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Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray
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"Who is Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray?" is a question he has often asked himself. Anyway, here are a few details about his life that might help others decide who or what he is.who

Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray was born Ronnie Bray in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England in January 1935.  He attended Spring Grove Elementary School, that is when he condescended to attend. The School marked him as one of their signal failures.  After holding down - or holding up - a whole lot of different jobs, including two terms of service in the British Armed Forces, in the REME as a Vehicle Mechanic, and then in the RTR/RAC as a Squadron Chief Clerk, he Matriculated and entered Leeds University's Department of Theology & Religious Studies as its first Mormon student in 1989 and a mature student in his fifties. He read Theology, Religious Studies, and a variety of subjects connected thereto and was awarded an honours degree.
He has also earned:
  • Certificate of IT [Cantab.]
  • Certificate of Matriculation [Northern Universities]
  • British Army Certificates of Education Classes III, II, and I
  • Diploma in Social Sciences [Huddersfield Technical College]
  • Certificate in Business Administration [Chamber of Commerce Business School]
  • Several speeding tickets [all of which have been satisfied]
Upon his retirement from NMA Ltd in January 2000 aged 65 he began writing.  He has had hundreds of stories and articles published in a  variety of e-zines, not all of which sought his permission to reproduce them!, and has a world-wide following.  [See
He began writing "Luddite Spring" in 2010, and has virtually exhausted all scholarly and contemporary accounts of Luddites and Luddism as resources to allow the characters to speak in their true voices. He continues to add to the novel that now stands at 177,000 words. It should be completed soon [sigh], but he said that two years ago [sigh], then a year ago [sigh], it remains a work in progress, although one more month should see the final final edit done. [September 2014]  Writing 'Luddite Spring' was a sacred challenge to be the voice of the voiceless who suffered economic and social slavery in the name of someone else's progress and someone else's profit, gaining none of it for themselves. Ronnie expects to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, but he has been disappointed in his hopes before, so no sadness or tears if he isn't short-listed. Shakespeare didn't manage to pull a Nobel Prize either! [still editing in July 2018! - Sigh again!]
Having said that, it is an extremely serious work, a piece of long overdue social comment in the voices of those at the bottom of the economic heap during the early phases of England's Industrial Revolution. It is painful to even read about their plight, but now it is time to tell their stories. Luddite Spring does that with elan and realism. 
Former Member/Officer of:~


  • Transport & General Workers Union [Organiser, Works Convenor, Branch Secretary]
  • Confederation of Health Service Employees
  • Royal College off Nursing [St Clement's Hospital, Ipswich, Organiser, Student Section Leader, Branch Chairman, Newsletter Editor]
  • The Boy Scouts 
  • The Boy's Brigade
  • Huddersfield Corporation Youth Club
  • Alfie Cleaving's Health & Strength Club
  • Herbert Sykes' Huddersfield Wrestling Club
  • Frank [Big Bruno] Elrington's Wrestling Gymnasium Pompey
  • The British Red Cross Youth Section
  • The Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers [Active Service in Egypt & Cyprus]
  • Royal Armoured Corps - Royal Tank Regiment
  • Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Leeds University Society of Theologians
  • Mr Pickles Weekly Payments Club
  • Ravensthorpe Auctions Fan Club [Oscar & Bill Crowe]
  • Peter West's Gang of Two
  • The Automibile Association [AA]
  • Kirklees Inter Faith Council [Hon. Sec.] 
  • Equity - as -  'Ray Buck' - Country Singer Extraordinaire
  • Winner Butlin's Filey Talent Competition
  • Winner Black Bull Birkby Talent Competition
  • Winner Mirfield [Nab Lane] WMC Talent Competition
  • Runner Up Filey Holiday Camp Talent Competition, Etc.


Since January 2000, Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray has written in excess of 600 stories, articles, and essays.  That number is a guess, because he has never counted them, but he did write a weekly column for Peter Hinchliffe's now defunct Open Writing [] for eleven years.



Other books Ronnie has written include:


"Adolph Hitler's Invasion of Huddersfield"

"Reflections of a Mormon socialist"

"A Shout From the Attic' [Autobiography]

"Images of Hate - Ministers of Fear" 

"A Special Friend"



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