I bore my testimony today.  I’m glad I’m a member of this church.  It gives me a secure feeling.  

Ronnie has his new class of Valiants.  He is a good teacher. 

We brought Adam Wain and Deborah Brill home for tea today and played games with them.  They are bright children and the future leaders for sure.  

In Sharing Time I gave the children paper and a card to help them put together a journal, encouraging others to do what’s right.  It helps remind me, hence I write.  I want to read scriptures every day and exercise every day and have family prayer.  I also want to get on with my genealogy.  With God’s help, I know I can do all these.



Some of the children in Primary told me they were keeping up with their journals.  I mustn’t miss mine.  

Ronnie and I have been reading scriptures together each day.  I feel good about that.  

Gary and Helen bought us a tape of Genesis, so we listen to that as we read.  They also bought us “Under Milkwood,” read by Richard Burton.  I really enjoyed that.  It is the second time I have heard it.  I borrowed it from the library some time last year, but it is the kind of thing that you understand better each time and hear bits you didn’t notice first time around. 

It is like scriptures for that.  Each time there is something new and wonderful to find.

Went to Peggy’s  on Saturday.  She bought me some Yardley’s soaps in a basket.  I like them.  We had a fish pie, which was nice.  I will make one next weekend, and of course, we played a game.  Peggy likes to play games. 

I had a couple of Ginger Chocs before I left and was up most of the night with heartburn.  

Prabat [Gupta] came back tonight.  He is a nice young man doing accountancy at Hudds University.


TUES. 11th JAN 94

Today was Ronnie’s 59th birthday.  He has been looking better lately.  He is enjoying writing a book about anti-Mormon literature, etc.  It is almost finished. 

Matt, Peter, and Sally came for tea, then Peter had to go to night school.  

Matt took Ronnie and I to the picture house near Leeds to see “The Fugitive.”  It was quite good.  

Francis spent nearly all his money on paper boats  today.  I have asked him to leave on Saturday.  I feel a bit uncomfortable about it, but the boy owes 3 weeks rent and he doesn’t seem to care.  I feel he is not my responsibility.  We have tried to sort him out, but it strikes me he doesn’t want to be sorted.


Wednesday 12th January

Got a card and present from Thomas, last year’s French student.  I got a green silk scarf and Ronnie got some pens.  I thought it was rather sweet of him.


SUN 16th

Francis left on Friday.  His brother-in-law came to move his things.  I feel sad and yet relieved.  He was a hard person to live with and his own worst enemy.  I shall always pray for him.

Saturday we had Les and Audrey Dufton, Mike and Millie and Melanie for supper.  We had a fun evening.  Eventually Melanie brought up the church into the conversation.  She was very aggressive, but Ronnie seems to have a calming effect on her and takes the wind out of her sails.  I pray that she could have a spiritual experience to help her believe.

Today was nice at church.  I love those kids in Primary even when they are horrible.  Jean Ford has asked me to be her escort when she goes through the temple early in February.  I am excited for her.  I need to plan my time and do some worthwhile things.  Now I only work 15 hours [a week].


SUN 23rd JAN 94

I’ll start with last Monday [17th January].  Ronnie and I went to an Interfaith Meeting at St. Thomas Church.  We listened to a young lady [Jean Hobbs] telling us about the work she had been doing there for the homeless and those less able to look after themselves. She had done some good work, but the church wanted her to move on, so the Interfaith leaders said they would put a letter to the Council asking for a place for those people to “drop in.” 

She had a store cupboard and when I asked what she needed, she said there was a shortage of towels.  So I’ve asked at work and I’ve asked at church and hope to supply some shortly.


On Wednesday [19th January], I went with the missionaries to fellowship a young woman called Bar [Bev?].  Her daughter was ill so she put the lesson off.  I rang last night to see if she wanted to go to church and we would met her and show her the way, but her mother was very ill in “Jimmy’s”  at Leeds.  She asked us to pray for her mother, which of course we will do.  


Saturday 22nd January

Roger and Louise took us to the pictures.  It made a pleasant change.  

Today [Sunday 23rd January] I spoke at Sacrament Service on Emma Smith.  I think that woman deserves a medal.  I hope I could have been as courageous.  

Ronnie and I discussed going to the States to live today.  I have written to Pam.  I want to go, but I don’t want to leave Karen, Joanne and Gary and their families.  I know I can’t have everything!

Today Lewis was 16 years old.  2 more years and he will be on a mission.  I can hardly believe time has gone so fast.  I am working at collecting tins of food for Carol Gray to take to Bosnia.  The more people who will get involved, the better it will be.


TUES. 25th JAN

Ronnie and I visited Frank Crowther in the Hudds Royal [Infirmary] tonight.  He had his hip joint removed, because it was badly infected.  He is a nice man who has been a good husband and father.  Kath, his wife, has been a long and faithful member and she was the one who got the church established in Hudds by holding Primary in her home. 

She loves her husband, but I wonder what will become of a man who won’t accept God in his life when the chances to accept have been there for years?  I worry for Kath!

Gary rang for a chat and to tell us Helen has got a job.  Gary has also got a promotion.  They seem to like him.  God certainly has blessed him all his life.  I hope he realizes that.  I still pray for them both.


SUN. 30th JAN.

