our fellowmen.

Yesterday history was made.  About 1,000 sisters gathered in Huddersfield Stake House to watch a live satellite broadcast from Salt Lake City, celebrating the Sesquicentennial or 150 years of Relief Society.  It was a wonderful experience being there.

Tonight Ronnie and I visited the Church of God Fellowship [Deighton Road, Deighton].  It was an all-black congregation and we were made very welcome.  I really would like to go back again.


SAT. 28th MCH 92

Went to Bradford and met Peggy.  We shopped for a tablecloth and napkins for Joanne’s wedding present.  Had a sandwich at Brown Muffs or Rackhams, then Peggy went to Leeds and I went shopping for a wedding outfit.  I got a lovely 2-piece in Autumn colours.


Sun. 29th MCH

Today was Mothers’ Day.  We got a nice spray of flowers from our Bishop.  

Yesterday I received chocolate and a lovely picture of Joanne and Nick from them both, and some perfume from Karen.  It is nice to be so well thought of.   

It’s 10 past 9 [in the evening] and no card or phone call from Gary.  If only he knew what a card means.  I hope he doesn’t cut his family off, because he is so busy.


Last Friday [27th March 1992] we went to the funeral of Sylvia Freeke.  She was only 52 and died of cancer.  It is a dreadful disease.  So many people seem to get it.  I wonder where she is now and if she’s happy.  Death can be an exciting time, if we could overcome the fear. 

I hope no one will grieve too much when I move over, and know that I will be waiting for them.

We had a lesson on hope today in Relief Society.  It was very good.  Hope is a great word.  We heard a statement from a General Authority, which said, “Dream good dreams, but don’t be too upset if they don’t all come true.  Have an enjoyable time working and hoping for them.”



History was made today in Salt Lake City.  President Hinckley stood and said in the morning session of the 162nd Annual Conference of the Church, “We welcome those in Huddersfield England, who for the first time will be watching this conference live by satellite” --- We were there!!!  It was really great, much better than watching a video a month later.  We really felt the spirit.  There was a full house there.  A lot of the talks were about gratitude and I guess I ought to be more grateful.

Pamela rang yesterday, and said she thought Ronnie and I really “lived the gospel.”  We  could do better!  But it is a far cry from the 20 year-old who told me that if I didn’t pay all that money to the church I would be able to buy new shoes for Gary.  She now knows Gary never did without shoes and the blessings we gained were out of this world.  I surely have a testimony of tithing.

I am excited about Joanne getting married, but I am as excited about going to the temple in Frankfurt [Germany].  It is a long time since we went to the temple.  The London one opens in the Autumn.


27th April 1992

Well, that’s 3 of my children married in the Temple.  I am so delighted, words cannot express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the way He has helped and guided them into making the right decisions and to the girls for their efforts to be obedient and live the gospel so well.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing we can all be together after this life, if we continue to try and do our best.  

Gary has yet to take the step that is so necessary to get him to the Celestial Kingdom.  He has a young lady friend who is sweet and we all love her, but she is not a church member --- not even a Christian.  She needs our prayers.  Perhaps we could have a family Fast Day.  We have done it before and it is a powerful tool.


(9 April 1992)  Joanne’s wedding was lovely.  The weather was warm and sunny and she looked beautiful.  

Ronnie gave her away and he glowed with pride.  Her father (Vic) came to the wedding and was a bit upset that she hadn’t asked him to give her away, but he was quite good.  

It was Polling Day, so before the photo’s were taken Nicholas Henry Davies and Joanne went to the Polling Booth close to the church to have a picture taken, just for the story, for the newspaper.  It was a lovely picture.  

Later that day we went to Surrey to stay overnight with Harry and Joan Thorpe, then early next morning we went to Gatwick [Airport] and caught a plane for Frankfurt.  I love the Temple there.  There was a session starting every ½ hour and they put an English [version] on for us.  There were quite a few changes in the endowment, and it was a pleasant experience.  

The sealing room was beautiful.  It had a stained glass window running right up the wall, so the sunlight came in.  The temple is certainly a beautiful place.  I am going to try to keep my home more tidy and beautify it, so that it is more like the temple.


On Sunday, 19 April,

I spoke for 20 minutes at a Single Adult Fireside.  I didn’t want to speak and found preparing a talk very hard, mainly because I hadn’t read scriptures or studied the Gospel for a long time and I was not in tune.  It helped me a great deal to get into motion again, and when I spoke at the Singles Convention on Sunday, 26 April, I found it a bit easier. 

