Sunday, December 31, 1996

We didn’t go to church today because it was snowing, and we didn’t want to get stuck in Wakefield again [Bishop David Wain cancelled services]. 

It got warmer and the snow melted making me feel guilty and sorrowful that I had missed church.

At 9 o’clock pm we went to [Clifford &] Jean Ford’s to let the New Year in.  We watched a film about the early life of Jesus which I really enjoyed.  I have a picture in my mind now of what it was like. 

John and Silva took us in their car. 

Donna [Macmillan] was there.  I hope she has a better year. 

Mike and Millie [Wright] of course were there and Dothlin [Duhaney].

Lisa [Ford] was there too. 

The food was good and I am grateful for the company of such good friends to see in the New Year.


Monday, January 1, 1996

It was 3:30 am before we got to bed and I didn’t sleep well – too much food too late. 

Pam rang at 2 minutes to eight to see the New Year in with her and her friends and children.

Didn’t get up until 12 o’clock.  What a waste of a day.  Exercised - didn’t go for a walk as it was very muggy. 

Ronnie went to bring Helen Taylor over for tea.  I played some games with her and hoped she enjoyed a day out.

Started studying the Book of Mormon with the Institute Manual.  Once I get started I enjoy studying. Will try to keep it up.

Ronnie in study most of the day.


Tuesday, January 2, 1996

Had a walk today even though it was muggy.  I enjoyed it but would have liked to walk further along the canal bank, but it is too dangerous these days. 

Saw 3 young girls down there, one of them was standing on the ice at the edge of the canal.  I persuaded her to get off, but it was a worry leaving them there.  Never thought to pray for their safety.

Haven’t done anything for anyone yet today.  Maybe I’ll write to Gaynor add encourage her to live the Gospel.

Spent a lot of time cleaning the loft up.  It looks better.

Wrote a letter to Gaynor and Rachel - hope they take notice.  I’ll try to write once a week.

Rang Silva to make some plans for visiting the temple in February.  I feel quite excited. I didn’t get down there last year because of my slothfulness.  I left it too late to book accommodation.  This year I will get on with things.

Ronnie in study most of the day working on his book.


Wednesday, January 3,

1996Back to work. 

I got up at 7 o’clock and studied for 20 minutes, then did 20 minutes exercise.  I am going to try to keep it up.  It is so easy to study early in the morning.

Neil [McEwen] is well again and so bright and happy.  It is nice to see him so.

Went to dancing class.  It is the last for a while because they are practicing for the open house for the new chapel - won’t be long now !!!

Fed the missionaries today.


Thursday, January 4, 1996

Got a letter today to say that my father’s cousin, Albert, died on Christmas Eve.  What a sad Christmas for Gladys, his wife.  We went to see them last June when we went to Suffolk on a holiday with Nicholas and Joanne.  They were so happy to see us.

I’m reading a book about Catherine Booth, the granddaughter of the General Booth who started the Salvation Army.  What a hard-working and faithful family they were.  I really admire the S/A members.  We know one personally - “Sam.” [Merry] He is such a nice man.

When we were on holiday with Joanne we took them to a S[alvation] A[rmy] meeting because the LDS church was burnt down and we didn’t know where they were meeting.  We really enjoyed it.

Did some shopping for Erika.


Friday, January 5, 1996

I am enjoying the early morning study.

Went to Sports Centre to the “Owls” Club.  Played bowls for an hour then ½ an hour in the fitness suite, then ½ hour keep fit, then ¾ hour swim, lunch and badminton before I came home.  I love it.

Pam rang to tell us that Emily had been very near death’s door with an asthma attack.  She was in hospital 4 days so it must have been bad.  

Adam has Asthma as well. 

Joanne thinks Thomas has it too.

Send a card and letter to Gladys Goodwin, the widow of my father’s cousin, who died on Christmas Eve.


Saturday, January 6, 1996

Prepared a lesson for Primary.  We are to study the Book of Mormon.  I wrapped one up in Christmas paper and tried to get the children to understand it was the greatest gift God has given to us to help us return to Him.

Had Peggy over for a meal - We played a few games and chatted.  I hope she enjoyed it.  We ran her back to Bradford in the car.


Sunday, January 7, 1996

Fast and Testimony Meeting.  I bore my testimony to the fact that if you study scripture you become more spiritual.  It is true.

Taught the Blazers and Merrie Miss.  I called them the Merry Blazers.  Why do the boys hate the girls and visa versa?

Sara Brill was singing with a group of children at Leeds Town Hall – It was on television.  Brought Steven [Kelly] home for a meal.


Monday, January 8, 1996

Studied this morning about pride and how it can be your downfall.  We certainly get plenty of warning about these things.

Raining heavy today.  Thank the Lord - the water situation is pretty desperate with the long hot summer and no rain.

(Karen said Thomas found where the tin of biscuits was.  She found him with one in his mouth and one in each hand.  He thought it was Christmas again.)

Rang Kath Crowther who is ill.  She doesn’t need me just now, but will ring me if she does.


Tuesday, January 9, 1996

The greatest gift is salvation.  No one can give it to you or earn it for you.  It is not to be bought or won as a prize, but can only be had through the grace of Jesus Christ and your own endeavours to live the gospel by keeping the commandments.  If you forget yourself and seek to help others you have made it.  How hard to forget one’s own petty wants and desires.

Worked all day today.  Neil is a good boss and we have a nice atmosphere in our office.  Wendy usually comes down to say hello.  I really like Wendy.  We are both counsellors in Primary.  President changed on Sunday from Lesley Dearnley to Helen Fahey.

Rang Pat Crines to fellowship with her.


Wednesday, January 10, 1996

Keeping up with study and exercise in a morning.

Lovely day today.  The sun shone for awhile.  I can’t imagine what it will be like to live in “outer darkness.”  I get depressed when I don’t see the sun for a few weeks.  Not that I intend to go to “outer darkness.”

Went visiting teaching with Brenda Parker.  Had a nice visit with Frank and Ruth Brook.  Sandra not at home and the Polish lady, Philamena Schofield, not in either.  I wish we could do some missionary work.

Called in to see Erika.


Thursday, January 11, 1996

Ronnie’s 61st birthday today.


Friday, January 12, 1996

This is my day for OWLS.  I go to the Sports Centre at 8:30 and play bowls for an hour, then work out in the fitness suite for ½ hour, then go to keep fit for ½ hour.. Then swim!  Lunch is served and after that I play badminton and table tennis.  It makes me very tired but I enjoy it very much.  I leave about 2 to 2:30, and come home for a sleep!!


Saturday, January 13,

1996We had a party for Ronnie.  Cliff and Jean Ford, Les and Audrey Dufton, Mike and Millie Wright, with Melanie and Matthew came.  He was given 3 boxes of Belgian chocolates (oooh!) and 2 book tokens.  It was a good night.


Sunday, January 14, 1996

Helen Fahey called as Primary President and Wendy and I are back in as counsellors last week.  Our first week together was good.

We had Elder Peck, Elder Taylor, Steven [Kelly], Adam Wain, and Deborah Brill back for lunch, then we went to the Bishop for our tithing settlement.  Gosh I’m glad I know about tithing.  It certainly blesses my life.

Had a long chat to Karen.  She rang to invite us down for Lewis’ 18th birthday party.  I can’t believe he is 18 already.

Ronnie spoke in sacrament - It was very good. 

Chris Leonard spoke - He is our high councilman.


Monday, January 15, 1996

Still getting up for scripture study and exercise.

Went to see Erika.

Finished a book about Catherine Bramwell Booth, the grand-daughter of General Booth who started the Salvation Army.  She and all her family went the extra mile by serving her fellowmen all her life.  What a great lady.  I guess she has earned her heavenly crown.

It makes me feel so inadequate.  I teach in Primary and serve where I can, but I would really like to spread the gospel.  What can I do?


Tuesday, January 16, 1996

Worked all day - I find it tiring, but it won’t be for long now.  I am to retire in May.

“I give myself to God and here and now bind myself to him in a solemn covenant.  I will love and trust and serve Him supremely so long as I live.  I will live to win souls, and I will not allow anything to turn me aside from making their salvation as the first great purpose of my life.  I will be true to the Salvation Army and the principles represented by its flag, under which I stand to make this life covenant.”

(This is the covenant made by a cadet in the Salvation Army after training.)

We should consider our baptism covenants and temple covenants.  Next month I will take special notice!


Wednesday, January 17, 1996

We had a Primary meeting today.  Helen had an agenda so we didn’t waste any time.  

I got Erika’s shopping list and went to ASDA’s later this evening.  I got some cheap bread and 2 chickens ½ price.  It all helps.

The Electric (company) has given us £50.00 back.  It will pay for our visit to the temple next month.  Everything always works out for our good. We are really blessed.

I finished a cardigan tonight.  It is made up of odd balls of wool – very colourful.  

Ronnie recorded Michael Flaherty, the River Dance genius, while I was out.  He is very thoughtful.


Thursday, January 18, 1996

It was almost like Spring today.  The washing wasn’t dry but it won’t take long after being hung out.  I remember how sweet and fresh my mother’s washing smelled and mine does today.

I am trying to prepare my mind to receive inspiration for a talk on Sunday.  Over the years I have learned a lot.  It’s all a matter of putting it together in a useful form to help others change their lives.


Friday, January 19, 1996

Good day at Sports Centre.  Spent the evening trying to put my talk together for Sunday.  I have changed what I spent 7 to 8 o’clock preparing this morning.  It didn’t feel right.  I am still not completely satisfied.  Maybe a fresh mind tomorrow will help.

Ronnie is happy about his book.  It is coming together well.  He is very talented.


Tuesday, January 23, 1996

Lewis Jnr. 18 years old today.


Wednesday, January 24, 1996

Went to visit Philamena Schofield with Brenda.  We had a good reception and left a message about having faith to follow Jesus.  Her priest had been and left a nice picture of Jesus so we used it as we talked about Him.


Friday, January 26, 1996

We didn’t go to Telford today because it snowed. 

We went to a social at Neil and Wendy’s.  The Scotts, the Palfreys, and Tom and Beverley Philips were there.  We played Celestial Pursuit.  It was a fun evening.  The food was delicious.


Saturday, January 27, 1996

Home alone - well, almost.  Ronnie was in but he doesn’t live on this earth.

  It was a peaceful day and I got a lot done, besides visiting Erika to make sure the snow wasn’t a problem.


Sunday, January 28, 1996

No church today – it is too risky going to Wakefield.  I studied the Book of Mormon.  Did some genealogy and finished a scarf off.

  Norman [Anson] came for tea.  It was nice to have some company. 

Ronnie gave us a lesson on Job.  He didn’t have patience.  He had faith.  

Norman is to go to Seattle with us.


Monday, January 29, 1996

Worked until 1 o’clock.  Went to pick up Mike Wright to go to Dewsbury.  He helped me find some ancestors who have been done [i.e., had the Temple work done].  It was very exciting - the name was King and they lived in Norton, Suffolk.

  Francis came for tea.  It was nice to see Him even if he is getting bigger, and his hair is getting longer.  We watched a video called “River Wild.”  It was made in Montana.  Ronnie was there when they were making it.

  Joseph was 3 years old today and I forgot to send his card.


Wednesday, January 31, 1996

Went to visit with Erika.  I try to relax and not feel I could be doing other things.  That’s not giving willingly of my time.

  Did some genealogy tonight.  Sorted out some names.  I must follow through on my action points.


Thursday, February 1, 1996

Missionaries called tonight - Had a good talk and I hope we can help them with their work.  Elder Taylor and Elder Baugh.

  Joanne rang.  She wants some help to do a sharing time.  It will be nice to work with her this weekend.  

  I wrote an encouraging letter to Gaynor and Rachel tonight and sent a copy of the monthly sheet we get on homemaking for encouraging us to perfect ourselves.  I hope it helps them.

  I wrote a scripture about love on a card to help us keep love in mind this month.

  This morning whilst studying 2 Nephi, I learnt that the body and the spirit are really in opposition.  I have decided I want my spirit to win, so I will try hard to control my bodily appetites.

1)  Getting irritated

2)  Eating when I don’t need food

3)  Organizing better so that I use time wisely

That’s enough for now.  Lord, help me to love unconditionally.


Friday, February 2, 1996

2 Nephi 9:50-51 --- The greatest gift is free.  You can become spiritually fat, even if you never own one thing on this earth.  These you can take with you, but earthly treasures stay and rot.  I know when I feel spiritual I feel good!

In the Book of Mormon Student Manual it teaches on page 77 that Eve was deceived and transgressed the law.  Adam thought it out carefully and chose the best way of two laws.  If you visit the temple you will know Eve made a positive decision after questioning Satan, then explained to Adam.

  A very busy day.  Sports Centre at 8:30 - Home after lunch to get ready to travel.  

  Ronnie came home early after having a G/A haircut - what a difference.  He looks really good. 

Devinda gave us a bag of nuts to eat on our journey.   She is a good neighbour.

Got to Joanne’s about 7 o’clock – not a bad journey, though I hate travelling. 

Karen rang at eight. 

Lots of people were there, but she wasn’t going to start before I arrived – wasn’t  that nice? 

Ronnie looked after Joanne’s babies until Nicholas brought the babysitter.

  I enjoyed Lewis’ 18th birthday party, even if it was a bit noisy. 

Had a talk with Gary and got nowhere.  I wish I knew what to do – I won’t give him away so easily.


Saturday, February 3, 1996

Surprise! Surprise!   I had a migraine.

  Missed going with Joseph for a haircut and to town shopping with Joanne.  Shame, but I don’t suppose I can have everything I want.

  Lewis and Karen came round in the evening and we played Hulaballoo, which is Charades using only your voice and head movements.  It was fun.


Sunday, February 4, 1996

Enjoyed Fast and Testimony meeting.  I bore my testimony in Relief Society.  It’s a good feeling when you do.  I didn’t fast because of my “delicate” head.  Maybe next Sunday I will.

  We all went to Karen’s for lunch.  Karen wasn’t too well. 

I feel I lost her somewhere along the way and I don’t know why or how.  She worries me because she doesn’t seem happy.  If only I could do something --- but what?

  Joanne seems to be coping well.  She is getting more confident and mature.


Monday, February 5, 1996

Busy at work. [NMA]

Zelda [Ball] didn’t come in and Neil had a meeting. 

Martin and I held the fort --- good old Martin.

  Went to see Erika.  She has trouble keeping warm.  It is very cold and threatens  snow.

  Matthew rang.  Doctor told him Friday that he had measles.  Today he said it was Scarlet Fever.  He should be in bed not in a telephone booth.  It’s difficult to look after someone in another town.  Ronnie gave him some good advice and sent him home to bed.

  We went to look at some suits that had been advertised in the paper, and bought 2 for Ronnie.  They are both nice. £12 and £30 is not bad for 2 really good suits.

  Enjoyed reading the Ensign.  I’m going to bed now to read Heber C Kimball, a very great man.


Monday, February 19, 1996

Travelled to the temple with Jean [Ford] and Lisa [Ford].  We took Max (Lisa’s son) to stay with his dad [George] in London.  It made it a long journey, but it is good to help someone get to the temple.


Tuesday, February 20, 1996

The peace here is wonderful.  What a relief to get away from the world for awhile.


Friday, February 23, 1996

Had a wonderful week at the temple.  Ronnie enjoyed it too.  I wish we could go more often.  When the Preston Temple opens we will!!


Saturday, February 24, 1996

Had a social at Wakefield. 

Ronnie and I played Mr. And Mrs.  We got 1 question right out of 6. 

Thomas and Joseph have a tummy upset.


Sunday February 25, 1996

Lewis and Karen came up with Nathan and Jacob.  We had a lovely afternoon with them.  

  After they left for home the electrics on the car went so they had to come back.  

  Ronnie ran Karen and the boys home and Lewis stayed to get the car mended. 

He (Ronnie) is so good to go all that way without a second thought.


Wednesday, February 28, 1996

Went with Brenda to visit the Polish lady, Philamena Schofield.  The missionaries met her a few months back and she said she thought (she would like to have) women come out to visit, so Brenda and I have been going each month.  We now give her the visiting teaching message.


Thursday, February 29, 1996

Ronnie and I went to a Relief Society Board Meeting to talk about missionary work.  What a lovely spirit there was there.  I am so glad I was invited.  (I only wish I was a better example of a missionary.)


Friday, March 1, 1996

John and Hilda [Barnsley] came and slept overnight.  John is staying for a while until his new house is organised.


Saturday, March 2, 1996

Pam rang.  I rang her first and then she rang me back.  It will be lovely just sitting and talking like we have done before.