Nicholas, Joanne, and Joseph came today.  The baby was so tired.  He just wanted to go to bed.  Next morning he was all smiles and kisses.  What a lovely baby.


WED. FEB 1st

We went to Bradford to visit Audrey at Greengate.  We met Sharon, who is about 6 months older than Joanne.  They look a bit alike.  Sharon is engaged and will be getting married in August.  

Then we went to visit Peggy.  She loved Joseph.  We had tea at Peggy’s then went to visit Gillian [Robson] who was having a Primary meeting at her house, but they stopped for ½ hour to play with Joseph and catch up with news.


THURS 2nd February

Snowed.  It was a good job we went to Bradford yesterday.


FRI3rd February

We went to look round town and had a meal at Burger King.  Then we took 4 Miller children to see a pantomime at Paddock.


SAT4th February

Joanne, Nicholas, and Joseph went home.  The house seems empty now they are gone.  We took Joseph a couple of times to see the old lady across the road, Erika.  She thought he was wonderful and hadn’t had a baby in her house for years.  You can make people’s lives happier even if you think you are tied down with a baby.


MON6th February

Travelled to the Temple with Barry Isles.  Not a bad journey.  Ronnie and Pam Hanson went too.


TUES7th February

I put some names in for family file and worked from 8:00 to 3:00 in the temple, then went back at 6:30 to do a session.


WED8th February

Worked from 8:30 again and did a session with one of Mike Wright’s names in the evening.  

Silva Scott, Dianne Brill, Lesley Dearnley, Brenda Bodsworth and Sara Crowther came down today with Jean Ford and Lisa, as they were down to take out their own endowments.  Neil and Wendy [McEwen] arrived later.  We had a good time in the kitchen and dining room.

On Monday evening, Ronnie gave a fireside for about 30 people in the Lounge.  It was one of the best I’ve heard him give.  It was about sacred space, and touching on the Church of the Firstborn.


THURS9th February

I was able to go through in the morning as a patron and escort Jean Ford.  Silva escorted Lisa.  I was able to take my Aunt Muriel [Dodo] through the endowment.  

Lesley and Sara did me some baptizms and anointings.  Millie took Aunt Em.  This was so exciting.  I cried buckets at the veil.  

I was able to go and rest for an hour and half then from 3 - 10 I worked as a [temple] worker.  I really, really love being in the temple.  It is another world with no hate or bad feelings, and you feel safe from the world outside. 


FRI10th February

I worked from 8 - 1 o’clock, then we had to leave.  It was a long slow journey home but, thanks to God, a safe one. 


SAT. 11th FEB. 94

Went shopping for Erika this morning.  She is glad to see me back.  

Prepared a Sharing Time for Primary about peace.  I feel I know what peace is like at the moment.  

I rang Linda this morning.  Maurice was in the bath, but she said she would ask him when I invited them to go to Halifax Ward to a social for Valentine’s Day.  She rang back later to say, "No, he wouldn’t go."  It is a pity I can’t get close.  He seems afraid to know more.  (why?)


SUN. 13 FEB. 94

Took 3 Miller children to church.  Ronnie was a speaker. He spoke well, as usual.  

Our high councilman spoke and said just as Jesus is our Saviour because he did for us what we cannot do for ourselves, so we are Saviours to those we do the temple work for, as they can’t do it for themselves. 

We went to a Social Services meeting about fostering [children] this afternoon.  It was very good.  We then went and picked up Lisa and Max Ford and brought them here for dinner.  We had a nice evening.  Max is getting to be a very nice little boy.  

Carol Gray rang me tonight to see if I had much for her next trip.  We had an article in the Examiner for people to bring goods for Bosnia to Asda.  When we returned from the temple, there was only 2 shoe boxes and a bottle of oil.  I was disappointed; so was Carol, but we are going to rally round and see what we can do.  

I have written to Karen to help and Ronnie is going to write to the supermarkets in Hudds for damaged tins.  We are also going to give our wheat, which we have had stored for years.  There is 10 cwt. [10 hundred weight, which is 1,200 pounds ].  If we are going to live in America, we can’t take it with us and those people [in Bosnia] need it now.


FEB. 17th THURS. 94

A Primary meeting at Wendy McEwen’s.  We work well together and have some good teachers in Primary.  I never get fed up of working in Primary.


18th Fri

Abigail was 13 today.  We looked after Peter and Sally’s baby tonight.  He never woke up (Orion).


SAT. 19th

Went for dinner to Jeff and Barbara Cogan’s.  They went inactive just after I joined the church in 1969.  I can’t understand why?  

On Thursday, I went for my hair cut at the Tech [College].  The girl who cut it was called Susan McQuinn and she was very interested about the church.  I have promised to take her a Book of Mormon in next week.


Sun. 20th

Gary and Helen were supposed to be coming this weekend.  I have finished a stole for Helen and bought Gary a key ring when we were at the Temple, with “Families are Forever” written on it.  I hope he gets the message.  They didn’t come up. 

We went to a Social Services meeting today.  It was excellent, but we missed our Ward Conference and that made me very sad.  I hate to miss church.  I feel empty.


MON. 21st

Brought Erika (the 85 year old lady who lives across the road) a loaf from Asda.  She asked me to stay a while and talk to her.  She cried and said I was the only one who cared.  Her son visited a couple of weeks ago and she probably won’t see him again until Easter, that’s a long time when you are old and lonely.  

