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Yorkshire Tales

  •  Yorkshire Folk Tales are gathered from more than 7,000 years of Yorkshire history, dusted off, re-written, and recorded on Compact Discs by Ronnie Bray, a Yorkshire Writer and Wit with an international reputation.
  • They are created to amuse educate, thrill, scare, and inform children of all ages.  
  • YFT content is 100% Child Safe
  • Five CDs in this series are available now, with a further two volumes coming on line soon.
  • Every CD is backed by our 100% 'No Quibble' Guarantee


The rumour that Ronnie Bray was born wearing a flat cap, a woollen scarf, and clogs, attended by a pair of whippets may or may not be true - he was hardly taking notice at the time. However, he is a Yorkshireman and proud of it!    Nah then!

Tales include
  • .Swine Harries
  • The Richmond Drummer Boy
  • The Best Laid Plans
  • The Farn Dale Hob
  • The Yorkshire Bite
  • True Love
  • The Skinningrove Merman
  • The Sobering of Billy Bray
  • Tom Chaloner & The Papal Curse
  • Jemmy Hirst & Why I Will Never Like Him
  • Old Nanny Of Lexhoe
  • Legend of Semer Water
  • The Dreadful Tale of    Sarkless Kitty
  • The Wond'rous Tale of Jack and Jill
  • A Company of Giants
  • The Witching Hour
  • The Canny Cobbler
  • Beggar's Bridge,
  • The Miracles of Brother Jucundus
  • The Hermit of Rombalds Moor, &c
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The Ancient Cloth Hall on Market Street Huddersfield at the head of Cloth Hall Street where James Bray, my great-great-grandfather, sold his Fancy Cloth and Waistcoatings


The Lower storey of the Entrance and the Cupola were removed and rebuilt in Ravensknowle Park Dalton where they remain to this day

See small colour inset  in opposite margin

Cloth Hall Memorial

The cupola, bell house, clock, and ground floor main entrance were carefully removed from the original building and then combined into this fine  memorial situated in Ravensknowle Park Dalton Huddersfield

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  Picture Left


King's Head Yard in Cloth Hall Street & Market Street in Huddersfield where my Great-Great Grandfather James Bray, Cloth Manufacturer of Deighton, Huddersfield,  had a lock-up warehouse

Of course it was in much better shape when my Great Great Grandfather rented space there.



      Castle Hill & Jubilee Tower                       Main Street Haworth home of the Brontes                                     Industrial Landscape

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