Sunday, March 3, 1996

Nice testimony meeting.  Both Ronnie and I bore testimony. 

We brought Steven [Kelly] home for dinner.  

  Ronnie and Eric [Brill] went to visit Norman [Anson] to call him to a high council court next Tuesday.  Good news for Norman.

  Karen rang.  She is having trouble with Abigail misbehaving at home.  Teenagers --- who’d have them?

  Got a large print Book of Mormon for Philamena Schofield.


Monday, March 4, 1996

Picked some washing up from Jackie Miller’s and took to Sis [Pat] Crines to iron.  Jackie has had the varicose veins removed from one of her legs.

  Visited Erika.

  Finished reading a book called, Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullenger.  She went to Hong Kong and went among the desperately poor people and criminals --- drug addicts and prostitutes, helping them to change their lives by believing in Jesus.  She says that through the Holy Ghost and prayers said in tongues that lots of young men came off heroin, and opium without any painful withdrawal symptoms.  (Oh, to have that kind of faith.)

  Wrote to Wendy! [McEwen]


Thursday, March 7, 1996

Went to Dewsbury Chapel with Brenda Parker to do some genealogy.  I felt I had achieved quite a lot.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you are doing it.


Friday, March 8, 1996

Surprise, Surprise. Ronnie [Goodwin] and Sheila,  Maurice and Linda came today.  I wanted to feed them, but they wouldn’t eat apart from some chocolate.  They were interested in old photos and genealogy.  I gave them a lot of info.

  I was so pleased to see them.  We talked about old times and their children and my children.


Saturday, March 9, 1996

The missionaries put on a musical at Dewsbury.  We couldn’t get anyone to go.  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.


Saturday, March 16, 1996

Busy day today.

  Church hired the Fartown High School Baths from 5 - 7.  We had some fun with rubber dinghies and ducks, etc.  There was a lot there.

Then we went line dancing (despite the snow) to the Sports Centre.  Jean Ford, Lisa Ford, Millie [Wright], Melanie [Wright], Sandra Tremaine and myself.  A good time was had by all.

  It is a nice family kind of dancing because anyone can do it.


Thursday, March 21, 1996

Silva’s.  7 o’clock for a shower for Liz [Ford] who is getting married on Saturday.


Saturday, March 23, 1996

Went to Elizabeth Crowther’s wedding, then Ronnie had a Valiant party for his old Valiant class.


Sunday, March 31, 1996

Released as counsellor in Primary and called as CTR teacher. 

I have Max Ford, David Palfrey and Alexander Miller.  A real challenge.


Friday, April 5, 1996

Joanne and Nicholas came with the boys – lovely to see them.  Joanne is pregnant.  I am so happy for them.  I hope this child gives them as much joy as Joseph and Thomas do.


Saturday, April 6, 1996

Went to Hebden Bridge.  We watched an open air play about the last days and crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  It was quite good.  I couldn’t watch whilst they pretended to nail Jesus to the cross.  I buried my face in Joseph’s neck and cried.  I wonder what Joseph thought.    You can’t tell by his face and he doesn’t talk a lot yet.

  Karen rang .  I told her about the play.  She said, “Why did you let Joseph watch?  You don’t know what will be going on in his mind.”  I said, “Well, I didn’t know what they were going to do.”  “You didn’t know?” she said.  “You mean you have never read the story?”  I wonder what Joseph did think!!

  Fed the ducks and had a look at the boats and, of course, a browse around the book shop.  Joanne and I went to Hudds market for a browse.  She bought some socks for Joseph with tiger marks on them and paws underneath so they can be worn as slippers.  I bet he keeps those on.. Baby-sat this evening.  Thomas not happy.


Sunday, April 7, 1996

Lots of chocolate Easter eggs and a trip to Brighouse Salvation Army service with Joseph.  They gave him a tiny fluffy chick in half an egg.  He was impressed. 

We took Sam [Merry], our Salvation Army friend home.  Such a nice man.

  We should have gone to Wakefield Satellite Broadcast, but I didn’t feel well, so we will see if we can get the video.


Monday, April 8, 1996

Ronnie dug the back garden and tired himself out.

  I had a lazy day.  I only did 4 loads of washing and ironing.  I must admit it’s an easy task these days, when I compare it with a tub and rubbing board.


Tuesday, April 9, 1996

Not very busy at work today.

  Ronnie brought Sam [Merry] over this evening for an hour or two to ask about the new job he has got for the Interfaith (Council).  He is secretary and Sam held the job for 4 years.  Sam feels people are in there (some people) to push their own values, rather than sharing and accepting and respecting other people’s.


Wednesday, April 10, 1996

Ronnie not well.  He thinks he has food poisoning.  I worked all day.


Friday, April 12, 1996

Got up to go in to work, but went back to bed ill.  This was definitely a non-day.  How fortunate I am that I am not ill a lot.


Saturday, April 13, 1996

Feeling a bit better.  Managed to shop at ASDA for myself and Erika.  Then went back to bed.

  During the afternoon I decided to make a positive move even though I didn’t want to.  I showered and put a clean nightie on, washed and set my hair.  Then had a dish of rice pudding.  Felt considerably better, so went downstairs for a few hours.

  Joanne rang.  She gets so tired with getting up during the night with the boys.  Thomas is a trial at the moment.  I gave Joseph a yo-yo when he left last week.  Joanne said when they were in the car he said, “I give back to Nanny.”  On being told I had given it him to keep, he said, “Me too little.”  He knew he couldn’t do it yet.  (I could kiss him to bits.)


Sunday, April 14, 1996

Church is later today, 2 to 5.  Give us a chance to come round.

  Lindon [Miller] called for our Fast Offering.  Rather nice.  He looked very smart in a suit. 

To say Jackie [Miller - Dowie] has 9 children she dresses them well.

  There were some nice testimonies today.  I particularly liked Eileen Webb’s.  She said you never know what is going to happen and the secret is to accept it and make the most of it.  She wanted a husband who came home every night for tea, and a whole brood of children.  She got Alan, who plays the piano on board ships, and 1 child.  But she has learned to accept and be happy with her lot.  Bless her.  

  I struggled with my class today.  I must love them more before I can teach them. At least I know my first step.

  Ronnie bore testimony of his good marriage.  We have a peaceful one, because he gives in to all my wants, which aren’t too many and I look after his interests.  We could be better companions.  We don’t talk enough to each other.


Sunday, April 21, 1996

Went to Stoke-on-Trent, to Karen’s stake house where Lewis, Jnr. was ordained an elder by his father, Ronnie and Nicholas.  It was a thrill to see him progress. 

We went into the park across from the church and had a picnic lunch with Karen and family and Joanne and her family.


Thursday, April 25, 1996

Went with Brenda to Dewsbury to do some genealogy.  It does take a long time looking through records.  When I retire I will be able to go more often and really get some work done.


Saturday, April 27, 1996

Went to Bradford to help with the Single Adult Convention.  John Barnsley did the evening meal and lots of us helped to cook and serve and wash up.  It’s a lovely feeling working together to serve people.


Monday, April 29, 1996

Pamela rang to say that when we go over to visit in 3 weeks time, she will book the temple for a sealing and we can be sealed as a family.  I have waited a long time for this.  Then I have all my children sealed to Ronnie and I. 

It’s an awful shame that Vic [Redmonds] doesn’t understand.  I don’t know how people can’t see the beauty of the gospel and the great blessings it holds for us.  I wouldn’t miss them for the world.


Wednesday, May 1, 1996

Travelled down to Telford and slept over at Joanne’s.  Karen and Lewis were there when we arrived.  It was really nice just sitting around chatting as a family.


Thursday, May 2, 1996

Joanne and Nicholas went to a funeral so we looked after Joseph and Thomas for awhile, then took them up to Karen’s.  

  We had a quick lunch and then set off for Worcester to go to court to find out about Mary [Gorman] and what will happen to her.  She is Rachel’s daughter and has a lot of problems physically and emotionally. 

We have offered to take her into our home, but we won’t know what will happen until all the assessments have been made.

  Rachel was quite upset.  I felt sorry for her.  It would upset me if someone had taken one of my children away from me.  But she is not really capable of looking after Mary.

  Bought Ronnie a watch on the way home.


Friday, May 3, 1996

Went to Owls, then into work to try to catch up a bit.  Neil has employed a nice young man called Randhir [Singh Randhawa] to do my job when I leave.

  Joanne rang.  She is not too well.  A migraine has brought her right down.  

Karen took Joseph to work with her. She is very good to her (Joanne).


Saturday, May 4, 1996

Today was the Talent Show.  I spent all day learning “On the Good Ship Lollipop,” got on stage and forgot the words.  My memory is awful.  We had some fun anyway.

  It was also our 11th wedding anniversary.  You never know, we may make 25 years before we go.  It’s not been a bad 11 years.  I think we are fairly well matched.


Sunday, May 5, 1996

I really made an effort to prepare for my Primary class this week, but I don’t think I got through to them.  Children don’t seem to take church teachings seriously; well, boys don’t.


Monday, May 6, 1996

Spent most of today worrying about Neil’s German invoices.  I wish they were sorted out.


Thursday, May 9, 1996

Still trying to sort out German invoices.  They affect my life a lot.  I hate to be in a muddle, especially when I can’t solve the problem.


Friday, May 10, 1996

I have some good friends at the Owls.  I wish I could introduce the gospel to them.

  Missionaries came for tea.  They are lovely lads.

  Went to see “Sense and Sensibility” at Elland Cinema.  We took Brenda [Parker] and her grand-daughter with us.  I was a lovely film.


Saturday, May 11, 1996

Mary’s [Gorman] man from court [guardian ad litem]came today to talk to us.  We have applied to look after Mary.  I’m not sure I am capable even though I would love to do it.  Our age is against us.  It would be nice to keep in touch with Mary and take her out from time to time, perhaps with her cousin, Ellie [White].

  Gary and Helen came up this morning.  We went shopping for some shoes but I couldn’t get any that fit comfortably.

  Ronnie spoke at Stake Conference tonight.  I would have loved to have heard him.  He had many compliments.  

  Gary and Helen took me out to dinner.  One has to remember one’s family.  (Chinese Rose - a Cantonese restaurant)


Sunday, May 12, 1996

This morning went to Bradford to Sara Leonard’s baptism.  It really was a lovely spirit.  

  I was hoping Gary might remember his covenants. 

He and Helen went to lunch at Ken’s house. 

Then he went to visit his dad and later he went in to Dewsbury to Chris Leonard’s 30th birthday party.  

  Carolyn says they are going to invite Gary up more often (keep the connection) and pray.

  Ronnie and I went to stake conference at Dewsbury for 2 o’clock.  We met many old friends, especially Ian and Ruth Jackson.  They are a lovely couple from Bradford with 7 children and a wonderful sense of humour.  I love them dearly.


Thursday, May 16, 1996

My last day at work today.  Now I am 62.  I hope I won’t have to work again.


Friday, May 17, 1996

Neil and Wendy took Ronnie and I to the pictures tonight to see “Mr. Opus.”  (“Mr. Holland’s Opus”)  I enjoyed it very much.  Then we went to an Italian restaurant in Huddersfield.  I had trout stuffed with crab meat.  After the meal the waiter brought me a beautiful scarlet gift bag, very large because it contained a briefcase from Neil and Wendy.  What a nice thought.  I really appreciate their attentions, but felt overwhelmed.


Sunday, May 19, 1996

Probably my last trip to Wakefield.

When I come back from America in 10 weeks, I hope the new chapel will be open.  It was difficult teaching those 3 young boys today.  I hope I get better.


Monday, May 20, 1996

Last minute shopping and packing for America.


Tuesday, May 21, 1996

Up at 5:40.  I ironed before I left today.

  John and Silva ran us to the railway station.  It was a long day on the aeroplanes.   Abby was a bit sick, but didn’t complain much.

Pam was there to meet us at Seattle.  We hired a car so we could travel where and when we wanted.  We ate lemon cake and drank hot chocolate when we reached Vashon.

  It is wonderful to be here again and for a whole ten weeks.  I can hardly believe it.


Wednesday, May 22, 1996

Slept fairly well.  Pam ran us round the island to show Abby what it is like here.  

  We saw a small bicycle which had been left leaning against a tree, and as the tree had grown it had got caught up with it and there it was high up from the ground stuck firmly in the branches of the tree.  I believe there is a lesson to be learned there.  We need to be dependent on ourselves, or we are carried along with someone else’s life and ways.

  Ronnie played the guitar and sang with Norman playing the bones this evening.  It was very pleasant.

  Pam plays classical music most of the day.  It is very uplifting.

  The children are so good.  They have all given up their beds for us.  The three boys are sleeping on the floor.  The little ones wanted to sleep in a tent tonight, but they were a bit frightened about the possibility of a visit from a racoon during the night.


Thursday, May 23, 1996

I woke a lot fresher today.  It was quite cool until late in the afternoon. 

I lit the stove for Pam.  I really like to light fires.  My father taught me how when I was young.

  Pamela made a monster Lasagne.  It was so delicious.  Then we went to watch the team that Andrew usually plays for play Lacrosse.  Andrew had a bad knee so he couldn’t play.  It was an unusual game and to some extent unfair, as the members on the team could be as many as you want, even though the ones on the field playing were a set number.  Andrew’s team got quite tired as they didn’t have many reserves.  The other team had at least 3 times as many players, so they had fresh players all the time.  Andrew’s team fought to the end and lost 15 to 4, but I think they did well.


Tomorrow is a special day!


Today is Joanne’s birthday and I only just remembered.  26 years old today.


Friday, May 24, 1996       SPECIAL DAY !

Richard took us into  Seattle on the foot ferry today.  We went to listen to folk music in the World Fair place.

A lovely hot day.  We were very tired.  It was a lot of walking and my legs won’t hold up these days very well.

After dinner we went to Seattle Temple to have Pamela sealed to us.  It was a wonderful event.  The spirit was beautiful and it was good to see Pamela so happy.  

Ronnie was “over the moon.”  He has always wanted this day to come.  I just soaked the whole thing up and felt the peace that comes from things done in the Lord’s name.  Richard was there with us, with his sweet spirit.

I have done the things I must do and so have all my children  [sealed to me](what a blessing).  Now it is up to us all to endure to the end in righteousness.

Dinner was barbecue chicken, potato salad, and beans in a sweet sauce.


Saturday, May 25, 1996

Beautiful sunshine today about 75 degrees.

  Watched Emily practice ballet.  She has a good feel for music and is very graceful.

  Abigail settling down.  She bought a necklace.  It is a little turtle.  

  I didn’t feel so well this afternoon, so rested while Pam took Ronnie and kids to beach.  Missed a beautiful dinner of salmon, salad, and baked potatoes.  Had some ice cream, though.  We had a pleasant evening playing a game with Emily.


Sunday, May 26, 1996

I enjoyed church.  It gives me great pleasure to sit in the same classes as my children and see them participate.  This doesn’t happen often as we live so far apart.

  The youth gave the sacrament service.   If only they understood the responsibility that is to be theirs.

 Abby and Emily get on well and I love to watch them.  It’s strange to think they are a part of me.  I am very proud of all my grandchildren and pray for each one every day.

  We had a run to Dockton Park before dinner.  The weather is beautiful.


Monday, May 27, 1996

Set off early.  Had to go back for Abigail’s purse, which turned up at 10 o’clock in the “Inn” where we stayed.  (Orange St. Budget Motor Inn in Missoula)  It took us all day to travel here through the mountains.  The scenery was a delight.  Ronnie bought a lovely (thing), but Norman bought some magnets and Abigail bought, she says, nothing.

I have just washed her socks out and hung them over the bathroom rail.  It’s like old times.

We got our feet dirty going up a steep hill which had a dusty rocky path, to see the metal horses on the top.  They were very impressive.

I am so grateful for a safe journey.  Everything went well and Ronnie drove well.  I was very pleased with him.


Tuesday, May 28, 1996

Up at 6:30 and off on the road at 10 to 8.

Beautiful run through the rocky mountains, then on to the plains.  (Saw) more and more cattle and horses about.

  Met up with Anita and Curtis and Tabatha.  Went over to see Anita’s parents, Betty and Al. [Armitage] They made us very welcome and offered us a bed for the night.

We went to the church for a rehearsal of the wedding.  The people are very informal.  We English are so different, and it is quite amazing how different our cultures are.  It’s best to just sit back and enjoy the differences.

  We all went out for dinner.  I had a sea fish salad, which was very nice.  Abigail (who was afraid of Jack the dog) had a beefburger and chips again.  I must educate that girl.  She is very shy.  I hope she is enjoying herself.