I hope my children will care more for me than that.  I’m lucky to have 3 wonderful daughters. 

Pamela rang tonight.  They have had some sickness, but all is well now.  She wants a Silver Cross Pram for her baby Joanne [Rachael].  (I suspect it’s a dream she wants to fulfil.)  

Ella [the dog] is not well.  She has eczema badly, but she is also not well.  She walks about with her head hung down.  I feel very sad.  She has been a faithful dog.  She will be 12 in June.


TUES. 22nd FEB. 94

I went swimming today and swam 22 lengths in an hour.  I’ll try for 26 next week.  

Did my Visiting Teaching with Millie tonight.  We get a good reception wherever we go.  I felt the spirit was with us tonight.  

Collected a few tins for Bosnia on my way around.  I wish we could get more.


Feb 23rd

It snowed today.  Everything seems to stop when it snows. No perm.  No social meetings.


Thurs 24th

Pam rang.  She is sending Karen’s children little birthday gifts.


Sat 26th

Went to Mike and Millie’s for a superb meal.  Millie is so clever at cooking.  Melanie was there (her daughter).  I pray for her every day; she is such a nice young lady.  I wonder why she doesn’t join the church.  (Joanne rang with special news.)


SUN 27th

Went to church.  Jean Ford gave me a bar of chocolate and a little note to say thank you for being her escort at the Temple.  I feel I should be thanking her for the lovely spiritual experience.  We plan to go again in May.  

Dinner at the Webb’s, a lovely family.


MON 28th

Alan, Eileen, and Joseph Webb came to our home for F.H.E.   Ronnie gave a lesson on [being] ordained before we came [to earth].


Tuesday March 1st

I went swimming alone - did 26 lengths - enjoyed it very much.  Met at Millie’s in the evening with some other members to plan a holiday in Greece.


Wed 2nd

Primary Teacher Training at Hx [Halifax].  A lovely spirit.  Mavis Crisp in charge.


SUN 6th Mch

We got home from church and one of our front wheels dropped off the car.  I count it as a great blessing that it didn’t fall off as we were coming home from Wakefield.


MON 7th

Good old Alan Webb came to help us fix the car.  What would we do without that man?


TUES 8th

Book our holiday to Greece at the Co-op.  Millie and daughter Melanie, Jean Ford and [her] sister Maureen Sutton, Brenda Bodsworth and myself.  Looking forward to this.  (Went for a swim with Millie.)


Wed 9th Mch

Stake Primary Meeting - very good - felt uplifted and inspired. 

Mary Walker gave a super presentation on how to be a Nursery Leader.  I got a vision of a good nursery!!


Friday, 11th Mch

Gary and Helen came tonight.  We talked until after 1 o’clock in the evening. It was good to be with them.  I gave Gary a key ring, which said, “Families are Forever” on it.  I hope it brings to remembrance the covenants he has made and needs to keep, if we are to be a forever family.


Sat 12th Mch

It is Mothers’ Day tomorrow.  I got a beautiful family photo of Karen and Lewis with their children for Mothers’ Day.  I love it.  

Joanne says she will give us petrol money as a Mothers’ Day gift, so that we can go down at Easter.  I can’t wait to se my grandchildren.  Abigail has had a perm!!  

We had Alan and Bessie Pritchard for dinner today. 

Gary and Helen came back from Bradford to join us.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  We have some lovely friends.  Alan is hoping to open a Thomas Telford Museum in Scotland.


Sun 13th Mch

I took the CTR Class today.  I had forgotten how wonderful these kids are.  

Karen rang for a long chat.  We talked about going to America to live.  I don’t think she is too happy about it.


Sun 24 April

Karen and Adam spoke at their Stake Conference today.  I feel very proud and happy that they are worthy and capable of doing this.  I never cease to be grateful for one of life’s greatest blessings of having your children and grandchildren with strong testimonies and serving the Lord.  

Pam rang during the week and it is lovely to hear her.  She teaches her children to live the Gospel.  

My worry is Gary - I feel we are losing him and it really upsets me.


Sun 1st May

The Single Adult Conference this weekend.  I [always] say this will be our last.  I am too tired.  Then Sunday morning comes and the hugs and kisses and wonderful testimonies and I say once again, well, maybe just one more year.  What a thrill to be on spiritual highs - I love them.


Sat 14 May

Spent a week at the Temple.  On Thursday, I was in the sealing room and had my Grandmother Green sealed to her parents, then quite a few of her children sealed to her including Dodo and Aunt Em.  It was a wonderful experience and I cried all the time.  I felt so happy.  What a great blessing to be able to do these sealings. 

I must get some more ready now.  I also had my Dad’s sisters, Eva, Annie, and Alice, sealed to their parents.   I wish I had known my grandmothers.  I can only recall seeing my Dad’s mother once, and never my mother’s mother.  Who knows, I might meet them in the next life.  

Quite a few of us went down to the temple from our ward.  We had a happy time together. It was also Singles Week.  They bring a good spirit.

Ronnie wasn’t able to go.  He started a job just after Easter and with going to America for three weeks in June, he can’t have any more holidays.  I really missed him.  

