Monday, Jan. 23rd

I celebrated the New Year by drinking orange juice on a plane in Chicago Airport, whilst waiting to leave for England. 

It was lovely to be home.  Ronnie hasn’t stopped fussing over me yet and it’s over 3 weeks since I arrived.

Joanne and Nicholas and babies came up for a weekend this month to go to Bradford for the 20th Anniversary of the dedication of the Bradford Chapel by Vaughn J. Featherstone.  We had a wonderful weekend, seeing all the old faces.  

Since then Brian Whitehead has died.  They were a nice family.  Ian, Brian’s eldest son, was one of Gary’s best friends.  Both Ian and Gary are inactive.  I wonder if they understand how serious it is to be inactive. 

I’m sure Gary has a testimony.  I’ve seen him when the spirit has touched him.  I’ve read his mission letters.  What is the boy playing at?  

Pam and Richard have been teaching their children about the sacrifices of olden times and about Jesus being a sacrificial lamb for us, and how we can go to the altar (the sacrament table) every week and take our sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit.  They took the children to church in search of a modern day altar.  Pam says it was a very spiritual experience for the whole family.  

There was an earthquake on the island last Saturday, 29th January.  Joseph was 2 on Sunday.  What a darling boy.

We had a lot of snow on Wednesday and so it was risky going to Wakefield to church on Sunday, so Bishop Wain canceled it. 

Ronnie and I went to Golcar Baptist Church.  Mike Smith, who writes in the Examiner from time to time, was the minister.  He turned the time over to 6 teenagers who, with drums and guitars, sang songs and did skits and gave a talk.  It was a very impressive service. 

I am sure Heavenly Father will bless these young people for their dedication in trying to spread the “good news” in their own way and using their talents.  We were made very welcome.

At 3 o’clock I went to pick up 4 of the Miller children to give their mother a break.  She has 9 children and a husband, who is not exactly the backbone of the family. I admire Jackie for the way she copes.


Sunday, 5th Feb, 1995

Yesterday we had a ground-breaking service at the grounds of our burnt out chapel at Birchencliffe.  We had a choir and an organ and a wonderful spirit. 

President  [John] Scott presided.  Bishop Sheard and Bishop Wain and 2 Huddersfield Bishops spoke.  Then George Jokl, our Stake President, spoke.  I felt very privileged to be asked to close with prayer.

Pam rang with news of Racheal’s illness.  They don’t seem to be able to tell what is wrong with her. 

Pam sounds very dejected.  I wish I was there to give her some support.  I pray the Lord will stand in for me.  The doctors seem to think it’s a kind of migraine that leaves her muscles unable to function.  Whatever it is, I pray she will soon be well. 

I will tell Wendy [McEwen]to put her name in the prayer roll tomorrow when she goes to the London Temple.

Today was a good day at church.  I love being in Primary. 

We had the missionaries to dinner---  Elder Meyer and Elder Nelson  --- then we went to Halifax to an Elders Quorum Fireside, where Ronnie spoke.  He is a good speaker and told us to dig our spiritual roots deep than we can cope with hardships in our lives.


21 Feb. 95

Relief Society Homemaking tonight, about not wasting time.  I try not to.  

Ronnie is moving his study upstairs.  We will be able to have a nice big front room for cottage meetings. 

We have been greatly blessed because Neil and Wendy are doing their front room out and we are able to buy carpet suite and curtains for our front room at a price we can afford.

Nicholas, Joanne, Joseph and Thomas came to visit from Monday to Friday last week.  

We went to see Linda and Maurice on Thursday.  Linda isn’t very well at the moment and Maurice seems tired.  We enjoyed our visit because Maurice brought his son and daughter with their babies so we had a baby show.


22 Feb. 95

It rained very heavily today for such along time.  I found it a bit depressing. 

Learning the ways of the computer at work is hard.  Some days it seems easy, but other days I get very frustrated. 

We sold the Lada today to Norman [Anson]. 

Ronnie can get his printer now.  That should please him.   

  I rang Gary tonight.  He was very chatty and promised to visit in a couple of weeks.  

  Tap dancing at Wakefield with Jean and Liza Ford.  They say I am doing ok!  Joanne came with me last week. She was impressed !!! 

Relief Society --- we are doing a program whereby each month you try to do something to improve yourself.  I am keeping up to my journal (again) and exercising each day, and this month I need to write a letter to someone who needs one.


23rd Feb

Better weather.  I felt brighter.  Linda Goodwin rang.  She says she feels better.  I am glad.  

  Ronnie got his printer today.  Now he is really happy.  