The Convention was a big success.  There were 261 people there, and they all seemed to enjoy it.  I envy the opportunity they have to go into the workshops with people like George Jokl, Gordon Williams, Roy Fullwood, Sister Wendy Lingwood, and Ronnie.  The theme was “Stand in Holy Places” and it was very spiritual.


SUN 17th May 92

It’s been a busy week this week, serving, visiting and teaching, and I am tired.  But during our Stake Conference this weekend we were told we need to love and serve our fellowmen, I felt happy knowing I already was and am willing to do whatever I can.  

I am reading a book that Pamela sent to Ronnie, and it is called “Approaching Zion” by Hugh Nibley.  It is difficult to understand, but I am getting the message that seeking material wealth is not why we are here.  We need to be learning truths and living the Gospel and the Lord will bless us with our needs.  

We are planning a fast day for Gary and Helen on the second Sunday in June.  The family and the Leonard’s are joining us.


TUES. 26th MAY 1992

I read an article in the May Ensign by Marvin J. Ashton called, “The Tongue Can Be a Sharp Sword.”  I was filled with the spirit and felt it applied so much to me.  

I have been praying for spiritual gifts of God after reading a book, which Pam bought Ronnie, by Hugh Nibley, called “Approaching Zion.”   The gift I most desired was to have the Love of Christ.  I felt blest with this gift and my heart was filled.  How do I keep this feeling?  I shall pray every day and give thanks and try to treat “everyone,” especially within my own home, with love and kindness.  If I can do this, my progression in the gospel has moved forward. 

Every day I find something I can do for my fellowmen, and that is helping me to give love.  Today I am making pump bags for a school.

On Sunday, I was speaking to Karen, and she said whenever she felt in any danger on the roads, she said to herself, “Oh, not, not yet!   I haven’t quite got it right yet.  Let me have some more time.”  I was thrilled that she should feel that way, and I too haven’t quite got it right yet.  I hope I can have some more time.  At least I am on the right track and that’s exciting.  I love this gospel and am so grateful for the knowledge I have.  It brings me great joy.  

Every day I pray for Helen, Gary’s young lady.  I love this girl very much and we need her in the gospel, especially if she and Gary are to marry.  What would our family be without them both.  I can’t bear the thought!!!


June 2nd TUES.

Wrote to Gary today to tell him how much we as a family love him and Helen, and asking him to join our family fast and prayer day on Sunday, 14th of June.


June 3rd

Karen rang last night to see how Ronnie was getting on with his exams.  She is very thoughtful.  She was telling me about a family moving into their ward. She picked them up, with 3 children, from the bus station and drove them around to look at 3 houses they were interested in.  Karen looked after the children whilst the parents went to look round each house.  She even took crayons and books to amuse them.  My daughter loves the gospel.  

I try to do something each day for someone.  Today I went to visit Diane Brill, who has just had a baby.  I did a lot of ironing and got the baby to sleep for her twice.  I’m pretty good at getting babies to sleep.  

Jackie Miller gets married on Saturday, so I am busy sorting out her wedding plans for her.


SUN 14th JUNE 1992

Today we held a special Family Fast Day for Helen.  What a joy it would be if she joined the Lord’s church.  

Ronnie has finished his exams.  I do hope he can get a job that will use his many talents.  

I feel very aggressive today, but I am fighting it.  I want to be a gentle person with a heart full of love.  

There was a special sisters’ meeting last Friday, and one of the workshops was in self-esteem.  Sister Elaine Fullwood said, “What would you do if you were told you can do anything you want and you won’t fail.”  There would be many things that I haven’t tried and many things I would succeed at where I have failed bore, and now I know there is a way I can succeed, maybe try another way to do it, but do it I will!!  

Joanne rang at tea time.  She hadn’t fasted because she feels sick if she doesn’t eat.  She is not sure whether she is pregnant or not.  I think maybe she is.  

Went to a fireside at Les Dufton’s tonight.  We watched a film about a modern day Prodigal Son.  I still feel sympathy for the older son.  I feel the father should see his need to be made a fuss of now and again and not be taken for granted.  The personal touch is so important to all of us, though.  I agree jealousy and bitterness and pride can bring us down as surely as drink and drugs.  

I ordered and paid for “The Children’s Friend” today for the Miller Family.  Maybe it will help them live the gospel.  It must be hard with all those children (she has 7) and she keeps them all beautifully.


