Volume Four
Volume Four


Yorkshire Folk Tales - Volume Four

Four Tales


  • The Skinningrove Merman - There are too many testimonies of this strange creature not to believe it is anything but the truth, but ...


  • Jemmy Hirst & Why I Will Never Like Him - Hirst was a true Yorkshire Eccentric in so many ways that it is impossible to count them all.  King George took a strong liking to him, but for all his incredible talents and good characteristics he did one thing that bars him from my list of those I admire and honour


  • Tom Chaloner & The Papal Curse - Tom took a risk, a great gamble in which the salvation of his eternal soul was the stake.  How did it work out?  Listen to this true tale of a Yorkshire industrialist that played a dangerous game


  • The Old Nanny of Lexhoe - You had to be hardy to live in Yorkshire in those days,. and nothing much has changed.  The Old Nanny of the village of Lexhoe was made of the right stuff and visited her revenge on the man that wronged her and put the futures of her daughter and grandchildren at risk because he was a miserly liar.    



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