  Went through some funny little towns.  We stopped at Red Lodge for lunch.  Only 196 people lived there.  We got to talking to a nice man, who had a cattle ranch.  He was interested in how we were coping with “mad cow” disease in England.


Wednesday, May 29, 1996        SPECIAL DAY - WEDDING OF CURTIS & ANITA

  Al cooked us bacon and egg with toast and jam this morning.  They are so good.  Betty took some of our washing to put in her washer. 

  Went into Lovell.  Ronnie took the car to get a new front tire on.  The old one was very thin and dangerous.

  Curtis and Anita rode in front and took us to the Big Horn National Park.  We saw some of the most fantastic scenery at Look Out Point, Barrie’s Landing and Horseshoe Canyon.

  Back to Al and Betty’s for a shower and on to church for the wedding of Curtis and Anita.  It was unusual, but rather nice.  The weather was fine and warm, so it was held outside.  I videoed it as Ronnie was best man.

  They gave me a beautiful red rose after the wedding.


Thursday, May 30, 1996

Set off early before Al and Betty were up.  It was so good of them to put us up. 

Called to see Curtis and Anita before we left, but they were not up.  Ronnie very disappointed.   He hated leaving, but knowing him he will bounce back and make the most of it.

  It was a very long journey to Libby in Montana.  We stopped for food and a short walk about and travelled for nearly 14 hours.  I was exhausted.  Ann Dee wasn’t home from work when we arrived, so we played with the children for awhile.  We were all very tired when we got to bed.


Friday, May 31, 1996

Ronnie ran Abbie, Norman and myself downtown to Pamida’s. 

He went back to help AnnDee wash her carpets.  We wandered around the shops, bought some teacakes and chicken slices and cream cheese to make sandwiches, and yoghurts. 

There was a class of young children with 2 teachers who had been on a picnic.  They each had a teddy bear with them.  The teacher at the back smiled and said, “This is the Teddy Bears’ Picnic.” How lovely.  It was chilly and rained a bit.

When we got back to Anndee’s, I had a well-earned nap. 

Ronnie made dinner of mincemeat (savoury) and rice.  It was very tasty.  I took Abigail and Cary [Carrie] for a milk shake at Burger Express.

Slept in a bed tonight.  Ooooh!  Heaven.


Saturday, June 1, 1996

This morning we had a look at a couple of shops and bought a cowboy hat for our neighbour [Darm Vir Kohli @ 242 Alder St].  Then we visited the Heritage Museum. 

Abigail and I both had headaches, especially when Ronnie rang the school bell in the museum yard.  So he went back for some headache tablets.  Then we had lunch on the grass outside the museum.  

AnnDee joined us with the girls --- 2 of her own and 2 others.  We went to the swinging bridge at Kootenai Falls.  It was beautiful.  They made a film there called “River Wild.” 

Then we went on to Ross Creek Cedars.  We had to walk about 3 miles down the path because the road was undermined by floods.  It was a long walk, but worth it.  Abby climbed up inside a tree with Ronnie’s help.  It was funny hearing voices inside a tree. 

  Ronnie made dinner when we got home.  He has been so thoughtful all day.


Sunday, June 2, 1996

Church at 10 o’clock.  The people were so friendly.  There were over 200 people there. 

Ronnie blessed Bobby Ann.  It was a beautiful experience.  I watched AnnDee and she was so pleased.

  We had a Sunday School lesson with a teacher who used her class’ minds to teach with.  She was very good.

  Relief Society was combined with Priesthood and it was about Genealogy.  I am really going to get going with mine!


Monday, June 3, 1996

Said goodbye to AnnDee.  Don’t know if I will ever see her again.  I shall pray for her safe removal on Wednesday, and that she will be able to bring her girls up in righteousness.  She is certainly trying.

  A good journey home through beautiful Montana mountains and arrived at Pam’s for tea.  Everyone hugged and kissed.  It was good to be back.


Tuesday, June 4, 1996

We went into Seattle, and had lunch at McDonald’s because Abbie is an addict. 

On to Costco and a meander around.  I bought some books and a question and answer game for Jacob and Nathan. 

Then to the Church bookstore where we bought lots of books and tapes for Primary Songs.  We also got a program for the computer which has lots and lots of books and references on it --- a real bargain. 

When we got home [Yorkshire] Pam rang for us and got them to mail us 4 more to take home to see to our friends.

Abigail bought some material to make a skirt.  It has blue and orange daisies on it.  She is really having a wonderful time.  (Aren’t  we all)


Wednesday, June 4, 1996

To the beach --- wonderful warm happy day.  Abigail threw a bucket of water over me and I fell over backwards into the sea.  The she dove into the water so that I wouldn’t get her back.

  Emily and Abigail had fun together.  They caught a gooey duck, but it got away.   Yuk!


Thursday, June 6, 1996

Went to see Brenda in her home at Enumclaw today.  She lives at the foot of Mount Rainier.  It looked so beautiful glinting in the sun light with its snow-capped top.  Brenda is so sweet.  She gave us cold drinks and chocolate chip cookies. 

Then we travelled to a mountain peak by White River, which was water made up of melting snow --- very fast running and cold.  I was afraid one of the children would fall in.  I am always afraid for children.

  The evening was a pleasant one.  The family drifted to bed one by one and left Pam and I with Emily and Abigail sorting out jewellery.  It was fun and a happy experience.

  I tried to read some of Nibley.  He is difficult to understand.


Friday, June 7, 1996

Andrew to Abigail and Emily on the foot ferry into Seattle today.

  Norman slept in.  I don’t think he’s too well. 

I rang John Scott for the Thorpe’s telephone number.  He was delighted to hear my voice.  He is such a nice man.

  Lazy day in the sun.  I love it.

  Gabriel and Mark Burgess and Jenny came over tonight and we had a lovely evening together.  Ronnie talked about the church in England and then Norman played the bones and Gabriel played the piano and we all sang.  It was such a good feeling.

  Abigail went with Andrew and Emily to see “Gone with the Wind.”   Abby said she felt the happy spirit when she came in later.  She had bought some presents and a keepsake ring for Emily, which I thought was nice.


Saturday, June 8, 1996

Last minute shopping for Abby --- a candle holder and candle for her mum and a little carved dog for her dad --- some sweets for the boys.  I’m going to miss her.

  I went with Pam and the small boys to see “Wind in the Willows,” and really enjoyed it.  It was a play by the High School Children.  Very professional.  (I know my spelling is awful.)


Sunday, June 9, 1996

Church today.  We were late and missed sacrament.  I hate that, but I got confused with the time we were supposed to be there.

  We had family home evening.  Ronnie gave us a lesson on symbols, which was good.  What a blessing to be with one of your children’s’ family and have a husband, who can teach them, and they respond so well.

  Brother Cain gave a talk at sacrament  meeting and spoke about David asking three times what the reward was for killing Goliath.  I never noticed that before --- interesting!!


Monday, June 10, 1996

Said farewell to Ronnie, Norman and Abigail.  It was a strange feeling waving them off.  I felt a part of me wanted to go with them, and yet I wanted to stay.  I was aware of the time and where they might be all day long and prayed often for their safe journey.

  The weather was lovely and we laid out in the sun and just generally unwound, and talked.  Once I know they are all home safe I shall settle down.

  Tonight there was a birthday party here for a boy in the church called Ian.  His parents aren’t members, but support him.  The party was here because the parents have moved off the island and are still trying to sell their house here.  So Pamela and Richard as kind as ever offered their house for the party, so that Ian’s church friends could attend.  The way these young people enjoy themselves is so nice.  I am only sorry Abbie wasn’t here to join in.  She would have loved it.


Tuesday, June 11, 1996

Another fair weather day.  I hoed the garden and did some laundry.  Then helped Christian read his scriptures.  That was good for me too, because as we talked about what he had just read I began to picture it in my mind and it was really moving.  We read 1 Nephi 8 - 12  ---Lehi’s vision.

  There was a Relief Society Homemaking Meeting here at Pam’s this evening, attended by 9 or 10 of us.  It was very enjoyable.  They each brought some kind of salad and Pam made a chocolate cake served with ice cream.  Boy am I going to get fat if I don’t watch out.  I am getting to know some of the sisters better. It’s nice for sisters to get together.


Wednesday, June 12, 1996

A non-day.  I had a migraine.

  Pam and I are trying to go 24 hours without criticism.  It is very difficult.

  Richard and Pam went into Seattle for an interview with the Stake President !!!


Thursday, June 13, 1996

Trip into Seattle --- we had chicken sandwiches and milk shakes for lunch.  Bought a craft book and a book about people --- little stories of love and courage. 

We bought material for a skirt.

  Richard took us out to dinner at _________ with a friend of his from work and his wife.  It was very enjoyable, especially the salmon dinner.

  Rachel was ill with a high temperature this evening.  Mark Burgess came over to assist Richard with a blessing.  It’s good to see the priesthood working.

  Played Rummikub with Pam.


Friday, June 14, 1996

Rachel is fine this morning.

  I did a bit of exercise this morning.  I will build on it now each day.

  We had scripture study this morning.  We sang a hymn, not very tunefully, but we tried.  Then we studied Romans Chapter 4.  It seems a bit contradictory to me.

  The missionaries came for tea and Micah [Kane], a friend of Andrew from church, came.  Emily plaited his hair at the back.  He looked a bit strange, but somehow it suited him.

  Ronnie rang this afternoon.  He sounds like he is sorting himself out.  Jet lag is awful.  I hope he doesn’t miss me too much.  Time goes so quickly.  I want to make the most of my stay here and get to know my grandchildren.  I hope I don’t start getting homesick.

  The weather is still beautiful.


Sunday, June 16, 1996

I enjoyed church.  I usually do.  Pam didn’t go as Rachel wasn’t well.  She has an awful cough.

  2 missionaries who had come back to the island for a baptism came for tea.  It’s always a good feeling having the missionaries around.


Monday, June 17, 1996

Finished the cardigan for Emily.  How quickly the days go by.  I picked a basket of ripe strawberries today.


Tuesday, June 18, 1996

I did some ironing then sat in the garden weeding with Pam and the kids.  It was very therapeutic.  I felt peaceful.  We had lunch then went to the park for an hour. 

Pam bought a paddling pool for the children.  They certainly enjoy water.

  There were some very tiny potatoes in the garden which were growing from last year’s crop ['Volunteers'], which had been missed.  I collected them to boil and eat with butter.  There is something that makes you feel good about “gathering in the harvest” even if it is only a few potatoes.


Wednesday, June 19, 1996

Pam was going for a 3 mile walk this morning, so I decided to go with her.  I was surprised I did so well.

  We packed lunch and went to the beach.  Beautiful weather.  This island is so beautiful.  We saw a tree this morning that was so beautiful it took your breath away.

  Jan Peter is not so well today.

I would have liked to swim in the sea, but it was too cold and full of jelly fish.  I am a coward.

  Pam and I decided.  No more chocolate and sugary things, and plenty of exercise  We need to look after ourselves.


Thursday, June 20, 1996

I was a hot day today, but with so much sunshine yesterday, I decided to sit in the shade.

  I started knitting cardigans for the boys today.  I wish I had brought some patterns with me.

  Richard gathered his family together after dinner tonight, and told them about his calling to be Branch President.  The younger boys weren’t very impressed.  I think they were so relieved that they weren’t going to be told they were moving that they didn’t understand the importantness of the message.

  Andrew and Emily were very surprised and wide-eyed.  Andrew wanted to know if he could accompany his dad when he went to chaperone dances, and Emily said let me give you a tip, which I thought was rather funny.  Her tip was get on with meetings.  Don’t use them to lecture everybody --- a good tip I think.

  I rang Ronnie tonight for a few minutes.  It was nice to hear his voice.  He seems to be managing OK!


Friday, June 21, 1996

Pamela’s Birthday!

  It was a nice day today.  I got up at 7:20 and went out into the garden to hoe.  Andrew made my breakfast about 9:00.  Then I went back out until 11:00.  Rachel came to help me and wanted to use the trowel.  She kept saying sweetly, “When you’ve finished with it.”

We took the 3 little ones over to Sara Perry’s house.  Emily was at a stake YW meeting.  Andrew stayed home to study and make a cube.

Sara’s house is beautiful in 10 acres of land.  She has a large pond which I would have swum in if I’d remembered to take my costume.  She has a wild goose, which thinks she’s her mother.  It’s very funny.  Sara has six children, all beautifully behaved.  We had a lovely bunch of taco’s and fruit.  It was like a party.  She is the stake president’s wife, and I enjoy her company very much.  Pam and her agree on most subjects.

Richard made a lovely dinner of vegetable stir-fry and rice.  We had chocolate cake and ice cream.

Mark and Gabriel Burgess came over this evening as Mark has been called as a counsellor.  They came for a chat.  It was interesting to be in on the conversation of a would be presidency.


Saturday, June 22, 1996

Out in the garden again.  I worked for about 3 hours and my hips didn’t hurt!  I must be my kind of job. 

Ronnie rang.  It really was nice to hear his voice. 

Had a stroll round Saturday Market.  Pam bought me 3 brooches. 

We talked about Zion a fair bit this evening and how we have to step out of the world and live every way we know how in a Christlike manner, so our hearts and minds can be pure, or we won’t  make it.

Emily told her mum a few years ago they had 2 puppies, one always followed the other.  When they had run off and Emily couldn’t catch them, she prayed that if Heavenly Father would let her catch the golden retriever the other dog would follow and she could take them home.  She called the golden retriever, and the other dog followed.  This was the beginning of her testimony of God.  (I know, too, Emily.)


Sunday, June 23, 1996

Today Richard was ordained to the High Priesthood [that is, to the office of high priest] and set apart as Branch President.  It was a good meeting.  Pamela bore her testimony.  It was strong and true and Richard said he wanted this congregation of saints to become a community of saints who truly looked after each other.  I think that is a great way to start and I pray he will be successful. 

Sara Perry let me hold her sleeping baby whilst she played piano in Primary.  She is so sweet.  I loved to hold her.

Nelda and Calvin and 2 of his brothers and a sister came to visit this evening.  It was interesting as Calvin’s sister told me her great grandfather was in Nauvoo when the Prophet Joseph was killed.  Our family starts with me, but I pray it will go on into the eternities, having faithful members of the church.  God bless my grandchildren is always my prayer.


Monday, June 24, 1996

This morning Pam read an article by Gordon B. Hinckley from the May Ensign called “Be Ye Clean.”  It was about Hyrum’s son, Joseph F. Smith, who when he was on his mission in Hawaii at a very young age had a dream.  He dreamt he was hurrying towards a big mansion with a small packet in his hand wrapped in a handkerchief.  He passed a sign that said “Bath.”  So he went in and had a bath, then opened his parcel which contained clean white garments, which he put on.  When he knocked on the door of the mansion, Joseph Smith opened it and said, “You are late.”  “Yes,” said young Joseph, “but I’m clean, I’m clean” --- which  I guess is the important thing to be.  

  I was very moved by the spirit every time the words were repeated in President Hinckley’s talk.  Satan would have us dirty ourselves in so many ways.  He starts with our thoughts.  We have to be so careful.

  Jenny [Burgess] came over to cut out some skirts for her mission to Munich in Germany.  I told her I would knit her a purple pullover.  It would be my gift towards her mission.


Tuesday, June 25, 1996

My hips really hurt today.  Maybe I’m not getting enough exercise.

  Pam and I washed and ironed about 14 table covers for a wedding on Saturday of the daughter of Marilyn Coombes, a sister at church.  I am always glad when I can help and Pamela is too.  Marilyn tells me Pam is always the first to offer help and will never take payment.  I have some wonderful daughters who all have this caring for others.  What a blessing.

  We went to the park for a picnic lunch.  It was very hot out there.  

  The garden is catching up.  I can’t get the weeds down fast enough.  Andrew did an hour today.


Wednesday, June 26, 1996

Tammy, Pam’s sister-in-law, led the way and we went to the church cannery today.  There was a group of about 20 happy saints making jam and canning it.  It smelled so good.  We packed some wheat and sugar and fruit drink.  It was quite an experience.

  Then we went shopping for a fortnight’s food to Costco.  Pam bought a cordless phone so that Richard could speak to people in private.

I love the trip on the ferry.  It is so relaxing, crossing from the island to Seattle.  The sun sparkles in the water and the mountain tops gleam in the distance.  It is so beautiful.  How I wished I lived here.  But I must count my blessings for I know I have many.