TUES. 16th JUNE 1992

Joanne rang today to tell us she has been to the doctor and he has told her she is probably pregnant.  She feels sick a lot, poor little thing.  But I am afraid it is part of the price you have to pay for babies.


WED. 24th JUNE 92

Ronnie got his results today.  He has passed with honours, so he is now a B.A. with Hons.  I envy his opportunity to go to University.  But even if I got the chance I don’t think I have what it takes.  You need to remember things, and I have an awful memory.



Ronnie is in London visiting Alex and her baby.  

Eric Brill picked Francis and I up to go to the New Testament Symposium.  I really enjoy them.  You get to look at scriptures from a new angle and there is so much in there.  It’s using it I find difficult.  I often wonder if I have made any real improvements in my gospel life.  I hope I have.



Symposium was great today.  I love it.  The only thing greater would be to sit at Jesus’ feet.  Will I remember anything?  I hope so.  

Gary rang tonight.  He is very confident about passing his exams.  It was nice to talk to him.



I am still fasting and praying for Helen.  I spoke in Primary and Sacrament Meeting today.  The Relief Society lesson was so good.  It was about compassion.  Wendy McEwen took it.


SUN JULY 19th 1992

We have had a good week this week.  On Friday 10th we took a French boy in for 3 weeks.  It is through. NACEL, which places boys and girls in countries where they want to learn the language and culture, [they] sent us a boy called Arnaud Granoise.  He is 16 and very cultured.  He plays the piano beautifully.  

On Monday we helped Donna McMillan cook a dinner for the missionaries.  

On Tuesday we went to Haworth and had a trip on the steam train.  

On Thursday I took Armaud to Relief Society Homemaking and he played classical music on the grand piano, whilst we (the sisters) massaged each others’ feet with Lavender oil.  

In the afternoon we shopped at Asda, then played badminton in Norman Park.  

Ronnie meanwhile had gone into Killingbeck for some tests.  

Saturday we cleaned the house, then went and bought a kite, which we had a lot of fun flying on Castle Hill.  In the evening Harold and Betty Leonard came for a meal.  I really enjoyed my day.  

Ronnie rang me from Killingbeck --- all is well with his tests.  I miss him.

Today I feel like I have missed a day.  I woke in the night with a migraine and have had it all day.  Teatime I feel a little better, so got up to write my journal.  

On Friday Gary rang from Karen’s house to tell me he has got a 2/1 result in his exams.  He is now a B.A. with Hons.  

It seems a lot of good things are happening in our family.  I am still reading the book by Hugh Nibley --- “Approaching Zion” --- and I am really impressed.  I hope to be able to buy this book for all my children.  This man has really caught the vision of what the prophets have been trying to tell us for years.



Today both Ronnie and I were set apart as temple ordinance workers by President Tyrrel, a counsellor in the London Temple Presidency.  It was a wonderful surprise.  Ronnie will be able to do all the callings, except sealings, and I will be able to do all that the sisters can do in the Temple.  I am so thrilled with it all.  It makes me want to try harder to live the Gospel.

Nathan [Brownlow] was baptized last Sunday.  It was a lovely weekend.  We have a French student (Phillippe Marmotant) from NACEL staying with us, so we took him down to Telford and stayed with Joanne and Nicholas.  

Gary didn’t come to the baptizm and he hasn’t rung to say why.  I feel he is slipping away from his family and it is frightening.  I pray for him every day.  The Lord has been so good to him all his life, providing the good influences just when he needed them. 

Ken and Carolyn Leonard have been so good to him, but now he should be self-motivating and helping others stay with the Gospel.



Today Phillippe went home.  We will miss him.  He has been a joy to have in our home.  He was Catholic, but went home with the understanding that we serve the same God, and can share our feelings.  He came to our services and we went to one of his. 

Francis came back from a 2 week mini-mission today.  He seems to have enjoyed it.


SUN OCT 11th

It was nice to be back in my own ward and have the friendly hugs from people who had missed me whilst I have been away on holiday.  After our services, Ronnie, Francis and I went to Bradford Branch for Ronnie to give out some information on his calling as a member of the Stake’s Public Affairs Council.  He  encouraged people to go to the Interfaith Event at Dewsbury next Tuesday, which we are taking part.  Also he wants people to come to a seminar on learning how to get involved in public affairs, like “Samaritans” etc., which will be held in November.

Two weeks in America has been great.  I get on very well with Pamela and her family.  She tries very hard to live the gospel.  She homeschools her children to help them be protected against the evils of the world and the bad influences they would have.  I was able to go to see all the Conference talks on a television at church.  It was a lovely experience. 

