The Life and Times of
The Life and Times of
Norma Goodwin Bray
Norma Goodwin Bray

There are many that knew Norma Goodwin Redmonds Bray, but none know her as well as she knew herself.  She set an example of Christian womanhood that some find difficult, and others impossible, to follow.   Not because she was perfect, but because she did not rest from trying to become a better person.   She was unselfish, generous, faithful, not given to fits of pique or resentment even when she was treated badly, but was forgiving, understanding, noble, elegant, and loving.  

In this place Norma will tell her own story with a little help from those that knew, trusted, loved, and benefited from her too brief life.  

Norma kept a daily record - her journal - for the best part of twenty years. She was not always rigorous in its upkeep, but what she did record reveals more about the fine and loving nature of her than those not blessed to see into her good heart and be the recipients of her largesse could ever imagine.  

Latter-day Saints are encouraged to record their lives so that their testimonies are available to their families, progeny, friends, and others whose lives may be touched by the living faith and testimony of those that kept the scriptural admonition to bear witness to the goodness and care of their Heavenly Father throughout their mortality.

The Journals of Saints are intended to reach as wide an audience as possible, and by this means the dead continue the missionary service they engaged in during the period of their mortal probation.

I am eternally thankful that she was my teacher and example and that she gently led me out of the failures of my own past by the light of true love, acceptance, encouragement, and support.  I commend the example of her life and the simple power of her words knowing that you cannot fail to profit from them.  


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Norma Bray

4th May 1985

The White Robed Angel

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Norma holidaying on the Norfolk Broads

She was never happier than when she could feel the sun on her face

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The Official & Authorised Biography