I really enjoy being a worker in the temple.  It is such a good feeling and it’s strange sometimes when I am saying the words in initiatory, it feels like I am not in charge of my mouth.  I learn a little more each time I go down there.

We have the May Ensign.  It is a wonderful magazine.  

Joanne and Nicholas are not very happy at the moment.  If fasting and prayer help, then that’s what I shall do.

(Ella, our dog, was put to sleep.  I shall miss her but maybe we will meet again!)


May to June 2nd

A holiday in Greece with Jean Ford, her sister Maureen, Millie, Brenda B. [Bodsworth], Melanie , and myself.  The weather was glorious, the place very beautiful.  It was a small island off the coast of Greece, called Thassos.  Paul would have sailed past it once or twice.  

I wish Ronnie could have been with us.  I just feel he would have loved it.  Maybe we will go back some day.


FRI.  3rd May

Rang Pam, but Ronnie had already left.  She told me our Prophet (Ezra Taft Benson) had died.  He will be happy with his wife now.


Saturday 4th May

[9 Years Sealing Anniversary]


SUN. 5th May

1994I had a priesthood blessing today, which I feel good about, as I had a bad experience last night.  It was like a black weight covering me, but I prayed and told it to go in the name of Jesus Christ.  Strangely enough, it did go and I slept peacefully.  

This weekend is the celebrations of the Normandy invasion.  It happened 50 years ago.  I was ten at the time and can honestly say I don’t remember a thing about it.


MON. 6 MayRonnie rang today, not for long but it was enough.  I don’t like not having any contact with him for long.  

My home teachers called - Bill Crisp and Albert Kirk - They are good men and I know I can call on them if I need anything.


TUES. 7 May

I swam 36 lengths today which is over half a mile.  Not bad for an old lady, eh!  

Some people came and gave me £60.00 for the mini.  They left the log book and said they will come back with £40.00 tomorrow.  I wonder if they will.  I like to trust people.  I feel if they don’t come back, it is their problem.  [They didn't come back.]

Paid the lst of the vet’s bills today. 


SUN.  12th May 1994

Our new prophet - Howard W. Hunter.

Today we had a Ward bus take us to Sheffield Arena for a conference with Gordon B. Hinckley.  He is a wonderful man, with a dry sense of humour.  So had his lovely wife.  She said, “I am 85,” then she paused.  Then she said, “I just slipped that in so that you wouldn’t expect too much of me” and smiled.  

After the conference, where there was about 460 in the choir alone, we went on to Chorley near Preston for the ground breaking for our new Temple.  We never saw anything, but we heard it all over the loud speaker.  The prayer was wonderful and we felt the spirit strongly.  

I met Karen and Lewis out of all those people, between 25 and 30 thousand.  I felt good knowing I belonged to such a group of saints.


TUESDAY, 14th May

Joanne has been with me since last Saturday with her baby Joseph, who is 17 months old.  I have had so much pleasure just sat watching his antics.  He plays so well by himself, and is so curious.  He empties drawers and cupboards.  I had forgotten how much picking up there is to do after a toddler.



I rang Pamela tonight.  They were just getting ready to go to the beach.  I wish I was over there.  Ronnie was there and he sounded very happy.  He has had a good time with his children.  He feels like he has begun to get a good relationship with them now. 

The church in Libby enjoyed one of his firesides (He is good).  There were many people offered invitations for us both to visit.  The American people are so friendly.


SUN 19th MAY 94

I was worried about fasting today, because I had a lot of pain in my kidney area during the week, but it has been ok. 

I am still fasting for Gary and Helen.  I was thinking, what would happen if they had a child.  Will it learn the Gospel?  Will it have as much chance as my other grandchildren, who are being taught it?  Even little Joseph knows “Popcorn Popping.”  I wonder what else I can do.

John and Silva Scott took me to church today.  They are good folks.  I wish our car was working.  It makes life so much easier when you have a car.  Alan Webb said maybe he’ll get round to it tomorrow.  He’s another good man.  He plays the piano for a living.  He is very good, and played the organ for the Sheffield Conference.  

I miss my little Joseph!!


Wed. 13th July

Andrew arrived from Seattle today.  It is lovely to have him around.  Adam came up on Saturday.  He can be a bit rude sometimes when he is being “funny,” but, all in all, I like our Adam.  

We have a French student staying with us and all three boys have been to the Scott’s a few times, playing games and sharing a barbecue.  

Monday they went to Asda to see how the place works.  

Tuesday Ronnie took a day off and we went to Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay.  

Wednesday, I took them on a bus to Haworth.  

Thursday, a rest day. 

Friday we went to York by train, and 

Saturday Ronnie took us all to Skipton Castle, then on to Bolton Abbey, then for fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s. 

I was overtired on Sunday, and it was a thundery day, so I was ill with a migraine, but I still enjoyed going to Bradford for the 20th Anniversary of the chapel.  I spoke for 5 minutes.  Gladys and Albert Wright spoke, Brian Whitehead and Harold Leonard spoke, then Bishop Ryan talked about the great people who sacrificed to build that chapel.  I felt very privileged to be one of them with my family.  