I know we get part of it now back home in Hudds, but to hear all these great men speak is a privilege, indeed.  

I got to go to a Drag Horse extravaganza, where there were hundreds of drag horses all trimmed up in brasses and ribbons, etc.  Vashon Island is a beautiful piece of this earth, and so peaceful.  I really love it.  

Still no word from Gary.  I sent him a card.


MON. OCT 12 92

Gary rang today to tell us his Graduation ceremony is next Saturday.  He only has one ticket and will try to get some more.  He wants us to all go back to Karen’s for a party (I wonder what Karen will think about that?).  

Ronnie got a video camera from Yorkshire Television today to do some histories of the early church in West Riding of Yorkshire.  It is quite exciting. The tapes will go in a library for people to us, when they are learning.


TUES. 13th

Today was the Multi-Faith Show at Dewsbury Town Hall.  Many faiths took part.  We [Huddersfield Stake] put on a lovely show in 8 minutes of dancing and song, telling the world how we feel about everyone having a responsibility to help the poor of the world.  Ronnie wrote the words to a song.  The man who compered the show [Sam Merry of the Salvation Army] said that there were some people there who would have to change their view of Latter-day Saints after tonight.


Sat. 17th

We drove down to Dudley Town Hall (near Wolverhampton) for Gary’s Graduation.  I felt very proud that Gary is trying to make something of his life.  My worry is that he will forget the Lord whilst doing it.  If Helen joined the church, I’m sure it would help.  I fast and pray every Sunday for this.

We all went back to Karen’s for a buffet.  As usual, Karen had “gone to town”.  It was a lovely spread. 

I gave Helen a Book of Mormon.  She said she hadn’t read it and when I asked her if she would like a book, she said yes.  I didn’t say anything about it.  I don’t know whether I should have or not.

Karen tells us that Lewis Brownlow, Snr. Is very ill now.  It appears he cancer has flared up again in his bones.  It makes you realize you have to do your best always.


SUN 18th

We had a lesson in Relief Society about sacrifice because of our love of the Lord.  We have been given a letter about bringing a friend next week to Sacrament Meeting.  Now how much do I love the Lord?  

Yesterday I was so pleased that Adam and Lewis were out on splits with the missionaries.



***********TEMPLE DEDICATION**********



Today we rose at 4 o’clock to be at church on the bus for 5 o’clock.  It was a 6-hour trip down to the [London] temple, as traffic was heavy.  

There were lots of people leaving the temple as we got there so we got into a queue waiting to go in and said hello to lots of people we knew who were coming out.  

Then we were ushered into the basement of the temple. 

We --- that is Ronnie and I--- were in a room with 14 more people and a television set.  We think it was the nursery area.  

The service was actually in the Celestial room, but we didn’t feel out of it.  In fact, the spirit was overwhelming and I cried a fair bit.  When the dedicating prayer was said I don’t know how, but I knew Jesus was there.   I felt I was going to almost explode, the feeling was so strong.  And when the camera started moving round the room during the choir singing the Hosanna song, I felt sure I would see Him standing there.  It was the most wonderful feeling.  

President Gordon B. Hinckley was conducting and the speakers were Russell M. Ballard, Howard W. Hunter, and Jeffrey R. Holland.  Elder Dallin H. Oaks offered the Dedicatory Prayer.  Ian Hancock closed with prayer.  He is an old friend of Karen’s. After the Dedicatory Prayer we shouted the Hosanna Shout, and waved a white handkerchief.  What a wonderful occasion.  My testimony soared !!



Silva rang this morning to tell us our church had burned down during the night.  At first I was stunned, then very upset.  Ronnie and I drove up to see for ourselves.  The firemen were still there and every so often a fire would flare up.  It was heartbreaking to see such a lovely building gutted.  It was the largest of our church meeting houses in Europe and I was baptized and married there.  They say it could be arson, as a window was forced and the telephone box broken into.


SUN 25th

We met at Wakefield Chapel today.  There was a good spirit.


MON 26th

I went up to church this morning to pick up the pieces of roofing out of the surrounding gardens.  The demolition men are working hard already knocking down the rest of the building.


TUES. 27th

Tonight there was a service at St. Peter’s Church in Hudds for a memorial to the unborn dead.  Mike Wright, Ronnie and I went.  We had hoped more of our faith would have been there, but it was good to join in with other faiths to pray for something.


