An English Childhood in WW II
An English Childhood in WW II

Take a trip with an English Lad during WW II

Although you had to be there to really know what it was like,

these personal memories will serve to give you

some of the flavour of the times

CDRB1003 - A Yorkshire Ladhood

Volume Three - School Friends

With what a wealth of humankind I shared the classrooms and playgrounds of Spring Grove School.  Sad it is that I am that I was not really close to any of them. 

That is my loss.




1. Frankie Knight

2. Eileen Wolfenden

3. Mary ... 

4. Walter Fox

5. Erkie Day

6. Curly

7. In Willie Hudson's Attic With a Majic Lanthorn

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CDRB1002 - A Yorkshire Ladhood

Volume Two - Leaves From My Family Tree

And there was I growing up under the delusion that my family was the standard issue British generic model, much like the Royal Family but without the castles, coaches,  and the money.  Ah, me. I had much to learn!



1. Nanny

2. Granddad

3. Auntie Nora

4. Father

5. Ma

6. Saying 'Goodbye' to Ma

7. Eulogy for Ma


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 CDRB1001 - A Yorkshire Ladhood

Volume One - War Time Stories

A short collection of some of the influences of a lad growing up in the Industrial part of the West Riding of Yorkshire during World War II, including Hitler's Nazi Dimension that touched our lives ten times every second.



1. Archer's Banana

2. Cinderella Children

3. Black Bottom

4. Chapped Legs

   & Chilblains

5. The Bullet

6. Fire Faeries

7. Peace


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CDRB1004 - A Yorkshire Ladhood

Volume Four - Growing up & first steps in the world of work.

"Ye'r werkin' class, in't yah?"

"Aye, I am."

"Well, get werkin' then an' stop thi gawpin'!"





1. At The Mill With Slaves

2. Vincent

3. The Light That Failed

4. White Eagles

5. The Brickyard 

6. Brickyard Cricket


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