  We went home teaching tonight.  We visited Mike and Millie, and Norman Anson.  We also called to see Ronnie’s mum.  She was very happy to see us.  Rene called whilst we were there.  She looks after her mum well.


24th Feb. Fri

I am getting to know my way around the work’s computer a little better.  I never thought I would be using one at my age.  

  Went to visit Erika this afternoon.  She is quite bright at the moment.  

  Brenda Parker and I visited Helen Taylor to give her a 5th Transitional Lesson.  I’m not sure she understands too much, but she tries.  Her life has been pretty bad.  She was badly used by her father, and her younger brother Peter killed the father 15 years ago.  He is still in prison, but Helen visits him fairly often.

  I made a chart today to mark off when I do what I want to do on a daily basis to improve myself.  Now I can tick “filled in my journal” !!!


25 Feb. Sat

We had a good missionary meeting today.  I enjoy them, because I like the spirit the missionaries bring and I feel that in some small way I am helping the Lord’s work along.  

  I slept a lot today, but found time to sort some papers and spent a time ready Gary’s letters that he sent us whilst on his mission.  One was a photocopy of a letter he sent to Martin Dunn.  It is really impressive. 

What, I ask myself, makes him go inactive when he knows so much?!! 

  Quiz night at Wakefield Chapel.  Millie and Jean put on a full English breakfast and Mike did a good Quiz.


26 Sun

The Primary children were very noisy today.  It’s a good job.  I love them.  

  My diary is filled up again for every night next week!  

  Alex Tiffany was baptized today.  Ronnie organized the baptizm.  I gave a scripture reading at the font side, a good spirit [was there].  

  Slept again most of the afternoon.


Mon., 27 Feb. 95

Maurice and Linda came for tea today and brought us some plants.  Linda isn’t very well.  She was quite agitated, but cheerful.  I wish she and Maurice would accept the Gospel.  I know it would help them.  

  Elders Nelson and Meyer called in for a short visit, unfortunately after Maurice and Linda had left.  It was good to have them in our home, though.  

  Karen rang last night.  She is working hard to teach her children the Gospel and succeeding in many areas.  I am proud of all my grandchildren.


Tues., 28 Feb

The last day of the month.  How fast time seems to go now I am older, and there is so much to do.  

  Millie and I went visiting teaching today, then I had a Primary Meeting from 6 - 7:30, then to Tanya’s for the Relief Society lessons for Primary and Young Women’s workers.  Quite a spiritual day!


Wed., 1st March 95

Snowed today and strangely it thundered and lightened with it.  

  Went to Dewsbury to a Primary Leadership Meeting with Lesley Dearnley and Oddette.   I was uplifted, and we have set some goals for Primary.


Thurs. 2 Mch

The Blazer boys, Gary McMillan, David Brill, Joseph Webb and Sam Hanson came for soup with their teacher, Alan Webb, who is leaving on Sunday to work abroad.  They were having their favourite activity, eating at different homes.  It was nice having them.  

  We will miss Alan.  He is a brilliant pianist. 

Ronnie went on splits with the missionaries tonight.  We have Elder Nelson and Elder Meyer at the moment.  

  Rang Joanne.  She is in good spirits.  Joseph has an eye infection but it is much better today.


Fri  3 Mch 95

President [Howard W] Hunter has passed away.  He was such a sweet man.  Although he was a prophet for only a few months I felt he has taught us something.  He told us to be more Christlike and attend the Temple more.

God bless our new prophet, President Hinckley, a very homely man.  

  Today I put some photos into an album.  There were three wedding photos, one of Karen and Lewis at the London Temple, one of Pamela and Richard at the Manti Temple, and one of Joanne and Nicholas at the German Temple. 

I left a space for Gary and Helen and pray that someday I will put a photo in of their Temple Marriage.


Sat 4th March

Missionary Meeting.  It’s a good start to Saturday.  

 Went to Michelle’s wedding at Wakefield, Mike and Millie’s daughter.  I hope she felt a good spirit there.  

  We went to Alan and Bessie’s home [Pritchard] for dinner later in the evening.  That was two meals in one day and I suffered during the night. 

I really enjoy Alan and Bessie’s company.  They are such sweet people. 

I would like Maurice and Linda to meet them.  Maybe I can get an evening with them together.


Sun 5 Mch

There were so many people off sick and otherwise engaged in Primary today, we had to ask for help.  It was nice that so much was forthcoming.  

  Had a tithing settlement with the bishop today.  It is good to be able to go without any guilty feelings, knowing you have paid what you should.  

  High Priest Fireside at John and Silva Scott’s tonight.  We discussed what scriptures there were on an Eternal Mother, which was quite interesting. Also, the need to keep accurate records.