  I read an article by (no name given) today, and he says to improve yourself, look away to others, stop thinking about “me,” learn to love and not take offence or retaliate, but to continue to love.  If only I could, but I will try.  I am trying not to criticise.  


Thursday, June 27, 1996

I slept in until nearly 10 o’clock.  I don’t like doing that.  I feel I have wasted the day.

  As it turned out, it was a very good day even though Pam wasn’t too well.  We went to Tammy’s house and made wooden Father Christmases to hang on the wall.   We have a lovely lunch of curly pasta, ham chunks, grapes, onions, and yoghurt as a dressing, served with homemade strawberry jam and fresh bread sticks.  Gosh, it was good.

  Tammy cut Pam’s hair and my hair.  I had it cut short.  Oooh! 

I really admire the people here.  They take things and people in their stride.  Tammy has 5 children and Pam took Christian, Jam and Rachel, besides me and we had a lovely day there.  Everyone fed and cared for.  I like Tammy.  She makes me laugh and reminds me a lot of Pam.  It’s no wonder they get on well.

  Tea was curried beans, baked potatoes, cheese, and sour cream – delicious.  What a day for food.  Later we had chocolate chips and peanut butter chip cookies.

  Tomorrow I exercise!!  Forgot to post letter to Ronnie!


Friday, June 28, 1996

Got a letter from Ronnie today and a phone call.  He seems to be coping very well.  I do miss him and wish he could have stayed on with me.

  Pam and I went for a swim at 7 o’clock for an hour at the town pool.  The water was very warm.  I really enjoyed he swim.  I need the exercise.  Then we bought an ice cream and went for a run round the country roads, looking for deer.  We saw one baby one --- so beautiful.


Saturday, June 29, 1996

Did some weeding and tidying up as some friends of Richard’s from work were coming for dinner.  The Burgesses came too.  Pam put on a lovely meal of chicken, salad, beans, potato salad and rolls.  The lady who came brought the sweet strawberries and like a custard with flaky squares.


Sunday, June 30, 1996

Had a migraine, but managed sacrament service, which was lovely. Richard conducted, which made it special.

  Pam bought me home and I spent most of the day in bed.


Monday, July 1, 1996

Today we went swimming in the pool, which belongs to Bro. and Sister Young.  They have gone to Utah for awhile so we had free run of the pool, then on to the beach for a picnic.  It is nice to be part of a family, especially when the children play so well.

  Wrote a letter to Wendy [McEwen].  She had written a funny letter to Pam the other day.

  We keep reading Hugh W. Nibley, Teachings of the Book of Mormon.  It is fascinating.


Tuesday, July 2, 1996

A quiet day.  Pam waiting for Wylen (?) [Wyla Beck] and her daughter Dianne.  They came late afternoon.  It must be 15 years since I saw Wyler.  She hugged me and was so friendly.  People are so friendly here.

  Got a letter from Ronnie.  I like his letters.  They are so funny, and he is working so hard for so many people.  He is a good man.


Wednesday, July 3, 1996

Did some exercise this morning, then went for a swim and had a good workout for 1 and ¾ hours. 

Emily went with me and we called for an ice cream at a store at the crossroads. 

Candy brought Pam up in the car to meet us and I didn’t recognise her.  She said, “Please don’t sit on that bench – it’s private property.”  I was a bit embarrassed and annoyed, thinking what’s the point of putting a bench outside a shop when you can’t sit on it.  Then she came back and Emily recognised her.  I had to ask Pam who it was.  She looked so different from when I had last seen her.  She is a fun person to be with and she bought me a chocolate bar.

  Ronnie rang me today.  He sounds a bit lonely.  I won’t stay longer than planned.  It’s not really fair.  He is so patient letting me stay 7 weeks after he has gone home.  People are looking after him, but it’s not the same without a wife by your side.  I miss him, too.  Posted a letter to him today.


Thursday, July 4, 1996

4th of July in America --- The Land of the Free.

  It had to be a land where people could be free to choose for the restoration of the gospel.   Even then it was difficult for those early saints with the persecution they suffered.  I only hope I can stand firm and true if I am ever tried as they were.  It is certainly a “promised land” here --- so beautiful and vast.

  We went up to Ober Park to hear the missionaries give the Thomas Jefferson address and the Abraham Lincoln address, dressed in the parts of course.  Those men were inspired by God, there is no doubt. 

  There were some fun games, then we left to go to a family reunion at Calvin and Nelda’s home.  All Richard’s brothers and their families were there.  I was made to feel very welcome.  The food, of course, was good.

  Candy was with us.  She is an old friend of the family.  After we got home, we went to Gail’s house (the school teacher) and they let off some fireworks at 10:20 (p.m.).  The radio was playing music in harmony with the fireworks which were set off from a large barge out in the sound, for ½ an hour.  It was a tremendous display and we sat in Gail’s back garden with a perfect view.  Of course, there was all the wonderful food again.  What a life!


Friday, July 5, 1996

Needed a rest day to get over yesterday.  Pam cleaned.  I looked after laundry and swept the deck.  Candy cooked.  We really could manage quite well, living communally.  I need my own space now and again.  I really wonder if I could live the law of consecration.  I have such a need for everything to be “fair” and if somebody was greedy or thoughtless I would feel agitated.  I surely am not ready yet, but how do I get ready I wonder.

  Richard, Andrew and Emily went hiking in East Washington today.  They came back tired but happy.

  We have savoury rice --- wild rice --- turkey bits and dried vegetables cooked together with chicken bouillon .  Minced fruit covered with yoghurt, broccoli , fresh bread rolls with butter and fresh raspberry jam.  It was a meal fit for a king.

  Ronnie rang at lunch time.  We had a fairly long chat.  He is saving some of his money to get something for his computer.  That’s really good for him.  I think he is really missing me.  I pray the Lord to comfort him.


Saturday, July 6, 1996

Rachel wasn’t well.  We went up to see the doctor who announced that she had mumps.  It’s a long time since anyone I know had mumps.

  Had some good discussions with Pam about the way we should live according to Nibley.  Very, very interesting.  He looks at everything in another dimension.

  Sister Batista had a 20th wedding celebration which we were all invited to.  It is so good sitting around in the garden eating and chatting to people.  Everyone here talks a lot, including Pam, and when I talk it sounds so flat and unexciting.  I am not as animated as these people.


Sunday, July 6, 1996

A nice spirit at church today.  The weather was so warm and it just caressed you --- I love it.  Everything is so bright and beautiful.  I wonder if heaven is anything like Vashon.  

  Richard bore his testimony and told the congregation he had been hiking, and it cost him a lot of effort  but the rewards of both physical and visual were wonderful.  It’s the same spiritually.  If it takes a lot of hard work.  I agree with him!!

  Jenny came to take me to her home to watch a film called “Sense and Sensibility.”  I just loved the film.  It is so well made. 

Ronnie rang whilst I was there.  I think he is getting very lonely.  Maybe I shouldn’t have come for so long.  I hate to think of him sitting there all alone.


Monday, July 8, 1996

A hot sunny day --- just general plodding --- washing, knitting, etc.

  Went for some money to the bank.  Jennie Burgess got it out for me.  There is a drive-in part, which she told me to come to.  I thought she was joking.  Can you imagine “drive-in” banks?

  I had a yoghurt ice cream.  I love them. --- D. Q. [Dairy Queen]   Got a birthday card for Jean Ford.  She’s 70 soon, and a lot fitter than me.

 I could have done with a swim today.  If I had not lost my pool schedule, I could have planned one.  The pool is only small, but lovely and warm.  You could swim on a cold day, I think.

  Sunlight on the trees is “beautiful.”  It uplifts your spirits.

Who says there is no God?!

  Prepared a lesson on Frugality tonight.  Pam helped with the computer.  And I prayed for the spirit.


Tuesday, July 9, 1996

Emily went to the orthodontist today to have her braces checked.  They really go to town in America with their teeth --- to get them perfect.

  Pam and Emily are walking every morning early.  How I wish I could go with them.  It would be such fun, 3 generations out keeping fit together.  My hips are really quite painful, and I don’t know why.  I must try to swim.  Perhaps it’s not enough exercise.

  Tonight was R/S Homemaking.  I taught the lesson on Frugality.  It was nice, as I felt comfortable with the sisters.  Tammy then taught us how to make mats with strips of material and crochet hooks.  I would like to make a plaited one.  You could mix your colours.  

  I am so grateful to be a member of the church.  My life is so enriched beyond anything I could have thought of, with friends, help, learning, sharing, socializing, and being spiritually uplifted.  R/Society is definitely ordained of God.


Wednesday, July 10, 1996

  Pamela is still walking early in the morning.   Emily goes with her and a lady from church, called Penny.  Pamela was saying how her relationship with Penny is changing.  She is beginning to feel more like a real sister.  That’s what we should have, more togetherness.

  Had a nice picnic day at the beach.  The kids love it down there.  It’s just a pity that the water is so cold.  I’m getting too old to stand it.

  After dinner Pam and I went swimming at the pool from 8 to 9.  It was warm and mot many people, so we could really relax and enjoy it.

  It was a comfortable 75 degrees F. today.

  I finished the book, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”  It is well worth reading.


Thursday, July 11, 1996

Kept out of the sun today.  Did laundry and helped clean kitchen, and ironed out on the deck in the shade of course.


Friday, July 12, 1996

Ronnie rang today.  I had a nice long chat with him.  It will be nice to be with him again.  I only wish it was over here.

  We went to Grannie’s Attic. That’s a shop that makes money for a clinic.  Bought a dish, a book and a few other things for 97 cents. 

It was 85 degrees and up today.  I once again kept out of the sun.

  The kids love the paddling pool.  I gave Christian and Jan a dollar each for tomorrow, and you would have thought I’d given them the moon.  They are so easy to please, it is wonderful.

  Pam and I went out for an ice cream from Dairy Queen, and a walk on the beach.  It was a beautiful evening.  Richard went up to the church and caught us in the ice cream queue.  It was funny.


Saturday, July 13, 1996

The road to town is closed. The Ferries are full and people stream up to town for the Strawberry Festival.  Emily was in the parade.  She was with her ballet teacher and class.  They were all in costumes from the Nutcracker.  

  Emily was the Rose Queen and very pretty too.  They walked for a while, then danced a little routine.  It was very hot – just over 90 degrees.  The town was full of little booths, selling lots of wonderful things that you could really live without but were fun to have.  We ate spiralled chipped potatoes, hot dogs and strawberry shortcake.  

  I was too hot so went to bed for an hour while Pam took the kids swimming with friends from Seattle and their children. Pam is so clever at dinner --- just throwing together food for 16 people.  Wow!  

  After dinner we went back up town to listen to the band.  People danced.  I always feel a bit sad when I don’t have a partner to dance with.  Music makes me want to move.  A lovely day to remember.


  Sunday, July 14, 1996

Sunday school was about “What is the desire of your heart.”   My desire was that all my children will make it home to Heavenly Father.  It was a good desire, but the top of my list should have been to “Build my Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.”  Oh help me to do His Will, that my desire might be fulfilled.

  We went to Sara Perry’s home for the afternoon and evening.  Had a lovely dinner of chicken, pasta salad, vegetables, fruit and chocolate cake.   There were 11 children there, and they were really good, and played so well together.  I laid in a hammock on the deck and gazed at the trees and gardens and Sara’s beautiful baby.


Monday, July 15, 1996

We took Andrew, Ian and Jake over to Sara Perry’s to work today.  Then drove a few more miles on to the Young’s home for a swim.  It was beautiful. 

I sat facing the bay with the mountains in full view to write a letter to Ronnie.  When I got back home, I had a letter waiting. 

Sara brought the children down ½ hour later, then we went back for lunch.  How people can afford to just feed another 10 or 11 people I don’t know, and they make it seem so easy. 

I napped in the hammock on Sara’s deck!

  Lots of washing. It is endless!

  Had a lovely day.

  Ronnie rang me and we had a nice talk.  It will be good to see him again.

  The chapel has been dedicated and Alan Webb played the organ.  I wish I had been there for that.  Ronnie said they sang, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and Alan stopped playing on the 3rd verse, then came in full blast on the last verse.  It was moving, hearing Ronnie tell it.  Alan certainly knows how to use music to move the heart.


Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Emily and Christian had an appointment with their doctor in Seattle, so we took a picnic and went on to Woodland Park Zoo.  It was a lovely zoo both for the visitors and the animals. 

I like when the comforts of animals are considered. 

Pam must have been exhausted driving round looking for places, yet when we got home a young girl came on her bike a bit distressed, because what she had left behind cooking would burn.  She wanted some flour.  Pam dropped everything, gave her flour and ran her home in her car.  That’s real love and I see so much of that here. 

It makes me think I have yet to learn to give without counting the cost, which I know is the Christlike way.  We can always learn from every source even our own children. 

I am very proud of my children.  They are all givers of themselves.

  Andrew is waiting to try his wings and fly alone.  Pam is gently letting go.  It’s very difficult for both of them.

  Another letter from Ronnie today.  He must love me!


  Wednesday, July 17, 1996

A lovely quiet day with Pam.  We read scriptures this morning.  It was Alma, about faith.  That is, I believe, where I fall down. 

When we read Nibley and agree with what he says, it would appear to be easy to live the way we should, but it is so difficult when all the people around you live otherwise.  Take war --- how can you fight, when your family is being killed, and have love.  Can’t these wicked men be stopped?  Oh, for a world where everyone loves his fellowman.  In my small corner, I should try harder.

  This week is going too quickly.

  Wrote to Ronnie and Erica and Jean Ford and Helen Taylor and Philamena Schofield.

  Made a skirt, but cut the material wrong, so I can’t cut the blouse out!  Pam to the rescue, I hope.  Has she been sad today?  Just a feeling!

Richard read a couple of poems tonight.  That was nice.

  Rachel has been in a good mood, and has been responsive to me, bless her.  The boys have played for hours and hours in the family room.  They are so good.  Emily is in girls’ camp, and it is raining here.  I hope it is fine for her.


Thursday, July 18 1996

Bought a book at Grannie’s Attic --- a wonderful charity shop where people give their unwanted articles and people go and pay a small price for some wonderful things.  The book is about a man who’s work was photography.  He was going blind and the book tells how he saw a hummingbird and it gave him an interest in life again.  He fixed up his camera in such a way that the birds triggered the camera and took amazing pictures.  In trying to follow the birds, he actually exercised his eyes and had some eyesight restored.  The doctors had said that was a physical impossibility.  If you don’t know something is impossible, then it’s not!

  Brenda came to visit with her daughters and Andrew had Mica and Jake [Batista] over, so it was a party again for dinner. Pam is so generous and such a lovely hostess.  I made the “famous” raspberry trifle again.  It is good!

Brenda has written some articles for a magazine.  They are quite good.  One was about collecting basins and other things and how she enjoys them.  She is a perfect friend to Pam.  (They even look alike.)

I did my party piece about Christopher Robin saying his prayers --- a pretty poem about the way a child says his prayers.

I shall pray for _______tonight. She isn’t well after a bump on the head in a road accident some time ago.


Friday, July 19, 1996

Pam and I went to Nordstroms for some running shoes for Pam.  The sale was on.  I’ve never seen so many people buying so many pairs of shoes. 

Pam bought us both some beautiful earrings! 

We went to the Bookshop where I bought a book of Nibley’s, Time and Timeless, for Ronnie as a thank you for living without me for 7 weeks.  It really was good of him.  I also got a set of tapes for Joseph and Thomas of all the Primary songs for Christmas.

  Pam made a potato soup for dinner.  I must get the recipe!

We went to the high school to see a play called, “Lend me a Tenor.”  It was so funny and really well-acted, with some beautiful singing in it.

  Met Richard on the ferry boat coming back from Seattle.  He looked so tired.  Last night he didn’t get home until nearly midnight and was up again at four.  He was speaking at Girls Camp about 30 miles away.

  A rainy, blustery day today.  We saw 3 wedding parties at the temple.  It’s a shame the sun wasn’t shining, but I guess that’s not the important thing there.


  Saturday, July 20, 1996

Pottered around doing laundry and washing up.  Then finished the book, “The Blue Dolphins” about a young girl who lived 18 years by herself on an island and how she took animals and tamed them for company.  It is a nice little book about endurance.

  The missionaries did a pioneer day with wagons and men laid in wait to ambush with water pistols.  We went up later, when the water was spent and had food and danced.  I showed them how to do some of the dances.

  Met Sterling [Hill] who had just come back from his mission.  He was eager to go again.  I hope I feel that way.  We had a few discussions about the law of consecration.  I hope I’m ready when it comes.