Karen and Lewis and 5 children were there.  Joanne and Nicholas with Nathan and Natalie and Joseph were there.  I only wish Gary and Helen had been there.  Andrew was with us, too.  Everyone thought he was wonderful.  He is getting on with Lewis very well!!


SUN.  14 July 1994

Today is Adam’s birthday (15 years).  He came up from Telford yesterday to keep Andrew company.  Andrew arrived from America last Wednesday.  We also have a French student for 3 weeks, called Stephan.  

Last night we went to Leeds for an evening of Opera in the Park.  It was fantastic.  

Our good friends from Wakefield, Alan and Bessie Pritchard, gave us the tickets and took us in their car.  Their son took the boys in his car.  

There were 45,000 people there, many with little lanterns which they lit later in the evening when it got dusk.  The music was so beautiful I was overwhelmed and gave thanks that I could be so fortunate as to be sat there, enjoying such a luxury, with good friends and family around me. I was really moved.  It finished at 10:30 and we got out of the park just after midnight, but it was worth it.  

Today we went to church.  I am very proud of my grandsons. 

Silva has come and taken them up to her house to play games for a couple of hours.  Before Andrew left I rang his mum (Pamela) and she told him she has been asked to be Primary President. I think it is wonderful. It is the best calling in the church in my eyes.  I love Primary.

Helen Hughes and her mother  came for dinner last Tuesday.  It is wonderful to have them back.  Helen spoke today about how the devil can attach you and how you need your faith and spirituality to keep him at bay.  I love it when I feel spiritual, but I don’t always work for it.

I read an article in the May Ensign by Janette C. Hales, the Young Women’s General President, and she said, “As we watch the accomplishments of great athletes, it is surprising to me that some would suppose that our spiritual growth comes without effort, when our physical ability requires exercise and training.”  

I am reading the Book of Mormon every day as President Benson asked us to and that is good, but I need to study more.  I will look into this.

Ronnie has been called as Ward Mission Leader.  He is going into this in full swing.  I am so proud of him and I pray for success that the Lord’s Kingdom can be built up here in Huddersfield.


Tuesday 26th

Neil McEwen offered me a job today.  I accepted.  I gave my notice in at Asda this morning and spent 4 hours this afternoon seeing how the place works [NMA Agencies].  It seems very complicated.  If I can master the filing system, I will have cracked it.  

Went visiting teaching tonight and I feel very tired.


SAT 30th July 1994

Gary is lending me some money to buy a car.  I put £60.00 on it this morning.  It’s a Fiat Panda.  I feel so blessed.  We have a new French student, Jean Baptiste, a very unusual name.  Went to barbecue and hoe down run by Hudds 1 [Ward] at a High school at Holmfirth. 

Andrew doing well at Karen’s.   Gets on well with Lewis.


August 1st 1994Today I bought a little car of my own.  It’s a Fiat Panda.  I paid £800.00 for it.  Gary lent me £300.00.  I feel so blest.  

Everything is going our way at the moment.  Strangely enough, it worries me when things go so well.  I suppose I am afraid they will stop.  When am I going to have faith and know with the Lord as my friend, it doesn’t matter much what happens on earth?  


FRI Aug. 5th

Nicholas and Joanne came this evening with Joseph.  They are going to Whitby for the weekend and leaving Joseph with Ronnie and me.  

Jean Ford had an evening at her house for the “Greek Six.”  We looked at our photos and ate Jean’s lovely food and had a nice evening reminiscing about our Greek holiday.  It is good to have such nice friends, one of the blessings of belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Sat 6th

Took Joseph with us to Sharon’s wedding, Audrey’s [Kaye, Norma’s sister] youngest daughter.  She is a sweet girl and looked so beautiful.  Joseph was an angel.  He slept well at night and awoke Sunday morning with a smile.


Sun 7th

Managed Primary by myself, with Joseph too.  The children were warm and tired, but we still had a good day.  

When Joanne came home, Joseph didn’t make any fuss.  I was making him some drinking chocolate and even though he heard his mother’s voice, he stayed with me.  I felt so pleased that he trusted me so much.


Mon. 7th

Started work for Neil McEwen today.  I enjoy the work, but developed a headache during the afternoon.  I think I was overtired with Joseph, etc.


Sept. 3rd

Andrew has gone home after spending the rest of his time with Karen and Joanne and a weekend with Gary and Helen, visiting London and Shakespeare’s town.  

Carol Gray and her husband Stuart came to visit us 2 weeks ago.  She told us she is making one more trip to Bosnia with a photographer, who will take pictures for a special book  the church is making about people who have done much good in the world.  I think Carol deserves to be in it.  This will be her 15th journey to Bosnia.

Today I stood in Asda foyer and collected tins and rice and pasta for her.  It was an uplifting experience.  I was given 2 trolleys full to the top with food and soap and shampoo.  Some people gave bags full.  It was a very moving experience to see these “givers.”  They were mainly older people, not too well-off, and couples teaching young children to give.

I bought some tap shoes this week for my tap dancing class on Wednesday with Jean and Lisa Ford.  It is great fun.  

Joanne came up with Joseph this last week.  It was lovely having them around.  We made some jam and took Erika a jar.  She was so pleased.


Friday, 23rd Sept.

Took all the goodies for Bosnia down to Carol Gray tonight.  She lives in a beautiful house and has a lovely family.  

