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Yorkshire Folk Tales - Volume Three

Three Tales


  • The Grays Farm Hob -  If you are unfamiliar with Hobs or Hobbs, this tale about Gray's Farm in Yorkshire's Farn Dale will tell you all you ever need to know about them - and more


  • The Best Laid Plans  -  A true tale concerning an important visitor to Yorkshire and the loss of a treasure, due to an unusual errand, a tired old horse, a rickety old cart, a bumpy old road, and a shirt-sighted carter that ought to have been retired but he, in common with his contemporaries, had never heard of the word and would not have fathomed it if he had.  There is another object more important than these listed, but you will come to that shortly into the tale


  • The Terrible Tale of Sarkless Kitty - This Yorkshire Tragedy that is more compelling than Romeo and Juliet, more mystifying than The Scarlet Claw, more heart wrenching than Love Story, more poignant than Yentel, more inspiring than Les Miserables, and has more twists and turns than Hobson's Choice.  That's saying a lot, for sure, but be prepared to revisit your scepticism after you have listened to this enthralling story at least five times.