Sunday, July 21, 1996

Sunday School lesson was about Anti-Christ’s, and how they are all around us.  Heaven forbid that I should ever be one.

  Ronnie rang.  Just one more week to go.  He is very excited about me coming home.  It’s good to know one is “special” to someone.


  Monday, July 22, 1996

We took the children to the Young’s to swim.  It is so beautiful over there.  The sky is blue and the Mount Rainier shone in the sunlight.   I hope I live somewhere really beautiful like that in the eternities, overlooking a bay.

  I tried to finish Rachel’s cardigan, but ran out of wool!  I must take it home and send it back finished.

Sara brought Emily home.  She had bought her some dancing clothes, because Emily babysits so much for her.  They rode the horse.

  Christian was riding later.  He is doing well.

  Corey is packing to go home tomorrow.  It will be my turn next week.


Tuesday, July 23, 1996

Pam took Corey to the airport.  I had a nice day.  The kids were so good. 

I did some house work, baked a cake, then made a blouse to match a skirt I had made.

  When Pam came back, we went with the cake and a home baked loaf to a sister’s home.  There were 8 of us and 6 of us were fellowshipping 2 young women.  It was a pleasant dinner party.

  When I got home, Pam gave me some presents she had bought.  There was a pretty dish with apples painted inside.  She bought 1 for me and one for herself so that each time we used our bowls we would remember each other.  I think it is a wonderful idea, even though I see her picture on my bedroom wall every night and every morning. 

She also bought me a book called, “The Mission.”  It’s a church book about various people who are members in different parts of the world.  Carol Gray from Sheffield is shown taking goods and love to Bosnia.  She is a special lady.


Wednesday, July 24, 1996

Emily and I walked on the Ferry and Tammy picked us up.  She permed my hair (a lovely perm), then she took me to a craft shop where I bought 2 craft books and some brushes.  It cost quite a lot of money, but I would really like to have a go at making these wooden ornaments [Toles].  

  Gail Lloyd invited us to dinner.  The kids played in the pool, while Pam, Gail and I sat outside on the patio eating salmon and salad, watching the boats and skies and the water, and hearing the water lapping on the beach a few yards away.  What a beautiful way to live. 

I thought about my garden in Huddersfield and thought there was no comparison.  Then I thought about how comfortable I was in Huddersfield, and how some poor people have to live in mud huts, etc.  I felt I should not grumble, but be grateful for my blessings, which are truly great.

  Look at my family!!

  Saw 2 seals while we were on the ferry.


Thursday, July 25, 1996

Been sat on the deck most of the day tole painting.  I hope to get better at it so that I can make wooden ornaments for gifts and maybe sell a few.

  I has been very hot in the 80’s today.  Gail called with some things we left yesterday.  She wants me to stay for a week at her house next year, if I come over. (?)  I have been really made welcome in so many homes.


Friday, July 26, 1996

Today Pam and I went to Brenda’s home at Enumclaw.  You have a beautiful view of Mount Rainier from her home.  It dominates the valley she lives in.  Brenda drove us to Gig Harbour.  It’s a lovely little harbour.  You go up a hill and as you go over the top you get a view of pretty houses and a bay full of boats of every kind. 

The water looks so beautiful in the sunshine.  We had lunch at a quaint café with a look of a cottage with a little garden in front that you could sit in if you wanted.  It was too hot!  There were some lovely shops with unusual gifts.  We went in a shop which only sold Christmas ornaments.  It was amazing.  There were some beautiful things.

  When we got home, Richard took us u to the restaurant in town for dinner.  I had salmon, baked potato and stir fried peas in pods.  James and Sara Perry came as we were nearly done, but it was nice to converse with them.  Richard is so generous and kind.  He is a good man and provides for his family well, and includes me in with his family.

  Brenda’s daughter came home for a few days with us.  She is a nice young lady.  Pam bought me a book called “My Antonia.”  I am looking forward to reading it.  Gary 30 years old today.


Saturday, July 27, 1996

Another hot day.  I did laundry - tole painted (doing quite well) - went to watch Christian and Emily do gymnastics.  Couldn’t get a dolphin for Abigail at the market.  Pam bought me some paints and lollipops!  I have so many gifts from her. 

She wrote in a book “The Mission” which she bought for me “To Mom and Dad, Now we are a family.”  I was very moved.

  James and Sara Perry came for dinner.  They are lovely company.  We had fruit salad, with sugar and yoghurt, and muffins, then a mint biscuit with ice cream.  It was delicious, on such a hot evening, too.

  Pam gave me all her paints and books this evening and a cap which I liked.  Don’t the mosquitoes like my blood!!


Sunday, July 28, 1996

Well, this is the last Sunday on Vashon for a while.  It was a good sacrament service. 

Jennie [Genevieve] Burgess is going on a mission, so after her family spoke we had a pot luck lunch which was nice.  I was able to go round and say goodbye to some nice people that I had become friends with.

  We packed bags this evening. 

Pam rang Ronnie and said I couldn’t go home, because I had too many things to pack!! 

I must admit that lovely as this island is and as much as I love my family here, I am ready to go back to my sweet husband.  He has been so patient and never made me feel guilty for staying for so long.

  Read a good while about the Sacrament in my Ensign today.


Monday, July 29, 1996

This is the day I lose 8 hours --- mostly my sleep.  Pam and the young ones saw me off.  They are such fun and I have never met anyone who has disciplined children with as much patience and love as Pam.

  Had to wait 5 hours in [Chicago O'Hare] for my plane, but passed the time by reading a book Pam bought me, called “My Antonia.” It was a nice story, beautifully written.


 Tuesday, July 30, 1996

Arrived at 9:00 in Manchester. Ronnie waiting patiently for me with a lovely hug and kisses.  It is good to be back together.  We will go forward building on our love for each other, which becomes magnified by being apart.

When I got home there were chocolates and flowers and a card from Ronnie, with a disc of love songs.  Also some flowers and a card from my friend, Wendy.  The house smelled beautiful and was decorated with balloons and smiley faces.  Ronnie had put a program on the computer welcoming me home.  It was funny. 

I really feel loved and welcomed!

  Carol Iverson called with Ryan (he has grown).  I wish she would come back to church.  With a testimony like she has, she could really be a blessing to any ward.

  We had family prayer.  I am so grateful a safe journey home to a good man.

  Called Joanne and Karen.  Both of them are besotted with Thomas.  He is a comic.


Wednesday, July 31, 1996

Well what to do and where to start my real first day of being retired.  Got the washing done (Gosh).  I will start slowly and go through the house getting it spic and span, then think about what to do with my time.  I mustn’t waste it.  Time is precious.


Thursday, August 1, 1996

Called in to see Erika.  Her son was visiting.  She seemed pleased to see me.


Friday, August 2, 1996

Worked hard today to clean the house and prepare to go to Karen’s and Joanne’s for Nathan’s ordination [to the priesthood].

  Had a safe journey.  Ronnie is driving with a lot more consideration for my fears.  I really appreciate that.


Saturday, August 3, 1996

Went to see Karen, Lewis and kids.  It was nice seeing Abigail again.  She showed me some photos taken in America.

Karen gets so upset when the kids won’t help around the house.

  Nicholas, Joanne, Joseph, Thomas, Nathan [Davies], and Natalie [Davies[ went to the park. 

Ronnie played tennis with Nathan.  I was very surprised! 

Joseph and Thomas are so funny. They make everyone laugh.


Sunday, August 4, 1996

Gary came to church.  Helen is in London with her sister for a few days.  All the Brownlow’s were there.  It was wonderful for Nathan to have so many priesthood holders, 2 being his brothers, lay hands on to ordain him to the Aaronic priesthood.  His father Lewis was mouthpiece. 

I only wish Gary would come back into full fellowship and then he could assist.  No one knows what joy that would give me.

  All those people at Karen’s for tea.  The number keeps growing and the children keep growing.  It’s amazing really.


Monday, August 5, 1996

I haven’t got used to the idea of not going to work, yet.  I need to organize myself.  Today I went to see Erika, did some exercises, had a shower and tidied the bedroom, did some washing and ironing, and painted a teddy on an apple (not very well, really). 

It’s been a long day.


Tuesday, August 6, 1996

Had a nice day, painting the Teddy again, and finishing a cardigan for Rachel.

  Went into town and got some wool to knit a jumper for Jennie Burgess, who will be in Salt Lake now, learning German for her mission.

  Ronnie said he would go over to Bradford tomorrow for a saw for me to cut out wood ornaments. 

I went round to the Halifax and withdrew £80.  I had £10 in my purse.   On the way home on Fartown Green Road, a young man snatched my bag.  I hit him with my umbrella, which was open at the time, so it didn’t do much good.  He dragged me a few yards before I had to let go.  I chased after him, but with arthritis, it’s not easy and I lost him.

  Later that evening Mrs. Bright called to say she had found my purse.  She took us back to where it had been found.   Found my handbag a few yards away.  I was so lucky my cheque card and book were there, and my Halifax book.  It made my evening a lot happier even though I lost £90.

  Ronnie and I had a Family Home Evening and discussed ways we can do things together and grow closer.  I am excited.  We listed:  a walk, pictures, theatre, badminton, gardening, genealogy, many other things.  Must put scripture study down.


Wednesday, August 7, 1996

My legs went to jelly when I went for some more money.  It will be a while before I feel “safe” again.

  Ronnie bought a jig saw [machine] from Harold Leonard in Bradford and cut out a bear on an apple.  The belt on it [the saw] broke.  I feel I ought to get a better quality saw if I intend using it much.


Thursday, August 8, 1996

Went into town for some paints.  I felt very nervous and miserable.

  When I redid my accounts I find I have more than I thought I did.  When one pays tithing the Lord provides, I know.  I feel very calm about losing the money.

  Lisa rang and wants me to open with prayer at her wedding.  I am delighted she has found someone to love.  Having a good man myself makes me hope for that for others.


Friday, August 9, 1996

Got into the swing of housework today.  I am trying to get a calmer attitude towards it and tackle one job at a time.

  Missionaries came for tea.  They are nice young men, very good workers.  They brought questions for Ronnie to answer.  It is so good that he can use his talent to help the work of the Lord.

  Ronnie and I visited Darren and Sharron West to give the third discussion for new members.  They are very receptive to the teachings.  

Ronnie is already grandfather to their children.  He has a lovely way with children and he loves them.  I could take an example from him.

  Joanne rang.  She finds Thomas very heavy to deal with when she is shopping, as she can’t lift with being pregnant.  I must help her all I can this time.  It is good to be free to go when she needs me!


Saturday,  August 10, 1996

Prepared lesson for Primary.  It is good to get back into the harness of service.  I am looking forward to tomorrow.


Sunday, August 11, 1996

What a joy to be loved so much.  Everyone gave me hugs and said how glad they were I was back !!  I taught Max and David.  They were just the same, wandering round the room, playing with shoe laces, etc.  I wonder, do they understand my lessons, and do they learn?  I had a candle and told them as they set a good example they are being a light for Jesus.  I try to be a good example to my children.  

  Gary hasn’t rung, and he promised he would.

  Ronnie did a fireside for Halifax Elders on the early church in England, and how the people had been prepared for its arrival over many centuries.  He should be a teacher; he is so talented.


Monday, August 12, 1996

Busy, busy, busy.  Washing, ironing, cleaning.  It’s nice to have the time.

  Ronnie is getting interested in  my tole painting.  He did a rabbit which has outrageous colour schemes, but it looks cute. 

He is gifted is so many ways.  I can do a good job, but I have to copy.


Tuesday, August 13, 1996

Alan [Varnham] showed me how to cut wood on my new scroll saw.  I am so excited.  I have always loved wood and now I get a chance to work with it.

  Busy getting room read for 2 missionaries who are coming to live here.  I love having them in my house.  I remember the last time, there was such a sweet spirit.


Wednesday, August 14, 1996

Painted outside bedroom window.  I can still clamber about a bit.

  2 missionaries came to live with us.  Elder [Brad[ Legge from Wales. And Elder [Brian] Bailey from [Mesa] America.  They are lovely lads.


Sunday, August 25, 1996

Taught my Primary Class.  I wonder, do they learn anything?

  Elders had a fireside asking Ronnie gospel questions.  They were up until 10 to 3 in the morning.  I went to bed at 11 o’clock.  These boys are so hungry for knowledge.  Ronnie helps them build their testimonies.


Monday, August 26, 1996

Ronnie and I went to a museum, as it was raining heavily.  When we came home to eat our sandwiches, we had 14 missionaries in our home, so we took our lunch upstairs.  It seems strange to be overrun with these young people.


Tuesday, August 27, 1996

Visited Erika this morning.

Ronnie and I went to the pictures at Elland to see  a film.  It really was a picture for children, but it was nice to be out with my husband.  Tuesday is our night!!!


Wednesday, August 28, 1996

Rang Pat to give her strength to stop smoking.  She’s trying really hard.

Went with Elders Legge and Bailey to visit Joyce [Dockery].  She’s so good and receptive.  I know she feels the spirit.


Thursday, August 29, 1996

Relief Society Homemaking.  Picked up Pat Pickering and Wendy [Garner].  We had games at the chapel and sandwiches and cake.  It was a nice social time.

Went shopping for the elders at Asda.  I like to do jobs for them, which leaves them free to work.  They are doing a good job.

Rang Adam for Jacob’s birthdate.  It is tomorrow.  He’s on holiday with his mum and dad, so won’t be home until Saturday.

Adam has been asked to teach the adult class.  He’s only 17.  That is pretty good, I think.  I have some wonderful grandchildren.  It thrills me to bits.


Friday, August 30, 1996

Today is Jacob’s 8th Birthday.  Another grandchild to be baptized.  How blessed I am.


Saturday, August 31, 1996

Took Pat Pickering to Hebden Bridge. Stopped on the way for a local fair.  The weather was good and it is nice to fellowship.


Sunday, September 1, 1996

I spoke at Pat’s baptism today.  There was an excellent spirit.  Her son was there – a very nice young men.  We had a cottage meeting with Pat, Natalie her daughter, and Mary her mother, Joyce, Louise, and 2 Jamaican ladies, who live on the estate at the back of us. 

Ronnie spoke about baptism for the dead and we showed them about temples.  There was a good spirit with us.


Thursday, September 5, 1996

I am trying to do something each day to improve my home, but sometimes I feel like I am wading through treacle.  As fast as I do something , somewhere else gets undone.  I get very downhearted even though I have everything I need and more.  It’s that every space is filled and things come in and nothing goes out.  Soon there will be no room for me!!


Friday, September 6, 1996

Ward social tonight.  Pat was here and we took Joyce, our investigator. 

There was also Susan [Blake], Val and Susan’s baby grandson there.  It was very enjoyable.  We played a quiz and people sang Karaoke. 

Ronnie was in good voice.  The investigators like him – he makes them laugh!


Saturday, September 7, 1996

Bought some wood today for my hobby, tole painting.  I am doing OK.

  Shopped for Erika.  It’s a good job I did.  When I delivered her goods, I smelled gas.  There was a gas tap turned on and it had been on a long time.  It’s a good job she didn’t strike a match.


Sunday, September 8, 1996

Taught my class about tithing.  I hope they gain as strong a testimony of it as I have.

  Christian Bowers was baptized.  We took Joyce with us.  She seemed a bit fed up, I think.  4 hours is a long time for someone to attend who is not familiar with our system.

  I wrote to Pam and Jenny Burgess tonight.


Monday, September 9, 1996

Today I scraped and sanded the wood work outside the sun lounge.  It took me all morning.  Then I gave it a coat of paint.

  Elder Dixon came to say goodbye.  He is going to Wakefield.  There is something special about that young man.

  The elders we have in our house work so hard.  It is difficult to believe that 2 young men can discipline themselves the way they do and rise and study and work without supervision.  I think they are wonderful!

  Ronnie and I took a video round to Val and Susan, who live at the back of us.  We felt a good spirit.  Val is trying to stop smoking and doing well!  She has a gentle nature.  I like her.  I enjoy missionary work.


Tuesday, September 10, 1996

I painted the window frame white and also painted a radiator that goes at the bottom of the stairs.

  Sister Parker and I visited Pat Pickering as her visiting teachers this afternoon.  She is very receptive to gospel teachings, and a nice lady, too.

  Ronnie and I went to Interfaith Meeting and watched a slide presentation of a group of actors who go out into the community and get people of different faiths and cultures to mix and be friendly.  It is a charming little group [CHOL Theatre].