I was offered a chance to go on the trip to Bosnia, but I had to turn it down.  I haven’t felt well for a few weeks now.  I have an ulcer which is giving me a lot of pain.  I feel if I go not feeling well, I could be a burden to those who go and life will be difficult enough without me being a worry.  They are very brave to go into a war torn country.   When I thought that I might go I felt a knot in my stomach.  


Sun 2nd Oct

Today is the 25th Anniversary of my baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am grateful for the missionaries who brought the message to me.  It has been a wonderful 25 years.  So many good things have happened and I feel the Lord’s blessings at every turn in my life.

Yesterday [Sunday] I took Jackie Miller (mother of 8 and one on the way) to Conference video from Salt Lake.  We had to go to Wakefield Town Hall, because they have a big satellite dish. They were having Saturday morning session, which was the Solemn Assembly to sustain our new prophet Howard W. Hunter.  He is such a sweet and gentle man; you can’t help but love him and want to follow his admonitions to be more Christlike in our everyday lives.

Yesterday [Sunday] I was set apart as a Stake Missionary - now it’s my turn.  I had a lovely blessing from Bro. Geoff Stainton , then I went out with the missionaries.  We visited two ladies - the first wouldn’t let us in, as her husband wasn’t well, the second was out.  

I went home for lunch, then went out again to visit ‘Joan’.  It was her 3rd discussion.  She is very receptive and plans a baptism for 16th October.  I bore testimony twice and felt a very strong spirit.  It is a great feeling.  Now I know why the missionaries glow.


Sun. Nov. 6th

Joanne had a baby boy - Thomas Henry - on 27 October  (STAR DAY!).  He weighed 9 lb. 4 oz. and is very beautiful.  She was in a hurry and gave birth on the hall floor, but is remarkably bright and looks well.  

Joseph runs to have a look at him as often as he can.  We visited last weekend.  Ronnie was ill.  He has a bad chest, so I drove most of the way home. Part of it was on the motorway - the first time - I was quite pleased with myself. 

  We had an Interfaith Event on 26th October. Ronnie was the compere and I was in our dancing group.  The Latter-day Saints put on a terrific show.  We went through the Plan of Salvation in 12 minutes.  

  Ronnie has been asked to go to a meeting in London at the end of November to represent our church in a big Inter-faith Meeting.  We are being recognized as a Christian Church, which is so good.

  There was a good bonfire at Silva and John Scott’s on the 5th of November.  I enjoyed myself getting the fire started with Roy Hanson.  I fellowshipped Joan and some more people who visited our fire.

  Today was a beautiful day.  It was sunny and quite warm for November.  There were so many children got up to bear testimony, I was amazed.  

  The Sharing Time I had prepared was “You can feel peace when you share your testimony with others.”  I think the Lord prompted these young people today.  Luke Wain was so nervous he felt sick.  His mother  said, yet he got up and said, “I know Jesus,” then was so afraid he couldn’t speak.  His father the Bishop, hugged him and helped him finish.  I just had to get up and say, “I know Jesus, too.”  I am so grateful I know Jesus.


November 19th 1994

Today I am 61.  It has been a pretty good life in lots of ways and I am grateful for all that I have and for what I know.  

  It was also the day the big lottery was drawn - over 25 million tickets were sold.  

  I was talking to Joanne and she said that Nicholas had said if they bought a ticket and won some large amount of money, instead of giving me a gift he would give it to charity on my behalf.  It is good to know that they know how things are with me and that I wouldn’t approve of them buying one.


November 30th

Gary paid for tickets for “Phantom of the Opera” at Manchester for my birthday.  Ronnie and I went.  We had a coach take us to the door and pick us up at the door.  It was a super show.  The music is good and the scenery is spectacular.


December 4th, Sun.

It was ***Thomas Henry’s*** blessing today.  Nicholas blessed him and Ronnie and Lewis assisted.  

  Gary went which I am grateful for, but he didn’t help with the blessing.  It was a good testimony meeting and I prayed that both he [Gary] and Helen would feel the spirit.  

  Nicholas said in the blessing: You are blest to be born in this time and blest to have parents sealed in the Temple.  He told him to listen to his older brother and be an example for his younger brothers and sisters.  Also, that he was blessed to be strong and an example to his family.

  On Saturday [3rd] , we went into town centre and took Joseph, Nathan, and Jacob to see Father Christmas.  I enjoyed that very much.  

  Ronnie has gone off with Neil McEwen to Germany for a business meeting with Joseph Scheppach.  It is so good to have 2 wages coming in. 



From the Pink Candy Striped Notebook


Friday Dec 9 1994


Today I go to America.  It didn’t seem real when I woke up this morning, but it never does.  I still can’t imagine that I should be so fortunate.  We were late up but there was time for a warm drink, which gives me comfort in a morning.


I wanted to travel by train to the airport because I hate the motorway.  Ronnie assured me we would go slowly and it would be alright - it wasn’t alright.  I felt very stressed when I got to the airport.  It was all those lorries and heavy traffic.


The flight to Chicago left on time and was a comfortable flight.  Even though it took 9 hours, I didn’t get pains in my hips or jumpy legs, which was a real blessing.


The plane left Chicago 20 mins late because they lost the pilot (How do you lose a pilot?).


