From Yorkshire With Love

  YFT 0101 - Yorkshire Folk Tales

Volume One


  • Swine Harries - A cautionary tale for those disposed to put their hands on things that belong to other folks.  Especially when they bite off more than they can chew. This tale does not end well. Try not to laugh!


  • A Company of Giants - We can only imagine what might have happened if Potter Thompson had raised the horn to his lips and blown a blast


  • Jack and Jill - A young lass in the bloom of love, a mean father, and her honest swain who presses onward in his quest to his name, make his fortune, and make her his bride. What an adventure!


  • The Witching Hour - You must not listen to this tale on an empty stomach or just before bedtime unless you are fearless!


  • The Yorkshire Bite - Yorkshire Folk are famous for having high opinions of themselves and this tale shows they are justified



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