  I was cross with Ronnie when we came home for accepting a request to look after the West’s dog while they go on holiday.  I was annoyed that I wasn’t consulted, since I will be the one at home with it and I dislike animals in the house.  I feel a bit guilty after all the holidays I get.   They are going in a caravan with 3 children late in September.  I hope they have a nice holiday and I will look after the dog, but I still feel I should have the right to refuse, if I had wanted.


Wednesday, September 11, 1996

Another coat of paint on my windows, and washing for the elders.

  Spent the afternoon tole painting.  It is a big job.

  Went to Asda for my shopping and the elders’ shopping.  It gives them a bit more time to rest and recuperate for the next week’s work.  They are doing a good job teaching.

  Posted a card to Helen.  She is going too Egypt with her sister soon.  I had a phone call from her and she says that she and Gary are working on mending a rift in their marriage.  I hope and pray they will do.  I can’t think about it too long, as I feel so chewed up inside.  I remember the rifts in my first marriage and how upsetting they were.


Friday, September 13, 1996

First day back at OWLS since May.  It was nice to see all my old friends again.  I was made very welcome.  They are nice people.  How can I convert them?


Came home early to make a chocolate cake for the Elders to give to Val for not smoking for a week.  Then made tea for the 4 elders in our ward.


Took Louise and her 2 grandchildren up to the Hoe Down.  I forgot that no children under 14 were allowed, so Ronnie came back home for some videos for the kids to watch whilst we went into the dance. 

I fellowshipped a young man that the missionaries are teaching.  (The work is going great.  Heavenly Father is really blessing us.) 

The young man was from Bosnia. Elder Legge says he is really excited about the Book of Mormon.  We did some line dancing, which I like.


Saturday, September 14, 1996

Ronnie went to Leeds University today to listen to some lectures.  I didn’t realize I could have gone with him until later.  Maybe next time.

The weather has been beautiful.  I picked some more blackberries whilst I walked the dog we are looking after.  It’s only a puppy and is not house trained yet.  Why? 

I have rigged a kennel up outside for it.  Poor little thing. 

Somebody threw stones at me whilst I was picking blackberries.  I prayed that I might have kind feelings towards them and was rewarded with my request.  God is good to me.


Sunday, September 15, 1996

Ronnie and I spoke at Meltham today, it was a lovely experience.  I enjoyed it. 

Then we went back to Huddersfield so I could teach Primary, then I opened with prayer at Susan’s (Blake) baptism.  She seems really genuine.  I hope she stays. 

Pat Pickering is coming along nicely.

  Visited Ronnie’s mum, then came home and read some of Nibley’s  Teachings of the Book of Mormon.    I like it.

  Helped Devinder fill in some forms for a Visa to India.  She says she will bring me a pink outfit from India, all bejewelled --- sounds good.  Ah!


Monday, September 16, 1996

Today seemed to disappear with very little to show for it. 

I did walk the dog twice and picked some blackberries. 

Then I called at Joyce’s and she talked to me about her daughter being against her baptism.  I do hope she comes round as it is very upsetting when families are at strife over the gospel.

  Ronnie and I spent an hour at the Cellar where the over 60’s meet.  It was nice chatting with old friends and eating blackberry and apple pie and cream.

  The missionaries are so excited about their investigators.  They are working full out and teaching most of the time.


Tuesday, September 17, 1996

Joyce rang today to say she wasn’t coming to the social for Lisa, who is getting married on Saturday, because her children are calling her names and saying she is allowing the church to come between them and her.  It is downright blackmail.  I hope she overcomes.

  It was a lovely shower for Lisa.  Poor Anna [Bajerska] left her handbag in the car, but didn’t know where it was.  She was so upset all night that it was a bit of a damper, but she was lucky.  Eventually she got it back. 

I prepared a couple of games for the party, which went down well.


Wednesday,  September 18, 1996

Went with Brenda to teach the After Baptism Discussions to Stephanie and Natasha.  It was a lovely visit.

  We then went to visit Pat to try to cheer her up, as she was very upset over Anna leaving her bag in her son’s car.  When we left she was feeling better.

  Shopped for the boys at Asda.


Friday, September 20, 1996

What with OWLS and shopping and cleaning and making a dinner for 6 and walking the dog, my poor hips were so sore I could hardly walk upstairs.


Saturday, September 21, 1996

Lisa and Richard [Taylor] married today.  It was a nice wedding at church, but a beautiful sealing at the Temple. 

I hate the journey down there, but it was worth the tension and stress to see Lisa sealed.  

  We travelled up to Joanne’s after and arrived about 1:30 in the morning.  I couldn’t wait to put my head on the pillow.


Sunday, September 22, 1996

Jacob was baptised today.

  It was a lovely baptism, even if there was only 10” of water and it was cold. 

It was so lovely seeing all the children participate.  Lewis Junior baptised Jacob and Adam spoke and Abby read a scripture.  Then Nathan read a scripture later. 

Mary [Brownlow] spoke about the Holy Ghost and Lewis confirmed him along with all his Uncles, Granddad, and Lewis [Brownlow] Senior. 

Karen bore her testimony and said she wished Lewis would be happier, Adam would be quieter, Abbie would be more domesticated, Nathan would be like he was before he went to Grammar School, and little Jacob would always stay as he was because she could find no fault with him.

  Ronnie went home after ten and I stayed on.


Monday, September 23, 1996

What a lovely day with Joseph and Thomas.  

  Joanne went for a driving lesson, then we went to Oakengates and looked around the shops.  I bought the boys an ice cream.  Then we went to the park. 

I love watching them play and chatting with Joanne.  Joseph rode home in the pram and Thomas walked.  He is quite annoying for under two.

  I went to pick Jacob up from school and bought him a chocolate bar.  Then Adam came and showed me where to pick some blackberries.  Joanne had been to the clinic meanwhile.  I had a much needed nap, then sewed a cushion hem whilst Nicholas put up some shelves. 

They have made their home really nice and comfortable.  

  Thomas is so funny!! 

Joseph sang me some songs tonight.  “Twinkle, Twinkle little star” --- “Popcorn Popping” and “Jesus Once Was a Little Child.”  I love these kids to bits.

  Jacob did a very difficult jigsaw [puzzle] that Ronnie had made, so when he (Ronnie) rang I asked if I could give it to Jacob.  He said yes, which really pleased Jacob.  He is a lovely child.


Tuesday, September 24,1996

Took Joseph to play school, then went with Joanne to clean up a bit for Karen as she is working and Abigail is bringing a friend home for tea.  Karen has a beautiful home, too.  Both girls take a pride in their homes, which is nice.

Made some jam.  It took a long time to boil as I put too much water in.  You would think by now I would know how much water to use.

Sat up and waited for Ronnie to come down.

Thomas was sitting on the counter and wanted to get down so he said “down or I cry.”  He is so funny.


Wednesday, September 25, 1996

Ronnie went off to Worcester to a meeting about Mary.

Karen came and off we went with sandwiches to the Safari Park about 30 miles away.  Karen brought lots of good things to eat.

I loved the park and all the beautiful animals.  They seemed happy enough roaming fairly freely.  We could feed some of them.  There was an amusement park and Karen bought a “ticket bracelet” so that she could go on the rides with Joseph.  She is very good.  Thomas loved the rides he got on.  His face is a picture.

I will give Karen a bear on an apple as a gift to say thank you for a lovely day out.

Ronnie rang and Mary will go to live with her foster parents on a permanent basis. 

Rachel will get to go on an outing 4 times a year with her, paid for by the council.  Poor Rachel.  I wonder where her happiness is?!


Thursday, September 26, 1996K

aren came to take me for a day out in Shrewsbury, a lovely shopping centre.  I can’t believe I walked as far as I did today without too much pain.  We had lunch at the Deep Pan Pizza which was nice as I could help myself to Pizza and salad.  Karen paid, bless her.   

  I bought some paint brushes and some little sunflower candles for Joanne. She liked them.  She is so easy to please!

  Played with Thomas and Joseph quite a while.  I really wished I lived closer.  Still I suppose I can visit more often now I am retired.

  I looked for wooden ornaments today, but found nothing like I make.  Maybe I am first on the market.  It quite surprises me how everyone likes the things I make so much.


Friday, September 27, 1996

Shopping to Oakengates after cleaning the house with Joanne.  

  After lunch Nicholas ran us to the place at the other end of St. George’s with a sign that said “Craft Shop.”  They sold furniture.  I was disappointed.  I wonder where I will find a craft shop.

  I took Joseph and Thomas to the park by myself.  It was lovely watching them play and being the one they came to for reassurance or help.

  Went up to see Karen about going home tomorrow. Abbie was talking in German and Karen thought she might be insulting her so she brought Adam in.  He had a conversation with Abbie in German and nobody knew what they were saying.  It was really funny.


Saturday, September 28, 1996

Went with Karen to Tesco’s.  Abigail, Nathan and Thomas came.  

  Thomas trapped his fingers and as I loved him, he cried “Mummy.  a fingies, Mummy, a fingies.”  He talks so plain and is so cute.

  Karen ran me up to Junction 17 where Ronnie came to pick me up.  Ronnie drove so carefully home.  It was really relaxing.  How I appreciate it.

  It is good to be home again, though I do wish we lived nearer Joanne.  She gets very lonely with Nick working most evenings.


Sunday, September 29, 1996

I spoke today [in church].  I gave the same talk as I gave at Meltham.  It was a good talk about blessings that come when you live the gospel.  Sometimes we don’t count our blessings enough and they are good.

  George Jokl spoke.  He is our Stake President and I like him very much.  He is a nice person.

  I taught my class plus the next one up.  It wasn’t too successful.  Max was on a high!


Monday, September 30, 1996

Spent most of the day washing, cleaning, and shopping.  I was very, very tired.  Life doesn’t get much easier.


Tuesday, October 1, 1996

Had a rehearsal today for a show to go on a week on Saturday.  Jean Ford is so clever.  She directs these shows.  We have some fun together as sisters, which is good.

  Our car is off the road, waiting to pass its M.O.T.    I hate not having transport.  Maybe  I took it too much for granted.


Wednesday, October 2, 1996


  I am so pleased for her.  When her new baby comes, she will have 3 children under 3 years old, and life will be so much easier if she has transport.  She has tried 5 times to pass it and I feel so proud of the fact that she has not given up.

  Vic was 65 today.  He will get his pension now, I suppose.


Thursday, October 3, 1996

Today I slept until 9:45, then slept for nearly 2 hours during the day.  I think it is because the house is a mess and I can’t make it any better.  Nothing moves forward.  I am continually waiting!!!

  Yesterday a man came to measure the back door ---ANOTHER ONE ---maybe we’ll hear from him.

  The car needs a lot of money spending on it, and the central heating is on the blink.

  I got a cheque for £99.95 for Ronnie for overpayment, and a bill for £112 for me for underpayment.  In one hand and out the other.

  The office says to ignore it and they will write it off, as I am not working.  But I feel I ought to pay it, as they have given Ronnie what I was allowed.  It really doesn’t belong to us!!


Friday, October 4, 1996

Had a good day at the Owls.  I have some nice friends down there at the Sports Centre.

  It was Elder Legge’s birthday and 6 missionaries arrived at 8:20 with 4 big packets of cherries and 6 pints of milk for breakfast with him.  They all stood outside singing Happy Birthday --- Elder [Joel] De Sous was there and he works in Wakefield?!!

  Went for a rehearsal and nobody seemed to know what they were doing.  I got a bit ratty.  Jean needs to tell them what she wants and just get on with it.


Saturday, October 55, 1996

Ronnie had about 7 people to his class this morning.  He is teaching U3A about Paul.

  We took Susan up the Conference Broadcast from Salt Lake.  It was nice.

  Donna has moved today, so Millie, Melanie, Sandra, Jean, Susan and I (oh yes,) and Brenda, went to visit her and wish her well.  We all took some food and had a nosh up, and laughed about old times.  I think Susan likes being with us.


Sunday, October 6, 1996

Took Susan to church for General Conference.  I was great to hear the General Authorities, especially Pres. Hinckley.  He is so straight-forward and easy to listen to.

  I hugged many old friends, from Bradford.  I am so happy to be a member.

  I was reading Nibley last night (Lectures on the Book of Mormon ).  Gosh the spirit was so strong, I almost wanted to laugh or cry out loud.  


Wednesday, October 9, 1996

The Elders changed.  Elder Legge went home.  Elder Bailey stayed.   Elder [Nate] Winget moved in.  Great lads with exciting testimonies.


Friday, October 11, 1996

Good day at Owls.  I must exercise more.


Saturday, October 12, 1996

Ronnie is teaching Saturday morning the U3A group.  The elderly or disabled --- He is teaching about Paul, and they seem to enjoy it.  He is a good and interesting teacher.

  I was in a Relief Society song and dance at the Stake House. 

I took Joyce and she really enjoyed it, but refused to come to church.  I can’t quite make her out.


Sunday, October 13, 1996

The 3 little boys (Max and David and Alexander) were very naughty today.  I wish I could deal with them, without getting angry.  I really wish to be an influence for good.


Monday, October 14, 1996

Merrill [Tingey] Phelps and his wife Carrie [Garner] called to see Ronnie tonight.  When Ronnie was 15 years old and a new convert Elder Phelps was a young missionary in Huddersfield --- 40 years ago.  It was nice to see them.

  Went to town this morning.  My hips really hurt with walking about carrying heavy bags.  I must ring the doctor.

  Ronnie is not too well.

  2 girls [Taiwo Felicia Akimbusoye & Sarah Hill] for tea who are at University here in Huddersfield, and are church members.  They talked me out of the room.


Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Had the car today. It seems to be needing more attention.  The brakes don’t seem right.  It is never ending, paying out with cars.

  Brenda and I did our Visiting Teaching and went to teach Stephanie a 2nd discussion.  We found her in a strange way.  She looked ill and very strained.  I wasn’t sure I believed all she said.  It just didn’t seem right that her husband could get away with all he was doing and she seemed afraid.

  Relief Society Homemaking Meeting.  Picked up Susan [Blake] and we enjoyed music by Sis [Joan] Hughes. 

Lesson on keeping on learning by Eileen Webb and Mike [Wright] showed us how to cover a basket.  He is such a lovely person.

  We told Millie, the Relief Society President, about Stephanie.

 Millie did a Pursuit of Excellence about fellowshipping new members and with Pat and Susan there, it was a time to put into practice what was taught.


Wednesday, October 16, 1996

High Priest Group Social.

  An older couple serving a mission in Bradford came and the Elder has been an Institute teacher for years.  He gave us some insights into the Book of Mormon and made you want to know more.


Thursday, October 17, 1996

THEATRE - Peter Karrie [?]

  Ronnie was ill so I took Millie, Brenda and Anna to see Peter Karrie.  He has a beautiful voice, but I felt he was very insincere and some of the things he spoke about Jesus I found offensive.  How can people laugh about the Saviour, even when it involves stage accidents.

  The brakes on the car are not very good.


Sunday, October 20, 1996

My [Primary] class is a handful, and I try very hard not to get angry.


Tuesday, October 22, 1996

Brenda and I visited Stephanie today.  She is moving shortly, so we probably won’t be seeing her again.  She is experiencing an traumatic divorce, and things are very strange at her house.  I will be glad when it is sorted out and she moves  It is a worrying situation.


Wednesday, October 23, 1996

Pamela rang tonight to tell us about the trees that are being felled on their land.  She says they will pay off some debts and buy some land outright and erect a house like an oversized tent [A Yurt]. 

It all sounds out of this world, but it is to get them out of debt, so that Richard doesn’t have to work so many hours, so he can do his church calling better, as Branch President.

  Andrew is on a mini-mission for 2 weeks and really loves it!!!

  Ronnie and I watched “Groundhog Day.”  It is a funny film about a man in a small town.  He keeps reliving the day.  No one else remembers, but him.  He is angry at first, then destructive, then despairing.  Then he tries to use it to his own advantage.  Then he starts doing good and eventually when he gets it all right, the day moves on.  It would be good if we could do that, but we have to move on every day and try to do better the following day.


Thursday, October 24, 1996

Shopped at Asda tonight --- never again.  I was so agitated with all those people milling about.


Friday, October 25, 1996

Doing the activities at Owls makes it a good day.  There are a lot of nice people becoming my friends.  A lot have husbands that come with them.  That must be nice ---

Ronnie and I don’t do anything much together.

  40’s night at church run by the over 60’s club.  I really enjoyed it, and met my “Keep Fit” lady, Ann Bradford, from Owls.  She says she thinks if we have Jesus, we don’t need a prophet.  I asked her about Moses and all the Old Testament prophets, and she said, “Oh yes,” thoughtfully.  I wish the spirit would prompt me to say the right thing to help her recognise the truth!