Pam was stood at the top of the ramp.  I came up with her five lovely children.  I felt quite proud that I was the one to claim them.


Pam looks well and fit.  Andrew is so big and lovely; it was great to see him again.  Emily has grown such a lot in a year; she is maturing into a lovely young woman.  The boys, Christian and Jan Peter, were full of hugs and kisses (I like it).  Well, Rachael, she is like a little dolly and very friendly.  No wonder Ronnie loved her so.  Poor Richard has a tummy bug and stayed home.  I slept fairly well though my head was a bit fuzzy.



Sat 10TH DecI[t] was nice to lounge about all day and be waited on.  I love to look out of the window and see only grass and trees and sky.  The peace here is beautiful and so refreshing.


Richard has gone to work, even though he is not so well, and little Rachael started throwing up this evening.


Andrew put the Christmas tree up (I brought a bauble which I made from pins and sequins and beads stuck into a polystyrene ball).  We had a Christmas tree trimming party and Andrew played cards on the piano.  It was a lovely evening.  


The boys gave me a piece of paper rolled up like a scroll with a ribbon round.  I opened the paper.  It was an invitation to go to the Opera House on the 16th to watch Nutcracker Suite.  I had said to Ronnie before I left that that was something I would really like to do.  He said it was very expensive and so unlikely – well, that proved him wrong!  I am so thrilled.


SUN 11 DECToday we sat around and chatted most of the day, as there was no church [meetings] on the island.  It was stake conference, which was held on the mainland.  Richard had to work today, and poor baby Rachael was sick all day.  Richard baby sat whilst Pam, Andrew, Emily & myself went up to the church for 7 o’clock to a “sing along Messiah.”  I have never experienced anything like it.  The “Messiah” is beautiful to sit and listen to a choir singing it, but to be part of it was very special.  There were quite a few experienced singers in the congregation who carried us along.  It was great.  There was food and socialising afterwards.  People remember me and I feel very much at home there.  Pam and I sat up late putting the world to rights.


MON. 12 DECBoth Emily and Rachael were sick today and Richard doesn’t feel too well.  The sun shone today so I went for a walk.  I know the leaves have fallen but there are so many fine trees that it is still a green countryside.  It is known as the Evergreen State here in Washington and I can see why.


TUES 13 DECWent for a little ride round, called for yoghurt ice cream, which is so good.  Rachael still poorly.  Home teachers came and assisted Richard with a blessing.


WED 14 DECWoke with a migraine and had to go back to bed after breakfast.  Calvin and Nelda came about 1 o’clock so I managed to pull myself together and be sociable.  Pamela bought a pattern so I started knitting a cardigan for her.  I enjoy doing things for my children.  I can understand how Heavenly Father enjoys blessing us.


THURS 15 DECPam and I went to Costco for some shopping, then I bought some lovely material for a skirt.  Poor Rachael is so unhappy.  She whines all the time; I think she must have tummy ache.  Went to bed early and left Pam helping a friend to sew a dress for her little girl.  It’s nice to see my children serve others and share talents.


FRIIt rained a lot today but listening to Christmas music all day and thoughts of the visit to the Opera House for “Nutcracker” uplifted me so much that the rain was wonderful.  We had a wonderful time at the theatre.  Pam and a friend, Genny, and her young sister, Emily, Christian, Jan Peter, and I went together.  A wealthy family in the ward bought 250 tickets for all the children at church and their families and all those who work for them.  Pam had already bought the tickets as a treat for me.


SATWe went up town and I bought some silver earrings (lizards)  on the Saturday market.  We had a treat at the bakery, then went to Gabriel Burgess’ home to watch a video of a show put on by the church here, called “It’s Love.”  I was impressed with the quality of the singing.


SUN 18thEnjoyed church today.  Richard felt better and he was quite bright.  Gabriel Burgess talked about hearts and the kind of hearts we have.  I was very moved by her lesson.  If we read and take in the scriptures, it can change our hearts.



MONThe rain just keeps coming down.  There are pools of water everywhere.  Pam and I went to see a video at Gabriel Burgess’ home.  They made us very welcome with cookies and drinks and good conversation.  We watched “Looking for Bobby Fisher.”  It was a good film about a little boy who was a genius at chess, and how he became the top player for his age without compromising other wholesome activities in his life.


TUES 20thRain again --- will it ever end.  Today was Karen’s birthday.  Pam rang and we sang “Happy Birthday” to her, much to her dismay.  Then to Sis. Burgess for lunch and a video about music with Dudley Moore and a famous German conductor.  Then we watched a video by a church member, Michael Ballam.  He played Satan in the new movie.  He talked about rhythm and how music can help brain patterns to help you learn.  Also, how music can destroy --- the main source of evil is Mick Jagger.  This was an eye opening video.  Christian wasn’t well today.  I hope he feels well soon.  The baby is quite well now and she is a little poppet.  I feel tired most of the time.  I think it’s a combination of continuous rain and sitting, being waited on all day.  I must get a pattern of exercise.