SUN. 29th NOV. 92

Yesterday Ronnie and I went to Dewsbury Chapel to judge the Road Shows.  There were five of them and we really enjoyed being judges.  Bradford 2 won the overall prize.  Our Ward didn’t do a Road Show, but we put on a 20 minute show of the songs from “42nd Street.”  Ronnie and I were in it and before we went on I felt sick and couldn’t remember the words, but once I got up there I came alive.  I love being on stage.  I only wish I had more talent or perhaps had looked for more opportunities to act,


On Friday [27th November 1992] we went to Bradford to a wedding.  Maurice’s daughter, Chantelle, got married to a young man, called Paul.  It was at a Catholic Church - St. Patrick’s.  I found it rather unusual as there wasn’t any music at all.  We enjoyed the reception.  It is always good to meet people you haven’t seen for a long time. 

It was nice to chat to Maurice and Linda.  They don’t know I pray every day for them to accept the church.

Pam rang me one day last week at 5 o’clock in the morning, just because she wanted to talk.  It is nice to know one’s children still need you from time to time.

Ronnie starts interviewing next week.   It’s only a part-time job, but it’s something.  I wish he could get something else as well.


SUN 6th DEC. 1992

Karen rang --- she sounds quite bright and coping under the stress of running a home with 5 children, working part-time, and doing yellow pages.   (And yet she says she’s poor?)  We are living on my part-time earnings at Asda, a student’s room payment and Francis’s board money.  I only know we manage very well, and get all we need.  I know the blessings of paying tithing.

I rang Joanne and was pleased to hear she has been made Homemaking Counsellor in Relief Society.  She has finished work now and is waiting for her baby to be born.  She sounded very tired.   I will be glad when I can go down at Christmas.  

Today I wrote a letter to Gary just to say I loved and missed him.  I wish he would ring me.  I hope he is at Karen’s at Christmas.  

Lots of parties planned for the next few weeks.  I love the run up to Christmas.  It is so much fun.


WED. 9thSent Christmas cards abroad today, Jian Jun in China, Pam and family in America, Anna Kummer and Brenda Parker in Germany, Philippe and Arnaud, the French students we had during the summer.

Spent 2 hours cleaning our bedroom.  I love it when it’s done, but I hate cleaning.  I don’t like my house at the moment.  It is getting run down.  We need new carpets and curtains and windows and it makes the house unkempt.  I won’t grumble though, because we have so much compared with so many millions in this world.  I will be grateful --- I am warm and fed.


FRI 11th

Had a get-together with people who were in the 42nd Street Show.  We all took some food.  There was a video of the rehearsal and 2 videos of the show.  We watched them all and had a good laugh, then ate ourselves silly.  Why do I do it?  I always eat too much.


SAT. 12th

Having trouble at work with my shoulders  They keep seizing up.  It think it is the constant movement of lifting things down into the trolleys.  I am worried because if I don’t work, we will have to go on Social (Security).  I want to keep myself!  

Ronnie still hasn’t got a proper job.  Went to Mike and Millie’s for a meal.  It was a lovely dinner and nice to be able to sit and chat.  Television spoils a lot of that.  Pam got rid of her television this year.  She says her family life has improved.  I can well believe it.


SUN. 13th

Fasted again today for Helen.  I wish Gary would ring.  I might know then if something was happening.  

Pam rang.  She has flu.  It’s not often she takes to her bed  It was nice to hear the kids in the background.

There is the biggest, fattest magpie I have ever seen sitting on our fence.  We get some nice birds in our garden.  Ronnie hung some peanuts up and we get blue tits coming to feed and a robin or two.  

Pam was saying Richard has some plans for a house with a laundry room on the end, then a large garage attached, which he could make into a house for us and we could share the laundry room.  It sounds wonderful to live on Vashon Island, but I feel you never know what will happen in the future so I’m not getting over-excited.


MON 14th DEC. 1992

The weather is nice today.  It makes you feel better.  I am still worried about my neck. 

I had a blessing yesterday, but after walking from town with 2 pairs of trousers for Francis and some books I bought from Oxfam shop, my shoulders feel like they are burning.

Karen rang yesterday.  She is getting over-excited about Christmas and it makes her feel sick.  She always did bless her.  She wants us to call at Sheffield and pick up the Christmas presents from there for the kids.  I don’t know how we will get them in our mini [car] with Ronnie and Matt and Ella, but we will try.  

Bought a second-hand book, “No Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom.  I’ve read it before.  It is so good. I want Karen and Joanne to read it.  The woman is an inspiration on how to live the gospel in all situations.