Saturday, October 26, 1996

Primary Fun Day at the Stake House.  It was nice for the children.  I helped out now and again.  Max and David had me running around after them.  I was really angry which I shouldn’t have been, and waited for parents to report badly behaved kids.

  My house is a mess!  Not only that, but I can’t be bothered cleaning it because it never seems any better.  I must get my better head on.  Who could I get to help me?


Sunday, October 27, 1996

Max and David were angels today after threats and promises made by parents.  Those two really like each other, but seem to get into trouble together.  We must make it work for our benefit, to get them to improve behaviour.

  A television crew was in church today, recording a program about families going to church.  The Siswick’s were the ones chosen and we had to walk in at the back of them.  Ooooh, I could be a star.

  Joyce was baptized tonight. She was afraid of the water and shaking like an Autumn leaf.  Bless her, she went down those steps and did it.  Ronnie baptized her. 

Neil [McEwen] baptized Reece Miller.


Monday, October 28, 1996

Must do something with my home.  It’s like a junk shop --- little at a time!!

  Did well today.  Got some jobs done like nailing the stairs carpet and putting a handle on the bathroom door and fixing the towel rail.  It feels good to have something moving.  Next job – get rid of the filing cabinet.

  Erika’s son rang me from Berlin to enquire after his mother.  She is a little more settled, but still a bit angry.

  I look at my son’s photo and wonder does he ever think of me?  I think of each of my children every day.  There are things I use and things around the house which remind me of them.

  I pray that Heavenly Father will especially watch over Joanne, as she comes due to give birth to her 3rd child.  It is exciting!!!


Tuesday, October 29, 1996

Last night I felt so ill, as if every nerve ending was twanging.   I had to keep moving about.  It was awful.

  A beautiful sunny, windy day.  Good for drying the Elders’ whites.

  I was going to go and visit Wendy McEwen today, but didn’t have the get up and go in me.

  I wish Gary would ring!

  Elder Bailey said he saw a slug in the sun lounge last night.  Why didn’t he tell me last night?  Boys!!! Ugh!!

  I haven’t taken any pain killers for a few days now.

  I am loving this studying with High Nibley.  What a great man.  He knows so much about the Book of Mormon.


Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Didn’t sleep until after 4 o’clock this morning.  I felt so unhappy and agitated.  I must get myself under control.

  Erika is not well.  I spent a lot of time today over there.

  Had a Primary meeting.  I took Susan to Relief Society meeting. 

In Primary we looked at a candle and though about entering the Celestial Kingdom with our children and grandchildren. 

Helen [Fahey] said how grateful we should be to many people who have helped each of us along the way to build our testimonies. 

I realized how fortunate I was for the Primary in Bradford, Telford and Vashon Island for influencing my family for good.  I as a Primary teacher can do no less for other’s children.

  Ronnie seems better in health and spirit tonight.


Thursday, October 31, 1996

Erika is a lot better today.

  Cleaned my front room and it looks lovely.  I am so lucky to have such a beautiful front room with a chandelier and 2 big mirrors to reflect it.  I call it my celestial room.

  Taught Susan the last New Convert Lesson.  I relearn myself from these lessons.  I visited Joyce but she wasn’t in.

  Ronnie, Brenda and I went to a rehearsal for the show next January at church.  Cliff [Ford] was in charge of the singers.  There was Ronnie, Les Dufton, Bro. Siswick and Cliff and we laughed most of the time.  They were so funny.

  Still studying Hugh Nibley’s Teachings of the Book of Mormon.  It is fantastic.


Friday, November 1, 1996

I do enjoy my mornings at the sports centre.  I wonder how I can introduce the gospel to the friends I have there.

  Fed the four missionaries and Richard and Paul came for a correlation meeting, then went out on splits with the missionaries.

  Joanne rang.  She is near her baby’s birth now and getting a bit fed up with feeling uncomfortable.  I remember the feeling well.  I couldn’t sit long or stand without being uncomfortable.  Bless her --- I hope it isn’t long now.  She made me laugh telling me stories about Joseph and Thomas!

  I bought Thomas a book today for his 2nd birthday last Sunday.  I also bought a push-out cardboard Nativity for the boys to do nearer Christmas.  I also got Peggy a little cat poem book!!  I must ring her.

  Jesus went to the Father.  He showed us the way.  If we follow Him, where will we get to?  To the Father, of course, makes sense doesn’t it?!


Saturday, November 2, 1996

Took a trip to Holmfirth to the Craft Fair.  There were some beautiful things there at very reasonable prices.

  Ronnie was out for over 3 hours with the missionaries talking to a family!!


Sunday, November 3, 1996


Oh, how wonderful!  I can’t wait to hold him.  Joanne gave birth at 8 o’clock this morning.  She started in labour at 6.  She thinks it was a long labour --- oh, little does she know.

Sam [Jaffier] was baptized tonight.  There is a wonderful missionary spirit in our ward!!


Monday, November 4, 1996

Took a bus to Telford.   Set off at 10:15, and arrived 6:15.  It was a long journey.  Nicholas was there to meet me with Thomas who said, “Oh, it’s a Nanny” when he saw me.  He is so funny.

What a beautiful baby.  She can’t make up her mind up what to call him.  Harry or Luke.


Tuesday, November 5, 1996

Bathed the boys this morning.  I envy her young motherhood.  They are so beautiful. 

Baby not feeding properly.


Wednesday, November 6, 1996

It’s nice just to be here to do a bit of ironing, and make the meals.  Nicholas always cleans up in the kitchen after me.


Thursday, November 7, 1996

Picked Joseph up from the nursery.  It was nice just me and him.  He talks away to me and I feel very special.


Friday, November 8, 1996

Ronnie has been ill all week.  He sounds very tired.


Saturday, November 9, 1996

Went into Telford shopping.  Joanne is amazing, the way she trots around.  I hope she doesn’t overdo it.  She bought me some earrings for my birthday.


Sunday, November 10, 1996

I could have wept when I said goodbye to my grandchildren.  Abbie gave me a big hug and Jacob and Nathan, too.  I wish I could see more of them.  They don’t know me at all.

  Nicholas ran me half way home and Ronnie picked me up at Junction 19.  He wasn’t very well.


Monday, November 11, 1996

Back to normal --- washing, shopping, visiting Erika, painting, and looking after Ronnie.

  I am still studying the Book of Mormon with the Hugh Nibley book.  It is fascinating!

  Arranged for someone to pick up Pat Pickering tomorrow for Relief Society.

  Ronnie was singing tonight.  He must feel a bit better.

  Joanne rang.  They went to register the baby today, and they have called him:  LUKE OLIVER RONNIE DAVIES, which not only spells Lord, but thrills Ronnie to bits.  He can’t believe it!


Tuesday, November 12, 1996

Picked Susan [Blake] up for Relief Society. 

Joyce [Dockery] couldn’t come, but I shall visit her on Thursday. 

Brenda [Parker] and I went visiting teaching and we think Sandra [Firth - Dass - Radcliffe] will come to church on Sunday.

  Why can’t these people feel the spirit? Maybe it’s our fault.  I must remember to try to be more spiritual and pray more sincerely when we go visiting teaching.

Did some ‘Keep Fit’ with Serenity Hanson, and her mum, Pam.  It was fun!

Millie [Wright] was 65 last Sunday, so we had pie and a birthday cake.


Wednesday, November 13, 1996

Went to see Erika.  She is going through another bad patch where she is angry and feeling that people are insulting her all the time. 

I had a headache, but the Lord helped me be patient and listen without it getting worse.

Susan [Blake] came tonight and I went through the teaching process with her.  Tomorrow we are teaching Joyce [Dockery] her 2nd Discussion.  It is such a good feeling to be doing the Lord’s work. 

The spirit is so good in our house at the moment.  It makes you feel happy.

  Today I found a photo of me when I was 5 years old.  I found it in a letter I was reading that Gary had sent me when he was on his mission.  I was really moved when I read some of the letters, because of the spirituality that he had then.  Oh, where is it now? 

I pray every day that he will be moved to remember his covenants and the testimony of Jesus Christ that he once had.


Thursday, November 14, 1996

Busy making wooden ornaments.  Three weeks and I will have a market stall. 

Did some shopping and saw Erika.  Managed to keep her off the subject of how everyone is getting at her.

  A young man came to measure the side door.  I do hope he comes back with a reasonable price.

  Took Susan to give Joyce the 2nd Discussion.  There was a lovely spirit there.

  Ronnie is not too well, so I went to the rehearsal for the show at church by myself.  It is fun working together for a common purpose.  The church is such fun besides the wonder of it all.


Friday, November 15, 1996

I enjoyed my morning of exercise at the Owls, with some nice people. 

Made a meal for the missionaries.  I am on my feet for too long.  I must prepare the day before, so I am not so tired.

 Finished booties for Joanne’s baby.


Saturday, November 16, 1996

Spent the day in bed with a migraine headache.  I got up in the night and took one of Ronnie’s capsules by  mistake and gave myself an ongoing headache.  What a waste of a day.  

  Rang Joanne.  She is coping very well with her 3 young boys all in 3 years.  Luke likes to be close to his mother, so she carries him in a front pack and gets on with her work.  I knew she would manage well.  It’s only confidence she lacks and once she has done it, she gets the confidence.


Sunday, November 17, 1996

Ronnie was released as Ward Mission Leader this morning.  I felt very sad about it, but I know he will always be a help and inspiration to the missionaries.  Elder [Christopher] West is a bright young man.  He learned all the scriptures in 7 days, and broke the record of 9 days. 

He has asked Ronnie to teach him Hebrew.

  Still not very well, so stayed in bed.  At least I could read a bit.  I read the Ensign with the October Conference in it.  What a lovely spirit of peace it brings.


Monday, November 18, 1996

Only Susan [Blake] came to our Family Home Evening.  We talked about President Hinckley and all the prophets.  We spoke about how God speaks to us through them and how fortunate we are to have a prophet in these latter days.  It certainly makes you feel safe.

  Gary rang tonight.  He says he is on holiday and when he gets his new car, he will come up to see us. 

  I want to take him under my wing and protect him from the world and carry him with me to the Celestial Kingdom.  But I can’t.  He has to get there himself.  He has everything he needs to do it, and yet he won’t.  Oh, how will I be happy in a place that my son isn’t in?  I know there is time, but nobody knows how much!!


          • Opening Prayer
          • Welcome --- Learn a Scripture
          • Learn a Song
          • Lesson
          • Game
          • Closing Prayer and bless food
          • Refreshments.


Ronnie - Norma - Joyce - Susan - Paul.


Tuesday, November 19, 1996


The poor Elders had to go out in it, but they put on a brave face and got out there, spreading the message.

Cleaned a fair bit today and visited Erika.

It is my 63rd birthday today.  Pam rang early this morning.  I had a lovely long chat with her.  She makes me laugh.  It is a lovely pick-me-up when I talk to her.  We feel the same way about the gospel and try to live it the best way we can.  

Karen rang a little later.  I got a parcel from her of a video and of the ‘Dances’ with Michael Flatley.  He is a fantastic Irish dancer.  

  Joanne rang later in the day and 

Wendy McEwen rang and sang to me (oh, dear!).  She is such good fun.  

Ronnie’s mum also rang to wish me Happy Birthday.  

  I feel so blest that all these people I hold so dear will remember me on my day.

  Ronnie and I went up to Asda for some goodies and bought loads of stuff that they were selling off because the weather was bad and nobody was shopping.  I stocked our freezer.  Then we came home and watched my new video with pop and chocolates from Wendy.  

  Ronnie bought me an interesting book written in Manchester in 1847 [The Compleat Works of Elijer Goff - and The Bore & Pigskin Papers' by William Dawes].  Good job, Ronnie.


Wednesday, November 20, 1996

Went with Susan to visit Joyce and gave her the 3rd Discussion.  They both feel the spirit and it is good.

  Jean Ford is desperately trying to put on a show.  People let her down all the time.  It must be a great stress for her.  I took Susan up to watch and I keep getting roped into songs and dances.  I don’t know if I am up to it!!

  This is Karen and Lewis’ Wedding Anniversary.


Thursday, November 21, 1996

Went Visiting Teaching.  Pat [Pickering] wasn’t in, but we had a nice chat with her son, Robert.  We then went to see Joan and Isaac Hughes. He called a meeting at our house tonight, which is good.

  Joanne said Joseph told her Thomas was pouring water down the stairs.  When she went to see what he was doing he was in the bathroom and had just filled a cup with water.  When he saw Joanne, he poured the water down the sink and handed the cup to Joanne and said, “I finished now.”  He is a hoot.  Joseph didn’t tell too soon.  I guess he enjoyed watching the event.


Saturday, November 23, 1996

Joanne rang to say we can all go down for Christmas.  We will be having Christmas dinner all together at Karen’s.  It will be nice to be together.

  Ronnie and I sorted out the wooden ornaments and priced them for our stall in the market.  They looked nice all set out on the table.

  Took Sam and Susan to conference at Huddersfield.  There were 2 stakes there, Huddersfield and Leeds.  We saw some people we hadn’t seen for a long time.  It is nice to be with people who love you and whom you love.  Also, people who all are striving for the same thing --- to return back to Heavenly Father.


Sunday, November 24, 1996

3 stakes met at Leeds City Theatre to make a new stake --- “York.”  It was a time for being ‘as one’ with saints we had never met before.  It was a great feeling of “God’s work moving along.”  It is great to be part of history and feel the spirit.  

  George Jokl was released as our stake president and John Scott was called to be the president.  He is a good man.  I must write to both of them and tell them of my gratitude for the work they do.  It snowed and took a long time to get home, but it didn’t seem much of a hardship when we thought of the pioneers tracking over the mountains to Salt Lake.


Monday, November 25, 1996

We fasted today for Isaac Hughes and Brother [Don] Woods at Meltham. 

Isaac was sent home, as they didn’t have a bed for him.  I think it is dreadful that the country has money for bombs and not for the relief of sick people.

  Family Home Evening with Joyce [Dockery] and Susan [Blake].  Ronnie talked about Isaiah 29:1-4 and other scriptures.  It was very enlightening.


Tuesday, November 26, 1996

Worked hard all day on my wood ornaments, then went shopping to ASDA.

  Sat and watched “George III’s Madness.”  It was interesting to see how men and women strive for power and how low they will go to get what they want.  This was in the 1700’s and I don’t believe there is much change today.


Wednesday, November 27, 1996

Saw Erika.  She is ageing fast.

  Relief Society Visiting Teaching Meeting.  It was really nice.  I only regret I didn’t know it started at 7:00 and we got there for 7:30.  I took Joyce and Susan and people fellowshipped them well.

  I rang Gary today.  It was a lovely feeling just chatting with him.  I wish I saw more of him.  He has some fine character traits.  There are some young men who he is helping by teaching them about business skills and he does it voluntarily!  For nothing.  That I really like.  All of my children will help people.  I feel very proud of them at times.


Thursday, November 28, 1996

Went to see Erika.  She is brighter today.  The weather was crisp and bright, so I decided to go for a walk.  Saw Devinder arriving home with her family and noticed broken glass on her lawn.  She had been broken into and the house was a terrible mess.  I rang Ronnie and the police.  

  Meanwhile a man called with the little dog, which lived across the road.  He had found it at Lindley and there was no one in at the dog’s home, so he asked if I would take it in.  Of course, I said yes.  

  Then the police arrived.  Ronnie arrived, and the missionaries came home for lunch. Ronnie went to ASDA for a cooked chicken whilst I got some potatoes on.  Then Gary arrived as the people next door were putting their things into our front room, whilst they cleaned up.  Then there was a policeman outside that wanted to see me.  It was all a bit hilarious, while I was being interviewed outside, and Gary was talking to Elder Winget and West, who were frying sausage and eating peanut butter and sugar sandwiches.  

  Ronnie came back and I asked Gary what he wanted to eat, and he said, “Come with me.  I’ll buy you lunch out” and so he did.  

  Later he went to see Ken  whilst Ronnie and I went to rehearsals. After Ronnie drove the Jaguar up Leeds Road, round to Brighouse and back again.  It is a beautiful car – the envy of the missionaries.


Friday, November 29, 1996

I was late up, but by 10 we were off to town shopping.  Gary bought a shirt and socks.  Then he bought me a skirt and 2 blouses for my birthday.  I got Erika a tray for Christmas.  It has lovely, bright colours that I think she’ll enjoy.  I love to buy gifts that I think people will like. 

Got some Vitamin B tablets to take, so that I can try to sleep without these pain killers.

