Ghost Writing Service - Let Me Tell Your Story
Ghost Writing Service - Let Me Tell Your Story
I will craft your story into a polished piece of literature to become a family heirloom
I will craft your story into a polished piece of literature to become a family heirloom

Why use a Ghost Writer?

People use Ghost Writers for several reasons.  They are either too busy to tackle the task, or they lack experience at writing, or else they want to see their story told by a master wordsmith whose work they have read, and whose approach to story telling they find suits their particular needs.


Who has the Copyright of My Story?

Ghost Writers assign the copyright to the person commissioning the story.  We do not claim copyright, nor do we let others see their stories without permission from the Copyright Holder - You!  We will seek your permission if we wish to show a paragraph, say, of your story as an example so others considering using Ghost Writers can see how we present stories for other clients. 


How long will it take?

In most cases, the writing, editing, approving, rewriting processes will be taken to completion within fourteen days of the commission date. In the event that it takes longer for any reason, there is no extra charge made.  Our primary concern is to satisfy you as our esteemed customer and to do the work to your complete satisfaction.


How much will I have to pay?

A two thousand word typed single-spaced story normally occupies two sides of an 8.5" X 11" page.  The cost for this service written in Times New Roman 12-point font is $65.00 in US Funds.  The Minimum Fee includes the cost of any telephone calls we need to make to you for clarification, postage, etc.  Extra lineage or pages is charged pro rata.  

Payment in full must be made before the commission project is started. 


The Small Print

1. Please note that we do not research or write Academic Papers at any level.

2. Evidence of Plagiarism will terminate the commission, and a refund made pro rata to the time and work already done when the plagiarism is detected and at Ghost Writer's discretion.

3. The Law applied to all commissions and contracts will be Arizona State's Contract Law.

4.  Contracts terminated by our client before completion of the commission will be pro rated as to time and liquidated costs made up to the date of cancellation and any balance refunded.  The minimum charge applied to a client-terminated contract will be $35.00.  


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Excerpts From Ronnie's Stories

From "Meadomsley Days"

  Like most country folks, they couldn't cut their farming ties and so they kept a pig - Blossom - to fatten, and a yard full of hens. It was a quaint old house built of small red bricks made in ancient times.

  What remained of the farm had that comforting smell of permanence, the tangible memory of deep roots, settled customs, and country manners.


From "Alfie Cleaving"

  Alfie's mission was not to make the world a better place, but to make men better equipped to live in it. 

  He was no philosopher, and, as far as I could tell, he had no political philosophy or agenda.  He was a denizen of the real world at the point where you muster your wits to survive, or else submit and go under


From "And the Band Played On" 

  Yet when the laughter is not stilled, and the band plays on in the cozy bright-lit theatre of life, there is many be a broken heart locked outside in the cold, dark emotional wasteland, whose pain is made more profound and less bearable by the echoes of those whose merriment continues in insensitive to those broken lives that scuttle through mists, afraid to leave the shadow for the light, and shunning human contact, of whose benison they feel unworthy.


From 'Brickyard Cricket'

  Brickyard Cricket is between all those who are not the one person batting at any given moment and the rest of the players.  There are no teams.  Any number can play and there is no provision that anyone has to be gentle.  The fundamental premise is, 'Get them out, or knock them out!' 

  In cases of severe injury, there is no stopping the game, no assistance from first-aiders even if they are playing next to the potential corpse, and no whimpering.  The game must go on regardless!






Ready to be your Ghost Writer
Ready to be your Ghost Writer