WED 21stAwoke with a migraine again - it is a nuisance.  I was pleased to see the sun shine today.  I swept the deck and the little yard.  It gave me a little exercise and some fresh air.  Then we all went to Janice George’s home to watch “Scrooge.”  It was fun.  Charles Dickens was a man who knew right from wrong, and had a sense of humour whilst he taught it through his stories.  Pam and I went for lunch at Mary and Martha’s Café, then did some shopping.  I choose and Pam always seems to pay --- she spoils me.  Ronnie rang me this morning.  It was good to talk to him.



THURS 22ndVisited Brenda and Jim and their 3 girls today.  They are such a lovely family.  It was a pleasure to be there.  Everyone seems to love everyone else.  We watched the Muppets’ “Scrooge.”  That was fun.  Then they gave us gifts.  I got a lovely brooch, which was “I Love Santa” in sparkling stones.  I love it.  Pam got a church, which is a replica of the church where “Silent Night” was inspired and written.  There was a bulb to put inside, which lit it up.  Brenda has a village of buildings, and it is beautiful.  


I love the way Americans decorate for Christmas.  They love their trees and usually have large ones, or even 2 large ones.  Then they have Christmas ornaments which come out each year.  Also biscuit tins, snowmen, Santas, and everything in red and green.  After a lovely meal and lots of sweet cookies and fudgy things, we watched, “The Snowman.”  


Then we each told about a Christmas that we remembered.  I told about the one where Karen had seen a doll in a shop window, and said that if she could have that, then she wouldn’t have anything else.  We got it for her and she adored it for years.  I got it out every night before Christmas, just to look at it myself.  I guess I never had a doll so pretty.


FRIDAY 23rdWent to the bank to change some money.  There were cookies and sweets and drinks.  What a lovely place to live.  We went to a house where a lady made plaques for your walls.  She moulded them in clay, then made a wax image, then made them from concrete.  She gave me one with 2 ducks and a crow, with 2 little boys hiding behind flowers.  We stayed awhile and she talked all the time --- what an unusual lady!!  Back to town and lunch at Dairy Queen, with Pam and Emily.  It was nice to have 3 generations out together.  Pam made fudge tonight  (more sugar --- oh dear!).  We listen to Christmas music all the time, sometimes the “Messiah” and sometimes carols.  It is a nice atmosphere.  Everyone helps with the work.  Pam is dying to know what’s in her present from Richard.  So are we all.


SAT 24thLast minute shopping and preparations for tomorrow.  I made custard for the trifle with 3 pints of milk and 3 eggs.  The first lot I burnt and the second lot took forever to boil.  I am usually so good at making custard!!  We all played a part in the Nativity; I was Joseph.  Emily organized it, then Richard read from Matthew.  It was nice being part of this family Christmas.  Pam wasn’t’ very well tonight.  We retired early.




SUN 25th DECEMBERWe all got up about 6:30 a.m. and first w went with Pam and Emily to see the Hope Chest that Richard had made for Emily.  It is beautiful.  Emily was in tears with excitement.  


We had a happy time opening presents.  Everyone was pleased to get them, but what was nice was the expression on the face of the givers.  There was so much joy in giving.  Pam bought me some more gold earrings and made a nightie.  The boys gave me a photo of all the children with Santa.  Emily gave me a glass Christmas plate and Andrew gave me a book about values.  I had already decided to buy this book.  


Pam was still ill so she wasn’t able to go to church, which was a shame, as it was a lovely experience.  There was a beautiful spirit there.  The choir did a presentation, going through the life of Jesus.  It was good.  Then we got to sing some carols and the children were given candy canes.  


Richard’s parents, Calvin and Nelda, came for dinner, which Richard made.  It was delicious.  It was a very happy day.


MON. 26thPam felt a little better today.  Jim and Brenda with their three girls came, and we had a lovely day with them.  It is unusual that a whole family can be friends with a whole family.  There was a lovely spirit.  I enjoyed being part of them.  


Later Pam and I played Rumikub, then talked for a while, when everyone had gone to bed.


TUES 27th DEC 94It’s been raining heavily for a few days now, and there is a puddle as big as a duck pond outside.  The two boys are sailing a sand pit (a plastic one) on the water.  The weather is warm enough so that the wet doesn’t matter too much.  Ronnie rang to say he is missing me, and it rained 5” in Wales last night.  There is a lot of rain this year.


WEDWent to Seattle with Pam and baby Rachael.  We went to Costco, where I bought some next year’s Christmas presents and some fabric paints for myself, and a book for Ronnie.  


Then we picked Richard up to go to the Church book shop and Garment Shop.  The book shop was great.  I wished I had more money to spend.  Maybe I got my priorities wrong, when I bought the fabric paints.  We went to Fabricland and Pam bought me some fun material to take home.  This is really for costumes for kids Halloween, but I will make aprons of them for fun.  


We went for “fish and chips” --- not really like English ones, even though they were served in pretend newspaper.  Pam is still not very well.


THURS 29 DECToday I finished the cardigan that I knit for Pam and showed Colleen how to knit.  I showed Emily last week.  They are both doing well.  


Jan Peter told me today that he will make a law when he grows up that there will be no smooching or doing the things girls do.  I told him his father liked to smooch and he said, “No, he gives my mum hugs, but he doesn’t smooch all over her.”  He is so funny.  


We went to the pictures tonight to see “Miracle on 42nd Street.”  It was quite charming, and I enjoyed it.  Only one more day before I go home.  I hope Pam feels better and can enjoy it.