  Got a lovely letter from Pam.  I love to hear from her, even though she had rung and told me all the news.  It is lovely to read it over and over.

  Rachel said to Emily, “Your brush is up in the barn.  What do you think about that then?”  She would do well with Thomas --- between them they could rule the world.  Oh what wonderful grandchildren I have.  Each one is so special.  Sometimes I think I like one better than another, but it’s like your children.  Each has it’s own special place in your heart.


Saturday, November 30, 1996

Worked on the wooden ornaments.  Gary said he was impressed with my work.  I feel more confident about selling them now.

  Went to a musical evening.  Harry Harrop played the organ and a man, whose name escapes me, played the violin.  He was a pleasure to watch and listen to.  It was an excellent evening.

  Ronnie wasn’t well, which is a pity because it was his kind of music.


Sunday, December 1, 1996

I enjoyed church today, and bore my testimony that I was grateful that the missionaries had come and sought me out, and brought the spirit of truth to me.  I often wonder “why me” out of all the millions of people in the world, why am I privileged to be a member of God’s true church.  

  If I had one wish then it would be that Gary would remember his testimony and come back to church and serve God as hard as he works to earn money.

  Baptism for Mary tonight.  Susan gave a talk, which is great for her.  

  Rang Audrey, Maurice and Linda, Karen, and Joanne.  Karen says she had a long talk with Gary.  I hope he listened to what she had to say.


Monday, December 2, 1996

Couldn’t get started today. 

Had a chat with Erika after lunch.  

  Joanne rang.  Baby Luke has a rash and she thought he might have measles!!  Thomas kicked over Joseph’s model, which he had spent an hour making, and said “Whoops.  It’s legs fell off.”  He is naughty, but so funny.  Joseph rightly gets very cross with him.

  Pam rang to see if I had an Advent Calendar.  She said she gave me a copy, but I don’t remember.  Oh, how I forget things these days.  She says they have sold 3 loads of trees and paid off all the dentist and doctor bills, and Pam says it makes her feel free.  Debt can be very overwhelming.

  We had a nice F.H.E. with Joyce and Susan.  I quite enjoy them.

  Isaac [Hughes] has had his operation and is doing well.  I have been praying all day for him and his family.


Wednesday, December 4, 1996

Went Visiting Teaching today with Brenda Parker.  She is such a good lady.  We went to see Pat Pickering, who is doing well, and Ruth Brook, an old faithful.

  Ronnie did his Home Teaching tonight.  I am always pleased when he goes out.


Thursday, December 5, 1996

Went to rehearsal for the show in January.   We have a lot of fun and laughter at these rehearsals with Cliff and Jean [Ford], Les and Audrey [Dufton], and Derek and Pat Siswick.

  I don’t feel at all well at night.  My head feels fuzzy and painful when I lay down and I wake up half way through the night, and can’t get back to sleep --- why?

  Spent some time getting ready for the stall in the Market Craft Fair tomorrow.  

  I’m now reading on the second semester of Hugh Nibley’s  Book of Mormon.  It is fantastic!!!


Friday, December 6, 1996

It wasn’t too cold and there was a nice atmosphere in the market.  We chatted to some nice people.  The customers were few and far between, but even so we made £100, out of which we paid £19 for the stall.  A lot of stall holders didn’t make that much, as it was sparse. 

Some of the things that went were Ronnie’s strangely painted things, not done like I do mine, and yet people liked them.  I couldn’t believe it!  Who is to say what people will buy?

  It was Darryl Fahey’s 8th birthday and she was baptized at Wakefield.  We went and it was such a lovely baptism.  I was supposed to go up to the Huddersfield Chapel for line dancing, but when I got back at 9 o’clock, I was too tired.


Saturday, December 7, 1996

Rested a lot today.


Sunday, December 8, 1996

The Primary children practised for the Nativity.  They are wonderful.

  Made dinner for Sharron West and 2 children.  She is such a child really.  I don’t know how I can help her.

  Norman [Anson] came for a meal, too, then we went up to church to hear the Cumorah Youth Choir sing carols.  It was really good!

  Spoke to Alan McLean.  He is courting Linda Greenfield.  I hope things work out for hi.  He has been on his own a long time.


Monday, December 9, 1996

F.H.E. up at church.  Took Susan [Blake] and Joyce [Dockery].  We had an enjoyable time, making decorations for the hall.


Tuesday, December 10, 1996

Had a new side door at last.  Haircut today.  I don’t really care for it, but Ronnie likes it.

  Francis [Bottoms] came for tea.  It was nice to see him.  He doesn’t change much.


Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Poor Erika!  She is so unhappy.  I try to be loving and kind, but she does go on a lot about her husband and I don’t know what to say for the best.  She feels her son doesn’t love her and it would appear so, by the amount of time he comes to visit.  How sad when no one loves you!!

  I am so fortunate to have children who care and a husband who loves me and is kind to me. 

I also have lots of lovely friends like Jean [Ford], Millie [Wright], Wendy [McEwen], Sandra [Radcliffe], and now Susan [Blake] and Joyce [Dockery].  Then, of course, there’s Brenda [Parker], Joan [Hughes], Bridget [Levitt], Helen [Hughes], and Audrey [Dufton] to name a few.  How lucky I am.


Thursday, December 12, 1996

Rehearsal for the show in January. The show is beginning to take shape, thanks to Jean and Cliff [Ford].

Ronnie is not well.  He has tooth problems.


Friday, December 13, 1996 Owls Christmas Party.  We had a game of bowls, and if you won, you went on to play other winners.  It was fun.   I had a good swim.   

At 11 o’clock we had our concert.  I did a monologue, which was about a sister named “Vanity” and was written by Wendy.  It was a success.  Ronnie had put a note in my costume, which said that I was a star.  It uplifted me and impressed my friends!!

Had John and Hilda Barnsley for dinner.  We ate roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.  It was a lovely evening.


Saturday, December 14, 1996

Primary Party.  It is hard work trying to get some order into things.

Watched “Batman” with Ronnie.  It would be lovely if Good overcame Evil always, but at least I know in the end it will.  It’s up to us all to fight for truth and light together.


Sunday, December 15

for the Nativity (with Primary children).  They are difficult to handle sometimes.  If only they would be obedient.  I look at them and just pray that  we can save them from the world.  

Ronnie has been asked to teach Max, David and Alex in the new year.  It is a challenge, but I think he is up to it. 

I have a lovely new class the next one down (in age).

Mary’s son was baptized, Paul.  He was baptized by Susan’s son who is a new member -- his name is Paul.  It was a nice baptism with a talk by George Fahey.

Spoke to Karen and Joanne on the phone tonight. 

Thomas isn’t well, poor little fellow.


Monday, December 16, 1996

Run up to Christmas --- started cleaning, etc.

F.H.E. with Susan.  We talked about the sign in America when Jesus was born and about Samuel the Lamanite.  I showed Susan how to play a game.

Elder Winget says they are leaving soon.  The house they are getting is over the shop that we used to have at Paddock.  It is a small world.


Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Went to see Erika.  She wasn’t in a very good mood.  It must be awful to be full of hate and bitterness.  I try to steer her away from it.

Joanne rang at 11:45.  Thomas has a rash down the back of his arms and he says they hurt.  Poor little chap.  Joanne is very tired with the baby is well up at all hours, but she is doing well, bless her!

Ronnie and I watched Anne Frank and went to bed late. 

At l:30 a.m. Ronnie got pains in his chest and arms and he looked dreadful.  I rang the doctor and the elders gave him a blessing.  Doctor Handa sent for an ambulance and had him admitted to hospital.  I can’t settle down!

3:00  the hospital rang for me to go in.  I was worried sick.  They wanted me to be with him whilst he had some special treatment to zap any blood clots which might cause another heart attack. 

Neil and Wendy came up to give me support.  That was really good.  We really are a family.

Ronnie looked a better colour and he was out of pain and relaxed when I left.


Wednesday, December 18, 1996

Visited Ronnie at 2:30 p.m. and was much relieved at the difference in his condition.  He was quite bright and cheerful, though fully aware of the danger he had been in.

Took Erika to ASDA’s for Christmas shopping.  She was so thrilled as she hadn’t been out for ages. 

I felt a bit mean that I hadn’t taken her before.  She bought Ronnie some nice flowers and a card.

It was the Relief Society dinner tonight. We had a nice meal, but I always feel that someone has to work too hard under difficult circumstances to do the dinner.  The kitchen staff looked shattered!!


Thursday, December 19, 1996

Too late now to wish Audrey Happy Birthday.

Posted Joseph’s angel costume with Karen’s present wrapped inside --- 2 birds with one stone!

The girls have been so concerned about Ronnie.  They sent him a big bouquet of flowers today. 

Gary keeps ringing to see if I am OK and what do I want to do at Christmas. 

I WANT to go to Telford, but would that be selfish when Ronnie may need quiet?!  Still there is lots of space down there and Joanne was talking about having the baby blessed on Christmas Day at home.  That would be really something.

Lots of people ringing with good wishes etc.  Matt came for tea then I took him up to the hospital to see his dad.

The doctors have told him to change his life style or he will die!  He says he will change and I hope so.


Friday, December 20 1996

Karen is 39 today.  I remember the day she was born!  She is a Joy to me and I am very proud of the way she has always conducted her life.  I especially love her caring for others.  In fact, all my children are blessed with caring hearts.  What a wonderful gift to possess.

Still looking for my Halifax and cheque book.  I have prayed and the sister missionaries and Anna Bajerska prayed, yet I still can’t find them.  If only something would trigger my memory.

Ronnie is a bit better.  He is sitting out of bed and can go to Telford.  This is wonderful news.

Took Ronnie’s mum to Rene’s for Christmas.  I always feel welcome there. She gave me an envelope for each of Joanne’s children.  There is a voucher to buy clothes with for them in each.  What a nice thought!

Rang Pam and had a nice chat.  She says she told her children about her and Karen always bringing Nana a present --- just something they could afford.  Now her children want to do the same.  If it’s only a bar of soap --- It is the giving and receiving that is so wonderful. 

Pam rang the hospital and they let her speak to Ronnie.  Ward Christmas party tonight ---It was great fun!


Saturday, December 21, 1996

Still can’t find my Halifax book and cheque book.  I keep expecting to stumble across it. 

Ronnie seems to be improving and can now walk about a bit.


Sunday, December 22, 1996

What a lovely service today.  We shared with Ward I and Meltham.  There was a very sweet spirit there.  Alan and Joanne went with Neil and Wendy (McEwen) . 

Our car broke down and Susan, Paul and I had to get a taxi.  David Tremaine came and fixed if for me after dinner.  I really appreciated that.

Ronnie had lots of visitors today.  Mike and Millie [Wright] came whilst I was there.  I was nice to chat.

Karen and Joanne ring me every day, which is so nice. 

Gary is doing well.  He has rung about 3 times this week.  It is good to be loved!  Life would be worth nothing without it.


Monday, December 23, 1996

Went to town and I think everybody in Huddersfield went to town.  It was packed.  Got a Christmas cake for Karen. 

Trying to keep up with the washing.  Where does it come from?

Gave Erika a tray for Christmas.  She thinks it is beautiful.  It is nice to please people.

Karen, Gary and Joanne rang.  I seem to have been on the phone for hours --- my life doesn’t seem to be my own! 

Norman [Anson] came round for his Christmas cards which I brought down from church.

The elders came in and shared some chocolates with me and Elder Winget got a phone call from an elder who he had had “words” with. They apologized to each other and told each other they loved each other.  I was very moved that 2 boys barely out of their teens could be so mature and use the gospel principles to put their lives in order.

Ronnie to come home tomorrow.  I took his clothes in [to the hospital] today.


Tuesday, December 24, 1996

Lewis took us down to Telford --- not a bad ride. 

We went to the Christmas Carol Service at 6:30 p.m.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially a because I got a big hug from Karen.

Pam rang and chatted to all of us except Karen!  Abigail had a long talk to her.

Gary came with a very large turkey nearly 25 pounds.  Karen gave it a bath in the sink!

John Scott brought Ronnie home from the hospital and he travelled very well.


Wednesday, December 25, 1996

Thomas got up and was so happy when he got some chocolates out of his stocking.  He thought that was Christmas, and it pleased him very much.  Why do we feel the need to spend so much?

I received some nice gifts - perfume from Joanne, a sweater shop sweater from Karen, and a floating candle bowl and stand from Gary, besides chocolates and a scarf from Matt. 

Ronnie brought me a musical chest of drawers for my jewellery, which I need to keep my bits and pieces nice.

We had a lovely meal at Karen’s, then later played a game.  Lewis read the scriptures before our meal.  I always like that!

Luke has been keeping Joanne up a bit, and she looked tired   So I took him into my room and fed him a bottle during the night.  He was very good.

Thomas got a pink pig which walked.  He thought it was real at first. 

Then when Joseph wasn’t around, he got brave.  He loved the legs to move on his arm.  He almost went into a trance because he likes being stroked!!  He is so funny!!


Thursday, December 26, 1996

Joanne is much brighter today.  She made a lovely meal with pork.   Phillipa came and the baby was blessed and given a name.  It was the first time I’ve seen the ordinance done in the home and it was so nice and such a sweet spirit. 

He would have been blessed on Sunday last, but with Ronnie in the hospital, it was cancelled.

Gary drove us home in his Jaguar.  We did it in 1 hour and 25 minutes instead of 2 ½ hours.  Of course, travelling was at an average of 107.5 miles per hour.  Can you believe that?  Too fast for me!  I wasn’t really frightened as he drove well, but the thought that if anything happened at that speed you have no chance of survival and I have a lot to do yet.  So risking my life is not something I want to do.


Friday, December 27, 1996

Busy day, washing, drying, visiting Erika, shopping.  She says a husband should be someone whose shoulder you can cry on, who will share a slice of bread, listen when you need to talk, eat half an apple with  you, someone to laugh with and she says that she misses it so.  I guess she hasn’t had a good marriage and she feels very bitter.  I feel so sorry for her.

Made a meal for the missionaries and Norman Anson.  They really enjoyed it.

Joanne rang.  The baby still has a nasty cough --- I worry so.  I have 10 grandsons and I want all of them to serve the Lord on missions.  What a great blessing that would be.  Lewis is preparing to go in the new year.


Saturday, December 28, 1996

A lot warmer today.  I washed the carpet that the elders will take with them next week.

Pam rang.  She said they have 8 inches of snow and more to come.  She was sat watching the ice melt on the trees in the bright sunshine and showering down, catching the sun.  She said it was beautiful.  This certainly is a beautiful and powerful earth.

Wendy [Hill] (an investigator) keeps trying to kill herself.  She would like to stay in hospital where she feels safe.   How very sad.  I wish I could help her.  Life has so many possibilities for so many of us and we don’t value them enough.  I shall think seriously about the New Year and use it wisely with God’s help.


Sunday, December 29, 1996

Not many at church today, but still a good spirit.  Susan [Blake] took her son, Michael.  I hope he felt the spirit.  He was more friendly than usual.

Elder Winget shared with Susan and me some chocs [chocolates] he had been given.  He is a nice young man.  Elder West said that we can visit his home and use it as a base to visit the Joseph Smith areas in New York state.  I would love to do that.  Also, I would love to visit Niagara Falls and Toronto.  It would be good to visit Gary’s converts and get them to write to him.  Oh, how I long for him to come back to church.


Monday, December 30 1996

Erika is getting very confused. She is not always sure who I am.  Poor Antons has a struggle with her.

Washed the carpet for the missionaries to take when they go this week.  I was hard work, but worth it.

Went to visit Joyce [Dockery] with Susan [Blake].  We taught her about the temple and genealogy.  She is so good to teach, because she believes all the things I tell her.  It is a big responsibility to teach correct doctrine.  We had cake and hot chocolate afterwards and chatted.  I enjoyed the visit and so did she.

I’m worried about Paul Blake.  He wasn’t at church on Sunday.  I rang the Hanson girls to contact him if possible, and got him to the New Year Dance up at the chapel.


Tuesday, December 31, 1996

A lot of snow and ice today, so the New Year’s Party was cancelled.  

We watched a lovely film on TV called “Shadow Lands.”  It was a true story about C.S. Lewis, who wrote The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe and The Screw Tape Letters. 

I rang Pam to wish her Happy New Year, then went to bed and couldn’t sleep.

The end of a year!


  • I retired in May.
  • Went to stay with Pam for 10 weeks.  She is now sealed to us!
  • Luke Oliver Ronnie was born.
  • Gary and Helen parted (how sad).
  • New chapel opened and stake was split.
  • What will a new year bring?  Only God knows.