Monday 6 Mch 95

Joanne rang.  She heard Bro. Faust and Bro. Holland yesterday at Conference and she sounds spiritually uplifted.  That’s good to hear.


Sunday, 12 Mch

Primary was very tiring today.  Maybe I am getting old, though I haven’t been too well all week.  I sweat a lot for no reason and go dizzy sometimes.  


Wednesday 15th March

I pulled a muscle in my calf, which makes walking difficult and I missed going to my new Keep Fit Club on a Friday, called the “Owls,” and of course my tap dancing on Wednesday.  

  Visited Erika on Friday.  I ought to go more often.  The problem is getting away once I get in, but she so enjoys my visits, especially when I take stories of Joseph and Thomas.

  Gary and Helen were up on Friday night to Sunday morning.  We went shopping on Saturday afternoon, then to the pictures to see “River Wild,” which Ronnie had seen them filming when he was in Montana  I really enjoyed them being with us.  

  I was hoping they might go to church on Sunday, but Gary had a presentation to give on Monday and he had to get home to work on it.  

  We had a cottage meeting tonight. Ronnie talked about Brigham Henry Roberts – the “Lion of the Lord.”  

 Thomas has a tooth through.  Life goes on doesn’t it?


Sun 19 Mch 95

Monday the missionaries came to tea.  It is always good to have them in our home.  

Enjoyed dancing class on [Wednesday 22 March].   We are a happy bunch, and Liza [Ford] is a good teacher.  

  Ronnie’s nephew, David, came for tea on Thursday , then the missionaries came to teach hi the Gospel.  


Friday 24th March

I started the “Owls.”  It’s a Keep Fit scheme run at the Sports Centre.  For £4 I played bowls, went to a Keep Fit class, went for a swim, had a lecture, lunch, table tennis, badminton, back to table tennis, then to Yoga before I came home --- a good £4’s worth.  I met some nice people.  Maybe I can set up a lecture about the Mormons.  It’s a new area for chances to do missionary work.   


Saturday 25th March

We had our missionary meeting.  I don’t seem to have anything to report these days.  Next week I will.

  Booked a holiday in Suffolk today to go with Nicholas and Joanne and babies.  

  Rang Pam. She says Joanne is a spoiled brat!  Maybe, but who cares! 

  Pam says Karen and Lewis may visit her next year.  I hope they do.  Those girls haven’t met for about 15 years.  

  Families are forever and should stick together.  (Please God, bring Gary and Helen into the fold.)

  Ronnie and I went to Les and Audrey Dufton’s at Holmfirth.  Ronnie gave a fireside for 3 new members over there.  It was excellent. 

The branch at Meltham is doing very well.  They are getting lots of baptisms and are now looking for ground to build a chapel.  It is wonderful. 

Our chapel is coming on nicely.  I will be happy to see it finished.


Sun 26th Mch

This week has been a good week.  I feel we have accomplished some things in our home.  


I went to Homemaking Meeting.  When you work in Primary it is good to mix socially with some of the other sisters.  In my personal progress book, I plan to have a family prayer each day and try to get a gospel discussion period with Ronnie once a week, as our F. H. E. effort.    



my dancing is slowly improving.  



Primary meeting --- it went on too long and I get irritable.  I must show more patience.  


Millie came to OWLS with me Friday and we had an enjoyable day.  I felt really fit and walked home !!  


We had a party for all the Valiants who have been, and who are, at our house on Saturday.  They had a wonderful time.  If we can only keep these kids in the church there are some potential leaders amongst them.  


Saturday, went to Les and Audrey’s again.  It was Les’s birthday and their wedding anniversary.  Jean and Cliff came and Mike, Millie and Melanie.  We laughed all night and ate some good food.


Today the bus [taking us to Wakefield Ward for meetings] had a new driver and no one went to meet him, so we were all stood 40 minutes waiting for a bus that never came.  Silva picked me and May Sowden up.  Ronnie had gone to pick up Linda [Gregory] and Tamsyn, Adam and up.  They should go to Halifax, but it is better that they come to Wakefield than nowhere at all.

  We got a card from the Brill’s thanking us for helping to pay for their car mending.  They couldn’t afford it so we and some more friends paid for it to be done.  They don’t know it was us.  The card was passed on through a third party.  It was nice to be able to help such a lovely family.  


Mothers’ Day today.  I got a card from Karen and Joanne, but nothing from Gary.    I must admit it hurts that he never bothers to send me one, but I love him and forgive him.  I miss my own mum, I would love her to see how well my children are doing.


[No further entries were made in 1995]



I do not know whether the following news item refers to this illness, but it might: